Interesting photo

Wide variety of firearms!

Apparently these are Ogadeni minority tribespeople who are being killed by the majority tribes in Somalia. They arm themselves to keep from being slaughtered.

Found at GunsNet

Steve Johnson

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  • my god!
    i see an german Sturmgewehr 44 , an italian Carcano Mod. 91 , an short Carcano Mod. 91 , and a submachine Beretta Model 38…
    real museum pieces…
    poor people , forced to defend itself by these antiques…

    • Guest

      Any gun sure beats spitballs.

  • DanC

    These ladies could get rich! – anybody know the going rate for a working StG44?

    Also seeing an M14, is that a G43?

  • Beamish

    Damn…that is a StG44 – the original assault rifle.

    I’ll gladly trade her a crate full of AK’s for that.

    Got her number?

  • Ed D.

    The Ogaden region is also the periodic subject of a tug-o-war between Somalia and Ethiopia. These ladies are right to arm themselves, as they have plenty to worry about.

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  • Seth from Massachusetts

    STG 44? Yes, it certainly is. But I wonder. Where are they getting ammo for it? To my knowledge none has been manufactured since the late ’40’s. Anybody know anything about the 7.92×33 ammo situation?

  • I wondered the same thing. I imagine that in those parts of the world ammo is sold, not guns. In other words you pay for 200 rounds of 7.92×33 and it comes with a ‘free’ STG 44. The gun will effectively depreciate at the same rate of its’ ammo supply being used up.

    Just a guess.

  • Daverino

    Nice find. Take a look at this Stg44, at 4:19

  • Pete

    There was a huge trade in surplus WWII small arms after the war. I imagine some enterprising arms merchant re-chambered them for something more suitable and sold 1000s of them around the world.

  • Seth from Massachusetts

    Found the stuff is still being made. Note bottom paragraph of this article.

  • Wow, so it is! Thanks for the info Seth.

    From the article:

    “Demand for the ammunition still exists, as the StG 44 is still in use by some within the Lebanese Forces militia,[2] as well as irregular forces in some countries in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East. 7.92 Kurz ammunition is currently manufactured by the Prvi Partizan factory in Užice, Serbia.”

  • darren

    This photo is at least 30 years old. I recall seeing it in a book i read in the early 80’s.

  • goosh

    Who ever wrote this is an idiot and misinformed these images are from 1980’s Ethiopian civil war and those are ogadenain Somalis who are a minority In Ethiopia and are majority in Somalia and have been Victimized by Christians led governments in Ethiopia until they over throw it those weapons were supplied by the Somali military government in the 1970’s most of those weapons were surplus out dated weapons used to liberate our country from the fascist English and Italian Imperialist The pictures ARE from a book about the ONLF FRONT you are just a hater