Stoeger X Series air rifles

Benelli USA is now importing the Stoeger X Series air rifles.

The rifles come in a variety of models, finishes and scope options. They are all .177 in caliber and have a break barrel action.

Picture 3-14
X5: Scoped, hardwood, 16.5″ barrel.

Detail X20W Rear Sight
The “Made in China” is prominently displayed …

They have a nice website, although a bit flash heavy, with more info.

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  • Pieter A

    Could you tell me where I can buy this stoeger x50 rifle on line in US ?
    I really would like to try it.
    thank you,

  • pat murphy

    Go to stoeger web site and they will show distributers close to you. I bought a x10 today and I think I’am really going to like it.

  • Jerry

    I just bought an X20 today at Doves Guns in Princeton Wv. It took about 10 minutes to prep the barell and use cleaning rags to get the preservitives out,, and about 10 minutes to zero it.
    Off of my bench at 20 yards using hollowpoint pellets i shot 20 rounds and could cover every one of them with a penny.
    Crossman pellets is what I use in the tin can 500 to a can. I never tried the PBA pellets because these does more than you’ll ever need with a .77 pellet rifle. The scope was absolutly the best airgun scope Ive ever used. Ony thing I had to do was ajjust the trigger a little to match the way I shoot..
    This rifle needed to have been made in a 20 or 22 or 25 caliber because the power plantis real powerfull, and it is suprisingly easy to breake over and load.
    I think this Gun is under priced according to what Ive seenon other web sites. This “like my gama” is one heck of a gun. a varmint don’t stand a chance, it will shoot through thick wall 3″ PVC pipe like a hot knif through butter.
    Only problem I see is I can’t put it down,, I need to get to bed so tomarrow will come fast and I can go out side and do it again,, good luck and happy shooting…

  • Jerry

    Sorry folks I have to add this .
    No offence to the China Folks, but my Gun says Italian made, like my Gamo.
    Regardless of who made it , they sure made a toy for us old men. I have a collection of powder burners in black powder and cartrige, but the pellet guns are the way to go for rabits squirells and groundhogs, or any other varmint that bothers your hen house or garden. And to top it off us old men like to show off, so we now have our toys to do that with lolol.I don’t have any habits but if I’m not carefull, I’m going to get hooked on this gun LOLOL.

  • bieman

    i bought the x10 is black synthetic . this is a great rifle i bought it and it took me about 20 min to zero it the first rifle i have ever zeroed and i hit penny size groups 25 yards away with crossmen pointed pellets. i have killed squirrals with this rifle and it is a clean killing rifle. highly recomended

  • jerry

    I think the stoeger shoots harder than the average 1000 feet per second gun. Mine will shoot through the 1X4 treated lumber which is 3/4 by 2-3/4 after dressing and treating.
    It’s the same lumber used on a porch. or decking.
    it goes through a empty soda can and don’t even move it.
    I don’t have a chronograph but this thing is powerful. What I’d like to know is whats the difference in the X-20 and the X-10, accept the scope?

  • daniel

    Thanks Guys,

    I was needing some information on a good pellet gun, I was looking at the Gamo an saw the Stoeger x10. The x10 is quite a bit cheaper so I will probably go with that.

  • lynne

    can u tell me how much the x5 is in pounds not dollors

    thanks lynne

  • me

    I just bought one today, from doves in princeton and mine says made in china on the barrel. It was the x10 I know that there is not a difference in what model you buy (x10, x20,x50) as to where it is manufactured…

  • hi guys sorry to be THE ONE , but i bought an x10 , at 27 yards i could cover a group with 10 cents . 1 penny per shot , I had it on a bench, between sand bags, I did every thing but could not get a group, less the 3.5 inches . I liked the gun ,but it would not group.

  • Jerry McKelvey

    After spending most of a weekend researching air rifles online, I mentioned to my boss Monday morning that I was looking for one. He said he needed one too for pests around his barn. He told me to go to Sports World in Tulsa and if they had one I liked get it for him. They had a pretty good selection and I brought back a Stoeger X20. Sports World checked it for loose screws so all I did was sight in the scope and started shooting. I didn’t even clean the bore (maybe I should have). I sighted the scope in at 60 feet at a water bottle cap. Now we had been somewhat frustrated trying to hit birds with a 10 pump BB gun.
    I shot about 200 rounds with this gun and easily and cosistantly killed birds at 110 ft. That barn is 100′ X 150′. Pitched roof with no sides. It is filled with pipe pens inside and arount the perimiter. I’m not an expert shot, but there was always a fence rail close by to rest against. I thought the Stroeger variable 40mm scope was fantastic. I quickly lost count of kills. Plus I got some good points with the Boss (an avid Deer and Elk hunter),as he was really impressed with the X20. I shot both silver pointed, and Crow magnum pellets and couldn’t tell much difference in accuracy. Probably one will eventually win out over the other after we get used to shooting more. Very pleased with this gun and scope.

  • John

    Got a x20 today, seems like a real nice gun, (also have a Gamo Big CAt).
    A lot heavier then the Gamo, but the feel is very nice. Im also an avid shooter of large bore rifles along with my .223 collection.
    The x20 with scope mounted would not come in on the target. So I tried to adjust the scope, up/down worked great. Left/right no change, also the power ring 3-9 will not turn with the rubber ring on the scope, have to hold the power ring and turn with it. (hold very tight, hard to turn)
    Only have about 50 rounds thru the gun, but the open sights shoot really well. May just discard the scope.
    Looks like a nice scope, don’t know if stoeger will make it good or not, I will try to send it back.
    I think the x20 is probable as strong as my Big Cat, both rated the same FPS. overall real pleased with both of my rifles, would say both are a good buy and would buy both again .. shooting crossman hunter 7.9 gr spire nose pellets..

  • jake

    gamo cfx flogs all stoger air rifles hands down

  • ciaccino 72

    ciao ,volevo un consiglio .
    sono indeciso sull’acquisto di una carabina ac stoeger x 10-x20,oppure hw il mio bagget è di 200 euro .
    cosa mi consigliate?

  • Grandpa Charlie

    You know that I have been all over the internet and cannot find any prices’ on the Stroeger, where are they?

  • Grandpa Charlie

    Ok I found the prices’
    they aren’t cheap;(

  • Pat

    Go to cobelas They have a x10 for $159.00 and it is well worth it. It is the best air rifle I have ever owned. And I have had a lot in my life. I can shoot a group the size of a dime at 50 ft. I have had it for about a year and would not trade it for any other air gun. I have shot about 2,000 rounds thru it with no problems.

  • Ronald Bernhardt

    I purchased an x20 November 12 09. $209+ax
    It took 500 to 800 rounds to get the gun and barrel broke in. I am 62 years old. Lots of cocking 200 rounds a day. I shoot 30 yards from a picnic table with a forearm rest. Thirty yard groups are nickel size ( calm air ) I am convinced that the gun shoots as straight as the shooter can hold and squeeze.
    Go to http://WWW.pyramid air .com to learn all about air guns.
    Also purchased a 22cal Benjamin super streak. The gun cost $299+tax with a 4-16×40 Center point scope. The scope failed in the sighting process. Waited 10 weeks for a service/ replacement. Never came and I think they lost it. I put my Stoeger scope on it till my replacement scope comes in. This gun is a monster. I can hit the bottom of coke cans at 70 yards from my rest. Don’t waste money on PBA pellets they are not as accurate or hard hitting ( in my opinion ) Using RWS pointed pellets. The dealer has replaced my scope from his stock with an RWS 4-14-x60 scoope. What an upgrade!
    This gun is a tack driver as well. Both guns are quiet. I love both guns and have shot over 2500 pellets since purchasing.
    You have to shoot a lot to break the barrels in.


  • MoonBeam

    Worth every cent.

    I’ve had an (early model) X20 for about 2 months now, it’s just starting to get broken in and quieten down. Everything about it is heavy – the physical weight, the trigger, cocking.. everything. And my barrel sits a little crooked in the stock, and groans when I break it.

    BUT – it’s cheap, it looks fantastic, it feels fantastic, it’s accurate enough (for plinking/hunting), it hurls pellets through the air, … and it’s cheap. And it’s cheap!

    It may be the Daewoo/Kia of air rifles. But if the pellets are hitting the target, then it doesn’t matter where it’s made, or how nicely the machining is.

    You get what you pay for, and IMHO the X20 is worth every cent that I paid for it ($275 AUD). The stock is fantastic.

  • Jerry

    My Mind is shrinking,, My Stoeger says made in china LOLOL. Must have had the Gamo in mind,. My gamo as of today is history the insides are made of real cheap puter material and the bushings broke on it no to mention the seals are gone so i trashed it.
    My X-20 is still on the money, after 2-500 round tins it is still barking like a fox.
    I have the PCP Air Force as well as the Benjamin Marauders and Discoveries in sets, but so far I still give the Stoeger an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 in competition with the Non Kicking PCP’s.
    I can really give an Impartial review being I am A gun freak and own mostly all of them.
    In teh low powered air rifles I still have my daisy springer 500 FPS that is 15 or more years old and it still is on themoney same scope same gun and lots of shots. I have the crosman multi-pump and have had it over 15 years too, I don’t have a conagraph yet but will have one tomorrow, the Crossman has still got all its power and stays pumped up. All I have to do to shoot it is load a pellet and pull the trigger, can’t beet that for an old gun holding up.
    But I think the Best springer in the heavy weights is the stoeger X-20.

  • gary

    Bought an x20 a few weeks ago, fired it with 2 different types of pellets, regular pointed hunting pellets, and a box of precision pellets, (cost almost twice as much) best I could do was 2 inches at 50 feet from a rested position.
    Three inches was more often the case, and 3.5 inches wasn’t all that uncommon.
    Outside of being very inaccurate and having one of the worst triggers I’ve ever used, it’s a pretty good gun.
    gary k

  • Robert

    I have the x10 stoeger, a Crosman elite 77 & a Beeman R2.. Simply put, there is no comparison! The Stoeger (hands down) is in a different league & would probably be better compared to higher priced rifles. The rifles lock up is very tight & it takes a fairly strong nudge to actually break it open, but is then really easy to cock. The trigger is manageble, the stocks are beautiful hardwood & the sites are excellent fiber optic.. You should expect a quality product from Berreta,and my rifle is certainly no disappointment! its extremely accurate & simply a joy to shoot.. IMO you would spend alot more $$ to get a better air rifle..

  • Ryan

    I am thinking about getting the Stoeger X5 or X10. I have had a Remington Airmaster for a long time and it is a good pump air gun, but lacks power of course. My main concern is with the noise level of break barrel air guns. I bought the Gamo Whisper last year and it was my first break barrel. I have to hunt the varmints that eat my landscaping from inside the house because I live in the suburbs. When I shot that Whisper for the first time, it about blew my ears out. I couldn’t believe the sound that came out of that thing! It was more like a scream. Definitely not a whisper.

    Do all break barrels do that and if so, how many times do you need to shoot it before it is quiet? How loud is the Stoeger at first use? Do you need ear plugs? Is there anything else I could do to break it in to be quiet? Keep in mind, my neighbors can never know that I am an urban varmint sniper.


  • bazz

    I recently bought the x10. I will mention also that this my first air rifle. Without the scope, I have been able to hit my targets quite accurately from about 25-30 yds. Being my first time using the scope, I knew it was off and needed to be adjusted. I tried adjusting my self and noticed that the fiber optic sights appeared in the view of my scope. Am I suppose to line up the fiber optic sights with the scope? Please be easy, remember that I am a novice.

  • Robert

    Noise Problem – I never considered the stoeger to be loud at all! But,with that said, when I swapped to crosman premier 10.5 gr pellets, I noticed the rifles report to be much quieter than with the 7.5 gr pointed pellets I had been useing.. The 10.5 gr pellets are also extremely accurate! however, they do not carry as much velocity as the lighter pellets. So, while they will quiet the report of the rifle, they may or may not work out in your favor depending on your intended use. Also,keep in mind that the X10 has a leather seal & that Stoeger recommends a few drops of oil in the compression chamber to lubricate it. Lubricating with high flash point oils will cause dieseling & a sharp crack that is comparable to the noise levels of a 22 rimfire as the rifle burns off the excess oil in the chamber. A low flash point silicone oil will be needed to solve this problem unless you have a place indoors (such as a basement) that you could safely fire the rifle a few times to burn off the excess oils..

    Scope problem – There is no need to use the front sight if you have a scope mounted! If the sight is a problem, you could use high mounts or remove it from the barrel all together. There is only a single screw holding the sight on! but you will have to heat the plastic with a hair dryer for a few minuts to be able to pull it off.. You may also want to replace it with a after market suppressor of your choice, as the sight does make a nice handle for cocking the rifle.. Another solution that may or may not appeal to you, is to simply heat the sight & turn it under the barrel so it wont be in your sight picture.

  • Anon

    @ Robert – are you sure the X10 has a leather seal?
    As far as I know, the X10 and X20 are mechanically identical, do you know if the X20 has a leather seal too? I didn’t think anyone used leather seals any more.

  • Robert

    I haven’t taken the rifle apart to personally see if the seal is leather! So I cant say for sure that it is..
    However, the stoeger owners manual states to lube the compression chamber with a drop of “gun oil” after every 1000 shots. (I use 2-3 since I apply it thru the muzzle)

    — Now heres the thing —

    Petrolium based oils (high flash point oils) “are not” recommended for rifles with synthetic seals! so I would assume the X10 has a leather seal. If the X20 has the same directions for lubrication, I would suspect the same of it.

  • Dan

    Let me start out by saying I am now 50 years old and I grew up shooting various BB and pellet air rifles most notably a Benjamin pump and later a first generation Daisy PowerLine .22 cal. Plinking has always been very high on my list of pastimes and I’ve easily shot close to 200,000 “rounds” through various air guns. Now, of course, I own several “real” guns both hand and long guns of all calibers. So when I went looking for higher velocity breakdown air rifle I was looking for the best shooting (most precise) rifle for the least price.

    After noticing it on the shelf and then doing some online research I bought a .177 Stoeger X10 (wooden stock) a couple of weeks ago for $91 (without scope) at a local firearms dealer here in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I had read mostly good reviews about the gun’s precision. The only issue I’ve had so far is having to adjust the “windage” rear sight setting almost all the way left. This tells me the front sight is off but I’m not sure it’s adjustable.

    Once sighted in I finished a can of Gammo Magnum .177 pellets (about 100) with mixed feelings about the gun. It could have been part break in but ~20 meter groups were fair but not what I had hoped for.

    I decided to try some Crosman pellets and bought a can of Crosman “Premier” hollow points and a can of standard Crosman pointed “hunting” pellets.

    I have to comment on general quality and fit of these relatively inexpensive Crosman pellets. They fit snug and appear very consistent shape and size.

    I did ease the trigger pull by a few turns of the adjustment screw and still may soften it a little more.

    Either the gun is “breaking in” or the Crosman pellets are shooting better than the Gamo pellets but I’m having no problem shooting 1 inch (American quarter coin) groups at 20 meters from a rest (top of dog house). I believe this gun/pellet combo is capable of tighter groups with a little more familiarization and practice on my part (I’ve shot maybe 150 shots with the gun total so far).

    I agree with other posts here that say it seems to shoot harder than 1,000 fps. I haven’t tried alloy pellets yet intend to.

    If I could change one thing on the rifle (other than front sight adjustment) I would make the front beaded sight much smaller for finer aiming as the precision of this gun seems to warrant it.

    My brother has the higher priced RWS gun and there is no argument from me about the RWS being a very good air rifle and very precise but at 2 to 3 times the price of the Stoeger the “bang for the buck” adage applies.

    I have recommended this gun to some of my shooting hobbyist friends without reservation who are looking for a reasonably priced high velocity airgun that is precise enough to be enjoyable.


  • DownRangeImpact

    I work in a large gun store in the midwest. We sell Beeman R series guns, RWS, Crosman’s Benjamin PCP’s and NPSS guns and Gamo etc., etc.. I noticed the fit and finish of the Stoegers we have and not one if the 20 or so we have and have sold looks cheap. They are a Benneli product so that should be expected. I finally got the opportunity to shoot two of them after we had sold over a dozen of these guns (mostly X-10’s). I was shooting the guns with two customers who eventually purchased them.

    They definately need to be broken in, but the firing behavior was very good for a rifle at this price point. It was actually much more accurate then I thought it would be. And since they were brand new, they have to only get better the more they are used. They are very powerful, so forget about the b_______ hype of light pellets and put Kodiaks and other heavy pellets through them.

    For what they cost, there is no reason not to encourage someone to buy one. They shoot as good as they look. And the fit and finish on every single Stoeger I have taken out of the box has been very impressive indeed. For “Made In China” guns, they are nothing like other guns made there that have had me shaking my head. They are very good looking guns.

    I have a feeling that Gamo is going to find themselves competing fiercely with Stoeger from now on. And as Stoeger gains more owners and a solid reputation from the people using their guns, I can’t imagine this brand not making it into a lot of collections.

  • johnny hall

    i purchased a stoeger x20 for 139.95 from daddys gun shop in mayo florida
    today. black synthetic stock w/ open sights (not the combo having the scope)

    if you look at the stoeger website and choose your location you can go to specs tab and see suggested retail pricing

    i love this x20 , first shot i had to remind self i just put a pellet in it and not a .22 short 😀 very strong and the sights are absolutely fantastic. and thats a big deal considering im visually challenged pretty badly now.

    i could actually hit cans at 35 yards w/ open sights. i am so happy and like the other guys have said i cant put it down.

    there is a lot of good air guns out there. and most of us have never seen any gun we did not like. right?

    best thing to do imho , is go i-net and research ones you like and then go local and handle as many as you can find before buying anything. yeah i want an x50 even if it as heavy as my clunky kbi sa85m with a loaded drum
    hehehe. thats heavy! but i still want an x50 also

    i had a stoeger .22 auto pistol years and years ago and it was good firearm
    im glad i got this air gun and sure thank benelli for bringing them in. china arms will just keep getting better and better is my prediciton.

    after reading pro class air gunners reviews on break barrel air guns i think i did great buying this x20 and doubt i will put scope on it yet. i am somewhat concerned as brake barrel air guns get older and well used some speak of barrel drooping and loss of accuracy on scope mounted guns?

    mine will get plenty of use so i guess ill find out as time goes along. anyway brothers im off to go shoot my x20. go get you one cause i do think you will surely enjoy it. johnny

    • Gman

      The X50 is a little heavy but without the scope its not bad, just when you hold steady straight shots without a rest. Very powerful, mine was 22 cal.The synthetic stock looks great, they are great looking guns I turned my second stage screw 1/2 turn clockwise and really improved trigger release. Just remember its 50inches long and about 10lbs w/o scope I think its 9lbs 13oz but a large person could get used to it.It gets easier to cack after a few hundred pellets but not much. It put 22 cal pellets thru those grey metal chairs, had an old one.If you want power skip ALL THE 800 FPS guns and get the X50 or Xisico XS28 in 22 cal at flyingdragonairguns Mike Melick does all the tuning.Either way you will have a 900FPS 22 cal lead pellet gun.I think the XS is lighter but not much, but has wood stock.

  • trinidad noyola

    I just bought a x10 and after adjusting the scope I shot a squirrel at 35 yards. It climbed up the tree and shot it down on second shot. It was still moving around so I shot it the third time to put it out of misery. I never missed so I was so impressed with the accuracy and power of this pellet rifle. I bought the pellet rifle because squirrels are eating the siding on my cedar home. I live on ten acres but I did not want to use my other guns because I did not want to scare my neighbors. It came with a scope and I paid 135 at Academy in San Antonio. I highly recommend this rifle.

  • mike

    I have been thinking about buying a Stoeger X20 airgun in .22 caliber.
    Pyramyd Air is waiting for a shipment of X20s in .22 caliber ($129.00).

    It would be interesting to know if anyone has chonographed the X20. Even if it’s a .177 caliber, I can still get an idea of the power. I am hoping that the .22 X20’s velocity is about 700 to 750 f.p.s. To achieve this velocity, the .177 X20’s velocity should be 850 to 900 f.p.s. — or at least 200 f.p.s. faster than the .22. Obviously, this is a very rough estimate.

    So, if anyone has done some X20 velocity testing, I would appreciate you sharing the results with me. I’m hoping the .22 X20 packs a nice punch!

    • Gman

      Buy the hatsan 95 tested with real lead pellets,800 real FPS NO BS quattro adjustable trigger 177,22 or even 25 spring or gas.Springer is $159 right now at pyramid free shipping

      • gman

        Thats 800 FPS is the 22 cal model by the way on the hatsan 95

  • Glen

    Mike, check out this site, wealth of knowledge. Here are some chrono of the X20s,11859.0/topicseen.html

  • Glen

    BTW the X20s (suppressed model is $219 the standard x20 is $129)

  • Mike


    Thanks for the advice. The GTA airgun forum has some great information. I bookmarked it for future reference.

    By the way, the numbers for the X20 look great–wow, mid-800 or so fps! That’s impressive power for a budget-priced springer.

    However, I suspect that the X20 tested was still deseling. Yet, even so, those are some great velocities with 15.5-grain pellets.

    Now, I want to focus on the noise level of the X20. I’m a backyard airgunnner and need a “medium rating” with regard to loudness. I am concerned that the X20 with its 800-plus velocity is louder than a “medium rating.” So, the research continues….

    Thanks again,

    • Gman

      Those 800FPS are what they say to get you to buy it, the X50 will surpass that but wont do what it says,its heavy but without scope fun to shoot and really does the smackdown in 22 cal.

  • Mongo

    I just yesterday received my Stoeger x20 .177 combo with scope and was at first impressed with the feel and solidness of the rifle. I had some older Crossman pellets that I tried and couldn’t get it to shoot within 3 inches of each other at 20 yards; blamed it on the pellets. Velocity and power seemed extremely good.

    Went to the store last night and bought top of the line GWS pellets; supposedly one of the more accurate. Tried them today and could only get a grouping of 2 inches – solid rest with a scope. Took the scope off and then tried again with open sights. Same issue. I ended up having to adjust the rear sight all the way to the left in order to get it to come anywhere near the center of the target.

    I have Gamo pellets on order today and will see if they do any different. Wouldn’t y’all agree that one of the keys for any rifle is that it hits what you aim at? Well, if that is the case, this Stoeger must either be defective or they produce an inferior product. I think the $30 Crossman at K-mart might be more accurate than this thing.

    • Gman

      Feel your pain brother,I paid full list price $200+tax and its all over the place and 22 is normally a little more accurate IMO I’m sure someone will argue that.Just keep shooting it till your arm falls off from cocking it, maybe the it will shoot 1in groups at 5-6 ft.

      • Gman

        Well I got an X50 22 cal to replace the X20, (9 million times better) adjust scope for me and set and was shooting groups fast, the long barrel is not hard to cock and crosman pellets go right in like they should,barrel closes everytime and stays. Front sight was not glued on good but I fixed that today. The power is unbelievable,skip the X20 and go for the X50.I had nothing but problems with the X20 but this X50 rules!! It is heavier but you will fall in love with the way it shoots.

        • Gman

          Now after about 500 shots, scope was still tight but couldnt hit anything twice.Gun has recoil,friend had his eye to close and scope cut him above eye.Took scope off and like others rear sight has to be adjusted almost all the way to left.WILL NOT GROUP these are 10 yard guns from stoeger, and if you really want your heart to sink look at new RWS 34 has barrel from china with the tru glo sights.Everybody who has them knows the front sight looks as big as a softball at 25 yards.X50 power is not good unless you oil the chamber with a drop of oil, mine was making a scraping noise while cocking yesterday so I put a drop of oil, then it dieseled and shot like a real 22, I think thats how they get their velocity numbers.Even with scope off if you dont have a rest or arent shooting aiming high this gun is 2 lbs too heavy.I honestly could not recommend any brand now that RWS are(parts) are made in china.PS scope mount on X50 is chewed up at the back,not the gun just the mount.

  • Kurt

    Hey guys! Bought an X20 suppressed from Sportsman’s guide for $206, and this rifle really shoots great! With a sight-in of 0″ at 20 yards, it is only 1″ low at 60 yards, with a 1.5″ group, using the Crosman 14.3 gr HP rounds. The included scope is great, too, the only thing is that the center “dot” is a tad large, because at 50-60 yards, it covers a 2″ circle; otherwise it is a great scope and rifle. Only took me 8 shots to have it hitting exactly where I wanted…I own 40 air rifles, and this one ranks with the best that I have…I know that anyone can get the occassional “lemon”, but this one is really a tack driver, and for the price, and SG’s 4-pay plan, it deserves your attention…

    • Gman

      You got very lucky!!! Read how many are all over outer space.

  • pellet gun fanatick

    hey i’ve been all over the internet and when i thought i had foun the best gun there is (gamo big cat) i saw a stoeger x 10 .22 and it tops off all the other guns in price and performance. the one thing i cant decide isif i should get get the .22 or the .177. i am going to be hunting rabbits so if any one has any suggestions i would like to hear them.

    • Gman

      Get the 22!

  • In response to “pellet gun fanatic”: I have bee hunting with air rifles for 15 years, and you definately want a .22 for rabbits, as it humanely kills them quickly. As I stated earlier in my comments, try the Stoeger X20 suppressed, as it is an excellent rifle; quiet, hard hitting at 60-70 yards, and, above all really accurate, and Sportsman’s guide sells them really cheap if you are a member, and they offer a 4 pay plan, so check them both out, and you will not be disappointed.

  • Mongo

    Follow up on my comment from 01 July 2011
    Regarding the Stoeger X20 Combo
    The Good and the Bad –
    First the bad:
    Had to send the first one back. Used 3 brands of pellets (Crossman, GWS, and Gamo’s) and 6 styles and the first one couldn’t hit anything you aimed at. Easily 6 inches off, not consistent, at 17 yards no matter what I did – rest/no rest, artillery hold, sand bag, blah blah. (Please don’t tell me I didn’t shoot it right; take a look at the Guns and Ammo article/review of the Stoeger X20 July 2010 […]) Took off the scope and tried open sights. Had to adjust the rear sight all the way left – it really looked strange and could not get it to fire straight as well. Must have had a bum gun. Sent it back and received the replacement. Initially, I was very disappointed. Slightly better than the first gun, but still at least 3 inch grouping at 17 yards. Did a thorough internet search and watched some very informative YouTube videos. I then took it to a local gun shop to ask for some advice. They asked all of the same questions I was asking myself and then sold me some Beeman Crow Magnum pellets to try. I tried one more time to sight this thing in. Some adjustments to the scope and “voila”, it was now shooting about a ¾” group at 17 yards.
    So, I decided to see if the gun would now perform with the other styles and brands of pellets that I had. I made no further adjustments to the scope. I took each and did a 5 shot trial from 17 yards and here are the results:
    Gamo Magnum – 3.5 inch spread, Gamo Match, 2.2 inch spread, GWS super point, 2.3 inch spread and way left, Gamo master point, 2.5 inch spread, Crossman (older K-mart specials) 1.1 inch spread and to the right, Gamo Hunter, 2.1 inch spread, but vertically aligned, and finally, I tried the Beeman Crow Mangnum pellets one more time, .75 inch spread and pretty much right on.

    Now the good:
    This is a solid rifle, kind of heavy, but well built and designed. Looks great too. The optics on the scope are also very good. After my initial rifle did so poorly, I sent it back to Amazon and they exchanged it no problem; Bravo Amazon. Once this thing got sighted in and I found the right pellets, I took it out and immediately removed a pernicious vertebrate pest on the first shot.
    I think this will be a keeper, however, I will only be able to use one kind/brand of pellet if I want it to shoot straight (well, duh) I am only rating this 3 out of 5 because of all of the hours I spent trying to get this right. Stoeger ought to have some kind of instructions with the gun to assist with this kind of problem. There are no tutorials or methods of assistance on their web site and their phone tree is frustrating. So, the good with the bad averages to a 3 out of 5.

    • Gman

      Had same problem and didnt have an X20 so they sent me a X50? Just a thought but its a powerhouse.

  • In response to “Mongo”: I am sorry that you had so much aggrivation with your rifles; guess i was fortunate to have got 2 great shooters right off the bat…you mentioned having open sights on yours; did you get the supressed model? The 2 that i have are supressed, and they have no open sights, which I like, as i use only scopes for my rifles. If you are ever in the market to get another X20, get the supressed one, and, if they are like mine, you will be very pleased with the accuracy and power. The thing that is really great is that they both shoot the same type and brand of pellets, which happen to be the crosman premier 14.3 gr. hollow points, which are pretty inexpensive, especially if you get them from Pyramyd air, which is buy 3, get one free. As far as accuracy and power goes, during the season, I managed to kill a large rabbit at a measured 65 yards with the first shot. It is really quiet, too, as there were birds in the area that did not fly away at the shot. As I stated earlier, I have 40 air rifles, and this one is becoming a favorite.

  • BTW, if anyone is interested, the price of my rifles through the Sportsman’s guide was 206; does anyone have the X50? I was considering one for the reason that if it is as accurate as the X20, it would be an excellent addition to my collection…I would appreciate any responses.

    • bob

      hi; i just bought an x50 jan.13th. i’ve only used crosman hp. can not keep a group at all with the crosman hp but really like the rifle. will be trying the h&n baracuda match and the field target trophy pellets hope it keeps a better group. i take this serious if and whenever i get to shoot these pellets i’ll let you know how i did

      • Gman

        Keep shooting it, after about 500 you will notice it coming together.Put scope on after you break it in.Dont be afraid to put a drop of airgun oil in the chamber hole, boy the next two shots will be wild.I am sorry I sent mine back for the x20 which I originally had.I was getting used to it but it is heavy and I have a bad back.It shot a hole thru a dvd player that most pellets just put a dent in.

    • Gman

      A 1957 ford pickup with no tie rods is as accurate as a stoeger, just expressing my P Od opinion Scope makes it look like you can hit anything at 57 ft I was lucky to hit a plastic oil bottle twice, and I only shot about 8 times.

    • Gman

      I have the X50 Dont waste your money, if you are getting a high powered chinese gun get the xisico ms28 22 cal from Mike melnick at Flyingdragonairguns

      • Gman

        PS it has metal sights!!!

        • Gman

          Wish I had seen it before buying a stoeger!

          • Gman

            Kept shooting my X50 and its getting better and better but did oil the chamber which helped bigtime.Its just so hard to shoot those tru glo sights when its bright outside.Need a good target and put scope back on now,I have ran about 1000 pellets thru and I agree with my son that crosman domed or even domed hp are the most accurate.Those pointed daisys go all over the place,thats why they are cheap.

  • bob

    hi; just bought an x50 using crossman hp 14gr can not keep a group. will be buying some h&n baracuda match and field target trophy whatever is the out come i’ll let you know

    • Gman

      crosmans shoot great out of my X50 but I took off the scope as there were three of us shooting, the open sights like others say had to be adjusted almost all the way to left, dont like that.But its accurate, ton lighter without scope too!

  • giorgi

    i dont kike the stoeger airgun, because it is made in china

  • Joe

    Picked up an X10 at Dong’s in Tulsa last night. This morning I ran around 80 RWS 9.3gr superMags through it at a 2 in. target at 25 yards. I fully expected to have several errant shots during this break-in period, but still grouping at under 3/4″. I am incredibly impressed with Stoeger quality. My only complaints are the weight, heavy trigger and lack of sling attachment points. I’ll get used to the weight and mount my own sling. Anybody know a good trigger replacement for this rifle?

    • Humberto D

      I agree about the trigger, i just ordered a replacement at archerairguns in the reviews they all says that it works perfect, will see… my is on the way, I will let you know.
      Best regards

    • Gman

      If you did that with a stoeger someone must have poked holes in the target

  • Greg

    I have one major concern with all these reviews. They are all new guns. With low price guns one might expect good performance early on but what about 2 or 3 years later after thousands of rounds have been fired. Yes I know it’s cheap and you simply buy another one but what if it’s a survival weapon and it’s shtf time? Any long term reviews out there? I’ve noticed a lot of web sites and youtube post similar reviews i.e. reliability is never tested. As some of you may know an air rifle is the best survival weapon there is. Last a life time if looked after (and not left loaded all the time!). Ammunition is light and cheap and you can stock pile thousands of rounds And your food source is all around you. Compare that to say a .308 LOL.

  • Rob

    Greg, the best luck I’ve had long term with the Chinese made air rifles is the B18/B19 platform that Crosman uses for their Vantage, Optimus, and some other names with the steel springs. I would stay away from nitro pistons for a SHTF air rifle for now. They may or may not be able to hold their pre-charge in the long run as the seals may dry out.
    If your belly is relying on it, I would skip the Chinese spring piston type air rifles and go with RWS, Air Arms, or Weihrauch. Benjamin, for now, still makes a good pump-up pneumatic type in the model 392, made in the USA. It has a good reputation for durability as well.

    • Gman

      RWS using chinese parts now! Look it up? Have the tru glo sights and everything.

  • thwack addict

    The only problem at all I see here is the total lack of airgun knowledge being displayed. You guys need to educate yourselves on spring powered air guns before posting these things or even shooting an air rifle for that matter. They are NOTHING like powder burners! Spring guns require the use of the “artillery hold” (look it up) if you want to achieve any accuracy at all. You’re also firing a brand new gun out of the box expecting accuracy before the gun is even broken in. These guns can take up to an entire 500 count tin of pellets before they are broke in and shooting consistently. Did any of you even clean the barrel straight out the box? If you did you probably used a wire brush like a bore snake and scratched up all the rifling rendering the gun inaccurate. Air gun barrels are made of soft steel completely unlike powder guns and you should only use patches pulled through, you can’t use solvents or anything petroleum based either! I could go on and on about the things you all don’t know but I’ll let you do the research… or not do it like you have already. Fact is I have a Stoeger X10 with an after market trigger and I can shoot paintballs at 20 yards with it consistently… then again, I know what I’m doing with it.

    • elmosfriend

      I hope the stoeger is as good as my Gamo 220 hunter(made in Spain)20 years and still shooting tic tacs at 40ft, as far as artillery hold thats for people who just cant figure out how to be steady throughout the hold and shot.If I have to shoot a snake up close I point and shoot.Powder burners rule,hands down as no cocking and massive results, my favorite is shotguns but rifles have their use if needed.PS I agree with guy below If I saw the made in China I never would have bought stoeger, my gun is being repaired so I will be unable to return it to Curt Smith in Belleville,il Do not buy there!

      • Gman

        Its not! I have a 23 year old Gamo hunter 220 that will shoot tic tacs at 35 ft all day,stoeger good luck chinese POS.Bought x20, dealer wont take it back even tho I am getting a new gun,breech problems out the wazzoo with stoeger.I bought my son an RWS 34 no regrets

    • Gman

      Mister know it all springer guy, try the stoeger right out of the box at a 4×4 sheet of plywood, use a GD benchvise if you want but they are junk,barrels wont close because the pellets have to be pushed in farther.Wish I had seen made in China I got my colonoscopy at curt smith belleville,il.I use to shoot squirrels with a marlin 22 open sights 1 shot side or dead on,one shot was over 160ft, but those guns were accurate,they jammed.These springers arent powderpuffs my gamo still puts out shot after shot.No reason the stoeger should be so piss poor,ever buy a chinese wheel brg off ebay drilled off center.I’ve been around every kind of gun except pcp’s,hope I can find a sucker for my stoeger 22.