GSG-5P: .22 MP5 patterned pistol

American Tactical Imports are importing the GSG-5P, a pistol version of the .22 MP5 patterned GSG-5.

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The specs are the same as the carbine/rifle version apart from weighing 400 grams less. As far as I can see it is a GSG-5 with a butt plate instead of a stock.

The first thing I thought when looking at it was “wouldn’t that be cool in an MP5K configuration”, but bear in mind that adding a forward grip will make it an AOW.

180Px-French Milouf Dn-Sc-92-00540
MP5K – Wikipedia

ATI does not sell to the public.

Steve Johnson

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  • DJK

    I go mine from AJCSports on

  • DJK

    Now….I wait. It’s sitting in a safe down at my FFL…. tick tock tick tock.

  • tg

    Inquired about availability at local shop and was told they already had the Mp5 version in and sent it back do to stock not fitting and overall poor quality. Is this thing really made by a paintball gun company??? Good looking toy but is there any quality?

  • I think GSG make airsoft and/or paintball guns. No reason why they could not make good ‘real’ guns as well.

  • My FFL is selling them faster than he can order them… he has had both rifle and pistol versions though the compact version isnt in yet.

  • steve

    I purchased mine yesterday and I’ll be picking my gsg 5p up this wednesday from my FFL. I’ve heard great things so I’m excited!

  • Scott Ferguson

    I just won the pistol version at a NRA Banquet and cannot wait until monday when I can pick it up, I’ve been surfing the web looking into the pros and cons of the pistol vs rifle. What I seem to come accross is once it is a pistol it must remain one or there is a fine and prison time (just for adding a rifle butt or adding a verticle grip on the front. What happened to “our rights will not be infringed” ? Just something to think about if you are deciding which one to purchase.

  • ODG

    I am getting one today $460.00 out the door. Best price I’ve found in GA.

  • Cantu

    for anyone looking for a gsg 5pk, “” out of jacksonville, fl currently has them for $409 plus s&h.

  • Years ago I had an H&K SP89, but my exwife got it in the divorce. Its not that she wanted the pistol, she just did not want me to have it. Ever since I lost that firearm I have been looking for something to replace it. Even though the SP 89 is 9mm and the GSG-5P is 22 long rifle, that is ok with me.

    Thank you for the article and pictures.

  • Logan

    Rookie question. Will an after market buttstock bolt on to the pistol version of the gsg? I realize that this is probably illegal. This is just a question that came to mind while researching.

  • Travis

    I just picked up the mp5 Carbine version. I like it but I’m not really into the fake suppressor.