Remington Model R-25: New AR-10 in .243, 7mm-08 and .308

Later this year Remington will be selling the Model R-25, an AR-10 type rifle chambered in .243, 7mm-08 and .308.

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Remington R-25

With the hunter in mind, the new R-25 modular repeating rifle boasts the most advanced design aspects of AR 308 Win. style rifles available today. For peak accuracy, the R-25 features a precision-crafted 20 inch barrel with recessed hunting crown that’s free-floated within a machined-aluminum fore-end tube for the ultimate in shot-to-shot consistency. Six longitudinal flutes forward of the gas block provide increased rigidity and weight reduction while promoting rapid barrel cooling.

Koelbl Single-Rail Gas Block
Koelbl Single-Rail Gas Block


– Free-floated button-rifled 0.680″ Muzzle OD ChroMoly barrels with recessed hunting crown

– Fluted barrel design (fluted ahead of gas block)

– Koelbl Single-Rail Gas Block

– Single-stage hunting trigger set to 4.5-5lbs

– Receiver-length Picatinny rail

– Ergonomic pistol grip

– Front and rear sling swivel studs

– Full Mossy Oak® Treestand™ coverage

– Includes 4-round magazine

– Compatible with aftermarket AR 308 Win. type magazines (AR-10 I assume)

– Comes with a lockable hard case

All three models have a 20″ barrel, 10″ rate of twist and weight 8.75 lbs and carry a MSRP of $1532.

R-25 780

According to John Snow @ Gun Shots Remington have already sold out this years quota!

More at and Gun Shots

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  • I would have said “Oh slobber drool I want one!”. Then I saw the price tag. Eek.

  • nickhuitema

    yo how much are these badasses?
    and are the R-12 cheeper cuz there for coyotes?

  • “All three models have a 20″ barrel, 10″ rate of twist and weight 8.75 lbs and carry a MSRP of $1532.”
    Yeah. Eek.

  • And Nick. You must learn to follow the spell check. Dear gods man…


    Sounds like a lot for a rifle but give it as few months, IT will sound like a bargain

  • Earl

    My first impression at the range with my brand new R-25 was disappointing. My son and I had bought 250 rounds of Brown Bear .308 cartridges to spend and the rifle wouldn’t pop the primer! It just dented the primers. A borrowed M1 fired the Brown Bear cartridges fine, and the R-25 fired American made ammo. The hammer spring seems very weak (anecdotal admittedly). A Remington authorized gunsmith said the hammer won’t work on thicker primers. Why is it a $1500 rifle can’t fire these rounds?

    I’m selling it and waiting for a Armorlite.

  • Brady

    Under half inch group @ 100 yards useing factory ammo love it

  • Martin Jones

    Are you still trying to sell.

  • J.O

    My .308 R-25 works ok whit nato ammution. Two times the primer has not ignited, but the mark is so deep that it must be primers fault. Groups by nato are over 3″ / 100 yeards, but Sako Range shoot´s 1″ groups. Smallest was 0,97″. The original magaxine does not work. Follower tilt´s easily from the back so the bolt can´t chamger new round. So i´m waiting for the magbul or DPMS magazines here in Finland. Hard to find. I took the plastic pieces of the magazine for 10 rounds capasity. Theres´s only few R-25 in the country. Price was 1950 euros.

  • Gary Sloan

    I assume this is a gas-impingement system and not one of the newer piston-driven designs? I have not found any data either way.

  • J.O

    Yes it is a gas-impingement system. Accuracy only seems to get better. I loaded 100 grs (6,5g) Lapua HPCE bullets whit Vihtavuori N120 powder. Load was 2,05 g and 3 shot group at 100 metres was amazing 12,5 mm in -17 celcius, light wind. Whit 2,15 g load 3 shot group 22 mm and 2,20g load did a 25mm group. 2,20g load was only one that loaded the gun. Others did not eject the case. Gun and ammo had been in the car all day. Lapua 12g Scenar´s 5 shot group was 22mm. I´m happu whit the rifle, but the magazine still wont work. I don´t think piston-driven system would be so accurate. Best 300 m group of 5 shots is 51mm for now.

  • does anyone have an poinion as to armalite being a better choice than remmingtons ar 25 in 308 thanks looking for a new deer rifle

    • Ben

      I can say that the Armalite is an accurate rifle; I briefly owned one with a standard AR carrying handle in an A2 configuration. I only kept it for a short time and it was accurate enough. I now own a Rock River AR-10A4 which is comparable to the Remington R-25 in structure. My Rock River shoots 1 moa or better at 100 yards, I assume the R-25 shoots similarly.

      This past January just before hunting season ended I shot and put down a buck for my freezer. I stalked him in a leaf suit and the shot was from approximately 15 yards. The AR worked flawlessly and I couldn’t be happier.

  • Gary Sloan

    Here are my thoughts, as I am also looking for an AR-10 platform in .308 as a new deer rifle. First, the Armalite and the Remington are both gas-impingement systems. Gas from the barrel gets all the way to the bolt and the bolt carrier – and they get fouled quickly. As to a comparison between the two, as long as you have chrome-lined barrels and chambers, they will both be adequate. What criteria will you use to choose? Weight? Availability (the Remington is impossible to get right now)? Because of the lack of availability of the Remington, I’m having to wait.

    For a piston-drive system, you will have to wait for choices. The Sig Sauer 517 is reported to be coming (?) in 7.62/.308. Ditto for the Ruger 556. I am buying a Ruger 556 for the present, while waiting on a .308 from Sig or Ruger. If a Remington R-25 comes available in .308, maybe I will buy it, but I should have more information by then about the availability of the Sig and Ruger in .308.

  • Wild Bill,nc

    Like Brady, three in tha same whole with LC match off a bi-pod, fresh out of tha box, Heck my bolt guns can’t do that, tha weapon is a little bulky for a deer stand, but from a plat form, watch out my 8 x 32 Nikon can see you.
    As for tha mag, turn tha spring around, tha bolt wouldn’t catch my rounds either, Brownells has tha 19 round DPMS mags, they werk.
    Price? 1759.00 for my .308, did some tradin’, I’m happy.
    VTR in .308 very good weapon also.

    Keep it safe…

    Wild Bill,nc

    • Jimmy

      I’m no gun smith but am willing to try to fix the magazine problem how do you turn the spring around in the clip & did that fix your problem.

    • Jimmy

      How do you turn the spring around in the magazine.

      • Wild Bill,nc

        Hey Jimmy, I removed tha base-plate on tha mag, should slide with a little effert, watch how tha spring zig-zags, just hold it with one hand and roll her 180 degreez side ways, not end over end……mine was pushing tha tip of tha bullit up, not tha ass of tha casing, worked for me any way…still, P-mags are fantastic, I now have three DPMS’s in .308…..R-25, LR sportical 16″,,,and a 24″ bull,,,,all three produce a one hole group, Timney trigger is next for tha 22″…..
        Safty first

  • J.O

    I left mine back to the store for fixing. The gas key game loose after 150 rounds. I guess the staking was poorly made. Might be the reason why the mildest loads didn´t work. My 11,5″ .223 bushmaster had minor leak allso and malfunctioned. They will allso try to find a better mag. My scope is cheap Tasco 6-24*40 mildot. Works ok. Will replace it whit meopta next summer. I have been shooting from my rifle bag since my harris pi-pod is missing..

  • Jimmy

    Thanks I’ll try it. You would think for 1600 bucks you wouldn’t have to do anything to it but pull it out of the box & shoot it.

    • Wild Bill,nc

      Yup, all this and a junk trigger, so much for custom,,,,and thread all tha barrels,,,jeezz..

  • Mike

    Is it legal in Ontario to hunt with one of these its considered a restricted weapon…. Looking to buy something in the ar 10 platform if I can hunt with it waste to only be able to bring it to the shooting eange