Blackwater BW15 will come in 6.8mm and 7.62x39mm

Lee, a Blackwater armorer, emailed me some info on the BW15:

1.Yes we do offer the BW15 in more than just 5.56mm. As of now we are making them in 6.8mm and 7.62x39mm as well. The BW15 lower receivers are stamped Multi-cal.190Px-Blackwater Logo 2007.Svg-1

2.We are using out own receivers and each weapon is a matched upper and Lower receiver. All of the serial numbers begin BW.

3. As far the weapons shooting MOA, we use only the best barrels and the Armorer that builds the weapons also test fires it. I do believe that if we say that it will shoot MOA it will. But on the other hand what if the customer can’t shoot that well. Are we to take the weapon back? In case you did not know, everyone is an expert when to shooting.

4. Barrel lengths start at 16″. You can request a 14.5 with a pinned and permanently affixed flash hider to make total length overall 16″. We can have a custom barrel made to your specs (will take extra time POR). However if a customer wants a 18″- 26″ barrel we can accommodate.

5. All weapons have standard anodized finish. We are not doing any coatings at this time.

6. All weapons are shipped with 2 Magpul 30 round magazines and a lock.

Steve Johnson

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  • Price? Sounds sweet!

  • cmblake6, they are custom. What you pay depends on what you want them to do.

  • 10-roger sir. Next thing is contact them then. Base guess is where I was going with previous question.

  • The base price is $1000, according to their website.

  • What is the best way to contact them. Looks like Blackwater has pulled the armory portion of the website. Very interested in the 7.62×39mm version of the BW15.

    • Mark, they may have stopped selling them after their company rebranding.

  • K pappy

    I own the 15th BW-15 out of only a few rifles made. I Had it made while working there. They did customize it 2 whatever u want. The owner of BW got #1 obviously, however, it is a good shooting rifle.

  • What I was talking about was stone stock (from them) so I could determine what ELSE I wanted to do beyond that. I did realize they were a custom shop, and what you pay is determined by what you want beyond base model.