Ruger SR9 version 1.1 (post recall edition)

Andrew emailed me photos of his SR9 that he has just got back from Ruger. You can see external changes made.

He got a free cap and two magazines, which is not much considering they had his pistol for 97 days!

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Andrew posted this comment on the SR9 post:

I just recieved my sr9 back from recall work, ruger had it over 3 months,
I callled over 9 times wanting it back, mine was one that failed and failed hard. I have to say 3 months was making me disaponited that i didn’t wait for the new redesigned xd, but I have to say i took out the redesigned sr9 and the trigger pull is improved and it shots like a dream, also mag release is sweet. first 200 no misfires and great hold on target as always . Next step is to get xs 24/7 to make sights for us

Thanks Andrew for your time.

Steve Johnson

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  • WITF would ANYONE buy a Ruger semi-auto?

    Wheelgun? Sure. Semi? No fecking way!

  • mine was shipped back to ruger today

  • There are some GREAT reasons to buy Ruger automatics.

    Granted, most of Ruger pistols are a bit clunky, but they have a wonderful reputation for reliability and accuracy. It is not uncommon for a new P95 to run thousands of rounds without a single malfunction–no pricey throat-and-polish required with the Ruger 9mm. Also, the $500.00 Ruger P345 will routinely shoot groups equaling famous name custom 1911s that cost up to $2,500.00. That’s five times more money folks, or a about what you might spend for a trip to a famous shooting school, a new carry rig, several cases of ammo and a new TV.

    A blog post I read recently had side-by-side pictures of a targets shot with a Ruger versus a Sig pistol. By golly, the $900.00 Sig actually grouped tighter than $450 Ruger. Imagine that! Of course, both guns worked perfectly, as Rugers and Sigs usually do, it’s just that the Ruger worked 100% for half the money.

    My SR9 is in for the drop/safety recall. I gambled on a brand new gun, and now I won’t be able to play with my pistol for couple of weeks. Oh, well. I’m still looking forward to getting back a pistol that is almost identical in size to a 1911 Commander, but lighter, more reliable, with better sites and twice as many bullets.

  • Matt

    I sent my SR9 in and got it back in only 5 days. Any weapons manufacturer can have a design flaw but it’s how they handle it that counts. My gun shoots awesome with the new mods and a $40 mag plus a free hat for the trouble is well worth the wait. Heck I wish every gun I own had a similar issue and service. I love free stuff! I can’t wait to buy another two or three Ruger’s when I have the cash. My 10/22 from 1979 is still going strong with I don’t even know how many rounds throught it.

  • Marcus

    I actually just bought my Ruger SR9 3 days ago from a pawn shop. It had barely been used at all, and it is mint condition. I did not know about the recall until yesterday. I took it out to the range and tried it out with some Blazer 115 gr. ammo. I had 5 jams going through two of the hi-cap mags! I don’t know if it was the ammo or what, but it’s safe to say I was pretty ticked about it.

    Possibly today I should be sending it back for the recall so it can be retrofitted with the new trigger safety.

  • jacob adcock

    five months ago i purchased two ruger semi autos from a gun dealer in tyler texas. One was the older p95 for $360 the other is the sr9 for $460 total with tax was $861 i think i got a great deal on two great guns. i carry the p95 with me almost everywhere and shoot it regularly love it can shoot great with it no jam ups or malfunctions this gun is more of a smooth shooter than the sr9. My girlfriend carries the sr9 she likes it but i sometimes wonder about her safety with it being a striker fired pistol.