Shot at Point Blank with .308 and 44 Magnum

This is crazy and really goes against all firearm safety rules.

Still, they do prove that a .308 is not enough to knock you down, although it makes perfect sense.

Obviously the shock and internal damage of a bullet entering the body with no energy absorbed and distributed by a vest is going to have much greater effect.

Steve Johnson

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  • Eddy Alvarez

    wow…these guys are nuts. and irresponsible. but man they trust those vests.

  • JM

    Geez, what a couple of mental patients. I don’t care how good the armor is, that is just wrong on so many safety levels, I didn’t want to watch when they actually shot themselves.

  • Daverino

    One of my favorite clips on the internet. If you want I will send you some other firearm related videos.

  • They knew what they were doing and all the safety was account for. Anyway the load is probably reduced on both cartridge.

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  • Laughingdog

    “Anyway the load is probably reduced on both cartridge.”

    Why would they need to reduce the load. First, it’s not an accurate test if you aren’t using actual standard rifle ammo. Second, if firing the round doesn’t knock over the person shooting it, then the round obviously doesn’t contain enough kinetic energy to knock over the person it hits.

  • Reduced load or not, it violates at least two, and probably all four, of the basic firearm rules. And I honestly do not give a flying squirrel’s left testicle if they were wearing armor or not, trusting it or not… that is just straight-up stupid, and not the image responsible firearm owners want to encourage.

  • Back in ancient Rome, when an engineer designed a bridge, he stood under it while the first loads were taken across it.

    Engineering isn’t about gray areas. It is about fail or succeed.

  • Why would they need to reduce the load. First, it’s not an accurate test if you aren’t using actual standard rifle ammo. Second, if firing the round doesn’t knock over the person shooting it, then the round obviously doesn’t contain enough kinetic energy to knock over the person it hits.

    I know bullets don’t knock people down. I wasn’t born yesterday. The reduce load is for safety. That was my point.

  • DB

    OK…. they need to see the nice guys in the white coats… (and the straight jackets)

  • George

    Davis has been doing this ever since he started “Second Cjance” and would go to local pistol matches to show Police Officers that his vests worked and that he “Stood” behind them

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  • “Standing” behind the armor is good marketing not safety. It may be safe, but you could show it by tying it to a balloon, etc…

    However, I like the education they provide most people who think a .45 ACp (or other “larger” calibedr) will throw you backwards. I love Hollywood and those who talk about stopping power as if it relates to stopping the forward momentum of the target rather than the shot killing the attacker prior to them reaching you.

    Hollywood–giving us the bullet that goes around corners because the shooter twists their gun-hand as they pull the trigger. Don’t they do any research to know that the SLOWER the pitch, the more curve the ball gets? How are they both slowing the bullet and increasing its resistance? Sigh…

  • odorttibziz

    The good resource should be brought in bookmarks

  • I have yet to witness an individual that survived a point-blank entry wound from a 44 Magnum. I was shot with a long barrel, through my right gonad. The shell managed to weave past my urinary tract, major arteries, bowels, central nervous system, and clipped a chunk off my pelvis. The shell exited my right buttock, penetrated two walls, and then landed two yards from my house. I challenge anyone to provide a better story.
    If prompted, I will post images of the exit wound. (it exited through the upper region of my right cheek.) Lost the right nad.

    • Mark, sounds pretty aweful. What is the story behind that?

  • Freaky jail-bird room-mate made a critical maneuver.
    Working on a site for a client now. Fill you in another day.m
    Regards, MW

    Ps. have you heard of another survivor tale?

  • Jason


    Please tell me you are kidding about Wanted. It’s a comic book movie, literally. It’s a fantasy, it’s not meant to be taken seriously on any level. Did you leave Superman decrying the many biological and physics-oriented issues? Did you tear apart Bambi because woodland animals can’t really talk?

  • WOW, thats awesome. What year was that? The technology has taken off since that video was made.

  • If you that’s crazy, this Colombian bulletproof jacket designer, shoots all of his employees as part of the hiring process…talk about nuts. here’s some of the videos:

  • A point that we should not be missing is; if we think we need protection, we should invest in bulletproof clothing before we go out and buy a gun. It’s passive protection. It is not dependent on how good we may be with a firearm.

  • JW

    What a couple of eeeee-dee-ots! What if…just what IF… the vest failed? One would be dead or seriously injured and the other would be up for manslaughter.

    Oh well, that would take at least a couple of fools out of the gene pool.

  • Josh j

    wow am I reading this the auto rifle compensates much of the recoil with gas system.
    the revolver has both rearward motion and barrel rise, all of this is balanced on a near perfect directed explosion.
    the recoil of a .44 mag is around 12lbs it’s muzzle energy goes past 1200lbs this is a stupid test.
    the vest as stated in other posts diffuses energy if you want to see how hard it hits shoot it into a chuck of steel and tell me it’s nothing.
    3006 will knock over and out of the ground 15lb steel targets special made by my dad it is a 6inch circle with a piece of rebar.
    so I guess to end I restate shooting soft armor does not test energy, that is why it works it does not just stop the bullet it entangles it slowing it rapidly.

  • AJ

    It’s funny, while he is stuffing books up his shirt, the cameraman makes a comment about a pimple on his stomach.

    These guys sure have class.

  • It looks like he just about missed on that last one…

  • Bob

    shoot him in the neck or the face when he hits the ground you get your kill shot you cant wear enough armor to keep a person who truly wants and knows how to kill you

  • steve