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  • I think it’s trying to emulate a anime bullpup assault rifle known as the Seburo MN-23. Here’s a pic of the MN-23 🙂

  • That explains it. That MN-23 looks a lot like the new Kel-Tec bullpup:

  • Stupid…

  • That’s too weird for a sci-fi movie…

  • Don

    Looks like a fish. I’ll stick with my regular AR thanks.

  • Wolf

    Actually the thig is pretty cool looking. where can i buy it?

  • Okami-San

    all that unecessesary bulk has to add up to alot of weight. overall, not too aesthetically pleasing, but, hey, some people are into that kinda oddball style…

    and a big wow to Roys. i didnt think that there was any other Ghost in the Shell/ Shirow Masamune fans on blog… lol

  • thundermaulkid

    I have a thundermaul and it looks brilliant better than any other gun EVER!!

  • thundermaulkid

    The thunder maul is very light and can be held with one hand it is also very acurate with it I can hit a cola can from 100ft in one shot it shoots 150-200ft overall!

  • Hitman03

    The ugliest airsoft gun ever made!!!
    its like a plastic melted over an AR
    don’t play in my field if you use one!


    so do any of you actually own the gun? you wanna say it has all this extra weight and crap have you ever even held one? i own the thing and you re all wrong. the black parts are rubber the plastic is regualer abs. it weighs a little under 5 pounds. its easy to use in either hand , it hits around 370 fps, and is extremly easy to move with due to the shortened barrel. the stock is removamable tho i ve never seen a reason to take it off. it doesnt get the greates range but its specified as a cqb weapon. it can usually hit 100 to 120 ft straight. every website that actaully sells it gives it a 5 star or 4 1/2 star ratting. also if you re trying to buy it go to or google it as S.T.A.R.S dragon or zuchi mid range battle rifle

  • crisara722

    imagine a distant future, when all countries are using pulse/plama/rail/laser guns, this will be for sure the rifle of the us military, and ar 15 with a lot of shit on it

  • Sam Suggs

    the united states military will never get beyond the AR platform our society is wither going to fall in a horrible apocplipse change in a revolution or become unbearibly dystopic a shadow of its former self

    • todd

      Especially if people such as yourself do not learn to correctly structure a sentence or spell.