Paraguay army using Chinese M4 clone (CQ 5.56)

Paraguay has apparently bought the relatively new Norinco CQ 5.56, M4A1 clones.

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The caption of the above photo, translated from Spanish:

Soldiers of the Joint Detachment of Empleo Inmediato (DECEI) marching past with carbines Norinco CQ-M4 of 5.56 mm Are copies of Colt M-4A1 made in China and equipped with viewfinders of not known model. The DECEI depends on the Commando of Special Troops of the Army.

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According to Wikipedia:

This variant introduced in the year 2006 in several Defense expos worldwide, including the MILIPOL, is a copy of the American M4A1 assault carbine. It features a telescoping stock, a removable carrying handle mounted on a Picatinny rail, and a 368,3 millimetres (14,5 inches) barrel. The CQ Type A carbine variant is claimed to be able to stabilize both M193 “Ball” and SS-109/M-885 variants of the 5.56 mm cartridge, as would be expected from a rifle with a 1:9 barrel rifling twist. It will quickly accept the installation of grenade launchers due to the quick attachment/detachment handguard design and to the step-cut barrel.

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  • Well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

  • jdun

    The AR is the best combat rifle out there. It’s not a surprise.

  • Jcamelo

    Jdun I used to love the AR15s as well they were my favourite gun especially the AR4 COMMANDO. Actualy, they are still my favourite kind of gun and the best type of them is an M4. You da’ man jdun.

  • Lance

    China also make copies of the Trijicon ACOG for these rifles as well

  • jan ali

    i like m4 carbine rifle , today most of countries they replace there old rifle pakistan should be g3 rifle in to m4 rifle because g3 is too hew its weight is 5 kg and m4 rifle is just 3.5 kg. in the war time the soldier could not carry hew machine.

  • Rgr

    I like M4 because it has full automatic fire like AK47 but still AK47 is the best for ambush, face to face firing and short range firing it’s too powerful compare to M4, but M4 is very accurate in sniping and long range..

    I have AK47, M14, M16 and the new M4 Norinco.

    • William

      Dear god how old are you?

  • Gerardo Alvarenga

    The Paraguayan Army are not using Norinco rifles, instead they are using original american M-4 rifles equiped with sniper and night sights.

  • David Lugo

    I live in paraguay…And im pretty sure they use the brazilian made FAL…7.62mm….

    I fired them…

  • agustin aguayo

    The Paraguayan army is trying to renovate their rifle stock,I heard that the special forces are going for M4 American made.Regular army is going for M16 american made,I hope so.

  • José Teixidó

    Guys I served in the Paraguayan Army and I can say all of you are right to some extent.

    During my service I was issued the HK G3 (not clones in the Py Army, we had German made rifles) matching couple of HK21s at platoon level and then both M-16A2 Norinco equivalent (With Full auto) and a US made M-4A4 with a Trijicon Acog.

    I know some regular Para Units are issued the Imbel (Brazillian made) FAL Para and regular FAL aswell as the German made G3 Para.

    Also some Marine units had the venerable Fal in both Imbel and Belgian versions but those were the 90s. I’d say that most of those got phased out for the Norinco M-16A2 by now.

    The police oddly enough is issued Berettas P-12s, HK Mp5s (Pak and Germans) & Famaes all in 9 Para. Also M-16s (US and Chinese) and the FOPE has Steyr AUGs and a few sniper Galils in 7,62 plus American made M16A2s with Trijicon Acogs.

  • José Teixidó

    Aw an BTW the DECEI depends of the 1st Btn of Special Forces, CIMOE (Command of Instruction of Special Operations) based in Cerrito, Chaco Paraguayo. I sknow since I was stationed there tho it wasn’t called DECEI at the time.

  • Gerardo Alvarenga

    The M-16A2 in use by the Paraguayan Army are not Norinco, they are developed and manufactured by the Combined Service Forces of ROC Army in Taiwan