Wanted Movie posters “glamorize violence” in UK

From BBC News:

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that the posters were not suitable to be seen by children.

It added that the use of a glamorous actress, gun images and aspirational text “could glamorize violence”.

Typical Hollywood trigger finger

It seems they can’t stop at banning guns, they need to ban photos of them as well.

Steve Johnson

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  • I thought there were no politics here. An agency ruling on an issue sure seems political to me.

  • Aaron, I think that falls under the category of “culture”. It is a reflection of UK society. The UK has such a rich firearms history, I since I was a kid I have dreamed about owning a rifle in a caliber ending with “H&H”, yet they seem to have fallen so far.

  • Windy Wilson

    Well, it can’t be the basic concept that is wrong, so they have to work backwards from the violent act. Ban the weapon, ban the pictures of the weapons, ban speech about using weapons, ban bread sticks.
    The United Kingdom. It’s where Great Britain used to be.

  • Josh j

    hahahahahahaha that hurts my head, politics aside I think it glamorizes skanky unfashionable people holding guns in a way to make obvious they have no business holding them.
    the firearm situation in britania is a cultural and political one and is well documented after ww1.

  • Nigel Mann

    Welcome to the wonderful entity that is my country.
    Woe betide the general public should have access to weapons, we might decide to get shut of the bunch of idiots in power.
    We now have a movement wishing to ban knives, it will be pointy sticks next, because we are all so inable of being adults and need the state to tell us how we should behave and what we can own.

  • steve jones

    Since WW2 the ruling elite in the UK have a history of banning everything in the hope that this will deal with the problem of the moment be it drugs, voilence, driving too fast etc. etc. When this doesn’t work instead of taking a fresh unbiased look at the that particular problem they bring in another more stringent ban. When that doesn’t work ….. you get the picture. If I live long enough I am convinced that I will have to live on souip because a knife and fork will be deemed to be too dangerous for a private citizen to own! One of these days – after they have disbanded the army because it is too dangerous for them to be armed – some totalitarian group will be able to tske over the country with catapults!

    PS Like the one about the UK being where Great Britain once was. Sad but oh so true

  • AK™

    A violent movie that uses violence has a movie poster that has 2 characters with guns on it????? OH NOES.