One year old

The blog had its first birthday yesterday!

The stats:

* 593 posts
* 982 tags
* Most comments in a post: 176 (Ruger SR9)
* Oddest comment (which came through yesterday):

Please send for me the following Russian type ammunitions current price:-
1. 122 mm D-30 HE shell.
2. 130 mm M-46 HE shell.
3.100 mm T-55 HE shell.
4.122 mm BM -21 Shell.
5.120 mm mortar bomb.
6. 82 mm Mortar bomb
7. 60 mm mortar bomb.

Thank you

… I am a gun enthusiast, not a military arms dealer …

I have enjoyed running this blog and getting to know the gun blogger community. Thanks for all your encouragement.

And thanks to all the readers who took time to participate in discussions and let me know about interesting content to post.

A special thanks to Michigan Slugger for contributing the excellent article Accurate Slug Shooting Made Easy and my brother who frequently helps me with the blog (often correcting my awful spelling that my blog client fails to pick up on).

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Eddy A

    lol, maybe you should report their IP to the authorities? those seem like good IED ingredients.

  • Eddy, i do think it could be a legit question, he could have been a reporter or just interesting in military stuff. Anyway I do not think terrorists buy explosives at factory prices 😉

  • Eddy A

    you could be right of course. …i’ve just become paranoid as i’m living in a foreign country right now.

    but think about 2 steps past the guy wearing the vest; someone bought the parts for him. ..and some one bought the parts for him. and that someone, bought it at “factory prices.”

    of course though, someone with broken english can just be curious about HE shell prices (of the Russian variety).

    lol who knows.

  • MrSatyre

    Congrats! I’m a new gun enthusiast, and have found your site’s willingness to be open-minded about the various topics you’ve posted to be very refreshing compared to other rabid fan-boy sites.

  • Congrats! Can’t believe it’s one year already 🙂 But seriously, why would anyone need to procure Soviet artillery shells since you can’t just hide one of those guns in the garage, can you?

  • JR

    Congratulations Sir!

    This is one site that I really enjoy checking in on.

  • Woot!

  • J

    Well Done! May you have many more years of gun goodness!

  • Phil Ward

    Just found the blog, congratulations on going a year.

    I’d agree with Eddy A and Stroons them right up to the authorities, looks like an IED shopping list to me. Can’t Hurt 🙂

  • Guys, thanks for the congratulations!

    I think you may all be right about reporting the comment. I deleted it after copying and pasting the text into the my blog editor for this post but I think I may update my “about” page with a strict policy about asking questions with intent to break the law and/or archiving all suspicious comments and their IP address.

    I wish I had looked up that IP address to see what country it came from. I didn’t even think of it at the time 🙁