Police ban all firearms in Diyala, Iraq

Interesting development. That was the last place in the world where I expected firearms to be banned.

From Stars and Stripes:

DIYALA PROVINCE, Iraq — The police chief of this restive province has ordered a ban on all firearms, including AK-47 rifles to which every Iraqi household is entitled.

Iraqi police Maj. Gen. Maj. Gen. Abdul al-Kareem Khaleef said he issued the firearms ban after a fatal shooting in Baqouba, the province’s capital, which killed one policeman and injured four civilians on Sunday.

“No civilians can have them or they will be detained,” warned Khaleef through a translator on Monday. He added that only Iraqi security forces and government security guards will be allowed to possess the weapons.

Steve Johnson

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  • dan

    Before I read it I figured they banned them so the new flavor of extremists wouldn’t get a hold of them, guess that wouldn’t matter as the police and security forces would lay them down and run off too.