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  • J

    I loved this:

    “…preserves the hearing of shooters and observers by delivering an overall sound signature well below the pain threshold and risk limit for hearing loss…”

    Not sure how much of a “silencer” that is, but I guess any improvement is good improvement! 🙂

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  • haha 🙂

  • B Smith

    Well, ‘silencer’ is a misnomer anyway, since it’s virtually impossible to render any weapon truly silent (it can’t affect the action of a semi-auto, for instance, or cancel the sonic crack of most rifle ammunition.) ‘Suppressor’ is really the right word here.
    Interestingly, some seminal work in the field of suppression was done by Hiram P. Maxim, whose father invented the machine gun. He tried,with some success, to market suppressors to the civilian market, in the interest of “a quieter, less hectic life” !!
    In this age where development and urban sprawl are choking out shooting ranges due to the noise, I think it’s time to resurrect this thinking !

  • B Smith, it is possible. I have a big suppressor on a bolt action .22LR rifle. When firing .22 Longs (indoors) I can only hear the firing pin (followed by the sound of the bullet hitting its target).

    It is lot more quite that a .177 airgun with suppressor (most of the noise in those comes from the power plant).

    But yes, anything above a .22 Long does make a noise and the more powerful the cartridge the more noise, not to mention the sound of the bolt in a semi-auto.

    I think getting a .50 BMG down to a level where hearing is not damaged it quite a feat!

  • Spiff

    While I was working at Sionics (MAC) they developed a truly silent firearm – we started with an Armalite AR-7 .22 caliber rifle, and installed a lever over the sliding bolt knob, locking it in battery. We used our can and sub-sonic ammo producing zero noise, no bolt movement! To unload, lift the lever off the bolt knob, slowly pull the bolt back, remove the fired case from the extractor…Worked!…The .50bmg can we made was good for about 2-3 seconds on full auto…Those were fun days!

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