Weatherby releases low-price Vanguard

Weatherby are now selling Vanguard rifles for $399. They have a guaranteed accuracy of 1.5 MOA.

Weatherby is now offering its Vanguard rifles starting at $399, which is the lowest price the rifles have been offered at in years.

While the price has been lowered, Weatherby says the features of the Vanguard remain the same. A newly accurized trigger is adjustable and calibrated to break crisply without any play. The Vanguard action features a one-piece forged and machined receiver, and the bolt has three ports to allow high-pressure gases to escape in the event of an accidental case rupture. The rifle is available in 16 calibers, including .257 and .300 Weatherby Magnums.

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Now if only ammunition prices would also decrease!

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    If I didn’t shootwith the wrong hand, I’d be very tempted.