Custom Pakistani SMGs


Interesting. Looks a bit like it could be an MP5 clone.



Steve Johnson

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  • Look kinda like MP5 meets Hi-Point.

  • It looks like AKS-74U wrapped in plastic with G3 alike buttstock to me. In my opinion those weapons are fed by 7,62 mm x 39 or 5,45 mm x 39 cartridges, not 9 mm x 19, so they are carbines not submachine guns.


  • Daverino

    Look like dressed up Kalashnikov clones. I have seen such things out of Pakistan before. I guess they emphasize form over function.

  • I agree that some look like AK-* clones, but I think some look like submachine guns (the guns with the small safety on the side of the receiver).

  • Doug

    The Mag wells seem to be different sizes between a few of them. The ones with an extended mag well (in front of the trigger guard) have a smaller well and I would assume that there SMGs. But ill take the street sweeper the dude is holding.

  • Daverino

    You know I have taken a second look at it now, and I think that some of the black SMG looking things on the ground are modified AKs and G3s. Take a look at the third and fourth ones up from the bottom. They seem to have the folding butt stock and small selector switch common to HK rifles. Just a thought.

  • Xsi9mm

    Yup those AKS-74U looking things are just knock offs. They probably fire a standard 5.45×39 mm bullet. Notice like the guy said above me a few posts up the Magazine receiver its identical almost tot he AKS-74U’s or any AK for that matter its just a cheap knock off. I really couldn’t give you any valid proof of my claims though because I don’t have any field experience with 74s i only have Dealt with Chinese AK-47 knock offs and/or the Original chinese Ak-47 knock off the Type 56.

  • Xsi9mm

    I have to make myself clear before i start a riot. The AKS-74U looking ones are the rip offs. I couldn’t tell you what the others are. They look like the guy said to be rip offs of some sort of HK Sub Machine gun. It has the G3 stock but it has the body of the MP5k, but it almost looks to have the Grip and barrel of a Chile made Sub Machine gun called the S.A.F (FAMAE).

  • Asad Ali Khan

    i dunno if somebody mentioned it already but all of these mp5 look alikes are actually “7.62x25mm” smgs. pretty popular and common among security guards in Pakistan. and pretty bad ass

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