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  • Mikel

    So was there any tweaking involved to make this work on a Saiga12?

    Lifa Rettur og Deyja Vel,

  • I am sure you can, but I do not know how much work was done on that 20 gauge shotgun to make it work with the AK kit. There are differences between a Saiga and a AK.

  • yo

    Is a saiga 12 compatable with this system?

  • chibajoe

    The problem with fitting the stock to a Saiga-12 is that the barrel interferes with the trigger. The only way to make it work would be to make a different trigger linkage system. The barrel on the 20 gauge is just small enough that the trigger can be made to work with lots of grinding and drilling.

  • David

    This thing just looks like to much fun …… I don’t think I could get enough ammo for it lol

  • Mikel

    It took some work but here’s my S-12…..

    Working on a different stock now, full length, ambicocking lever, free float barrel.

    And beleive me, they are SOOOO much fun to shoot.

  • Noble

    Did you do the modifications to the saiga 12 yourself? how difficult was it? could a gunsmith do it for me if I ordered this stock set? I wasn’t able to view your picture, was the final result clean looking? I REALLY WANT THIS ON MY SAIGA!!

  • Mikel


    Yes I did all the mods myself. It’s not so hard once you figure them out. And the guys at the Saiga Forum were a huge amount of help. A gunsmith could do it for you, but why when you can do it yourself. As for the pic, I’ll see if I cant get one posted here, to veiw the one linked above, all you have to do is sign up for a free subscription to the Saiga Forum. It’s well worth the time if you’re doing ANYTHING with a Saiga, ANY Saiga, not just Shottys.

  • Mikel

    Tell ya what, just email me at for more info on the Saiga 12 with this Kit. The kit itself will be up for sale once I have the other one done. Put Bullpup S12 in the subject line or it may get file 13d if I don’t know you.

  • c

    dear friends,
    please tell all saiga 12, 20, 410 shotguns that the reason the guns jam is that the piston comes new without lubrication. use choke and gun lube and put lub in groves and all along tube. do not fill holes. it will not jam then. it is the pressure ineria that throws the shell out and reloads.

    • Ryan

      Ok, I will tell them but I’m not sure they will respond nor will understand.

  • WOW!!