Iraqi SWAT Team

They have got the prerequisite Glocks, now they just need MP5s. Click to expand the photos.

Iraqi Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team members storm a bus during a demonstration drill held during a handover ceremony in Diwaniyah, 181 kms south of Baghdad, on July 16, 2008. Iraq took control of security in the Shiite province of Diwaniyah today and said it hoped to regain control of the entire country from US-led forces by end of the year.

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Steve Johnson

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  • Negs on the MP-5’s! They need a good M4 type rifle, not some piddly MP-5.

    H & K: Because we hate you.

  • haha, they are just not tacti-cool enough without the MP5 😉

    I think the M4 would be the last thing to hand out to the corrupt police-by-day-insurgents-by-night force 😉

    (Not that the M4 is some killing machine but you don’t want insurgents posing as Iraqi army armed with M4s)

  • Steve-O, I guess you haven’t heard about the USG outfitting the entire Iraqi Army/police with M-16/M4’s huh?

    Yep, they’re giving all the Haji’s some fine ‘Merican weapons and having them turn in all their AK’s!

  • @ thebronze:

    I have mentioned the fact that they are switching the army over to M16s many times but I did not know they were out fitting the police, I did a google and found no reference to the police getting the upgrade!

  • That might be my mistake, I thought they were doing the Police too.

    BTW, your whole name is only one letter different than mine.


  • The US military has begun providing the Iraqi Security Forces with American weaponry in an attempt to prevent weapon transfers to insurgents and terror groups. An Iraqi soldier with an m4 doesn’t really have access to ammunition and parts unless provided by the US military or weapons contractor…and neither does an insurgent or terrorist. There are well recorded cases Iraqi police and soldiers giving their weapons away to terror groups. AK ammunition is as easy to find as sand in Iraq and its for this reason that we stopped giving them these rifles.

    I do wonder about the glock 9mm….ammunition is easy to find and the pistols are highly durable. But with modern armor, a glock is a pea shooter.