Right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed

Chicago, you are next! When the Chicago ban is finally overturned and crime does not increase, or even decreases, a lot of wind will be taken out of the gun control sails 🙂

A summery, along with some interesting comments, of this historic Supreme Court ruling can be found over at GunPundit.

As a commenter, Jack, at The Gunnut said:

It’s a wretched commentary on this Court that the opinion wasn’t 9-0.

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  • Eddy Alvarez


  • I am so happy!

  • Jake Marlin

    It was an excellent ruling, though it really shows what’s wrong with the country since it wasn’t 9-0. Still, June 26 2008 will remain a historic day for firearm enthusiasts and gun rights activists.

  • Peter

    Actually, even the dissent agreed with the Individual Right position, even if they then went out of their way to diminish it.

    So it really was 9-0 on the basic RKBA. The rest we have to do through the courts and congress.