Girls of the IDF photo essay


Rachel Papo photographed IDF woman as as part of her masters thesis project. It is very well done.

Just about every photo features an M16. So I am justified in blogging it 😉

More here.

Steve Johnson

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  • DJK

    Super hot…..but poor trigger discipline, no? ….leeet me see if there’s any dirt in the rear…BANG!!! Oh sheet.

    But HOT.

  • Damn, linked site is down right now. I really wanted to see the pics.

  • Linky no worky…

  • Yes, its down. Probably got a digg’in. Try again tomorrow.

  • DJK- She is following standard IDF protocol and clearing her weapon, releasing the trigger and cocking prior to engaging the safety.

    I cross linked IDF Women and weapons here.

    DoubleTapper, blogging on Guns Politics Defense from Israel

  • DJK

    AHA! That makes sense then. Thanks for the clarification.


    That’s an M4.

  • Alessio Aguirre

    ponytail … check
    masquara … check
    M4 … check

  • devildog

    The Girls of the IDF what a sight to see, now find a Taliban and put a three round burst one in each cheek.