Guy pointing gun on Google Streetview!

Have a look for yourself here.

It must be an optical illusion, everyone knows there are no handguns in Chicago 🙂
Hat Tip: Murdoc Online
UPDATE: I have decided to post the photo here is case google remove it. Click to expand

Streetview Gun

UPDATE: They removed it.

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  • Jay

    Wow!! Kind of Frightening in several ways.

  • Takes a special kind of POS to aim at a kid… burns me up. Lets hope it’s a toy and they’re just goofing around.

  • A white gun!? It’s a toy. They’re both kids.

  • It could be white but more likely silver/stainless. I hope it is a toy.

  • GothamiteGunner

    They took the pic down already!

  • So they have!

  • rus

    I rather hope it’s a toy, but there’s not enough detail in the pic for me to be sure.

    Considering the uptick in shootings in Chicago in and around schools, related to gangs, it could be either one.