.22LR Tracers

Brasscasing spotted .22LR tracers being sold at Cabela’s ($109.99 for 250). I had no idea these were made.

Picture 5-10

I found a video of .22 Tracers being fired at flammable gas filled balloons:

Looks like fun. If I had some where to shoot tracers and they came in smaller quantities I would buy some.

UPDATE: ZerCool found that Cheaper Than Dirt are selling them in quantities of 50.

Steve Johnson

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  • ZerCool
  • Eddy Alvarez

    lol man, i think that tops tannerite. I so need to try that out.

    …and what is that? full-auto SBR 10/22?

  • I think it is a full auto 10/22

  • A much better price ZerCool, thanks for the link.

  • ZerCool

    Per-bullet, it’s not a much better price, but if you don’t need or want a half-brick, it makes a lot more sense. Also look around at your next local gun show, there’s usually a few boxes here and there.

    Eddy, best guess would be a 10/22 equipped with an Akins Accelerator (which, IIRC, the ATF has decided is now an illegal machine gun). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P8AbTKvykE

  • the guys who made the video and sell tracers claim to own a full auto 10/22.

  • ZerCool

    Yeah, I went and checked out the site after posting that bit about the Accelerator. Cart before horse? Me?

    *shrug* either way, me-wanty! 🙂

  • Sam Suggs

    are th bullets cast or what the hell hapend it makes me uncomfortable