FARC rebel training ‘rifles’

While reading the BBC a few days I came across a photo showing captured FARC firearms. Among them appears to be wooden training ‘AK-47s’

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Captured firearms from Columbian raid into Ecuador.
I added the red arrows.

I would have thought with the proliferation of AKs they would train with the real deal. Apparently not.

The photo was found here.

Steve Johnson

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  • no jokes!
    i remember that in a dublin’s museum , in the section dedicated to The Easter Rising, i saw a toy stopper gun used for training….

  • Churched

    Perhaps they used them for safety reasons, it would be rather odd if that where the case but it could be possible.

  • That could be it, but I admit it would be odd. Maybe the Colombian efforts have curbed their supply of rifles so they are forced to train raw recruits with wooden guns.

  • Actually, it looks more like a wooden mockup of an IMI Galil, which the Columbians produce under license for issue to their military.

  • Harkhark

    I saw a documentary on Sundance about a young girl, 17 yrs old I believe, who left home to join the FARC (which now go by FARC – EP, a bit of rebranding: Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia – Ejército del Pueblo, the : “EP” stands for “People’s Army”).

    It showed the recruits using machetes to hack away at pieces of wood to make replicas of the rifles they’ll be using. They tote them around until they get issued the real deal.