Sig Sauer P250 review

John Snow @ The Gun Shots has written a review on the Sig Sauer P250. Well worth a read.

Took delivery of a new toy today—a Sig Sauer P250 in 9mm. For those not familiar with this handgun it has a hyper-modular design that allows you to mix and match different sized frames with different grip widths, swap out slides and barrels to change calibers and even install different length triggers to achieve a custom fit with the shooter’s hand.

Read it here.

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  • darwin

    you bet, its the new glock

  • Mike

    I just got the new P250 Two-tone Compact .40 S&W and i’ve got to say that it is an outstanding gun. I put 150 rounds through it so far and the accuracy & handling is unbelievable. Getting used to the DAO trigger was a little different but very light weight and smooth. I also like how fast and easy it is to break down for a complete cleaning. The gun has great balance to it with a full magazine and it’s excelent for conceal carry. If you’re looking for a gun that has great safety features, conceal carry size, and accuracy & handling this one should be at the top of the list.
    I’m really happy with it.

  • Travis

    How do i go about buying a 250? Does it come with the different bodies or do you have to buy them separatly?

  • Clark

    Yeah travis to answer your question you have to but the body styles seperatly..

    Now i have a question if anyone can help me out i recently purchased the p250c (compact) and it seems that the front sight is off, is there a way to fix it like a tool i can but to adjust it or will i have to take it to the gunsmith to have him/her check it?

    thanks to whomever may read this and reply..

  • Kevin

    I am considering a P250 40 cal subcompact. Has anyone shot one and how dose it compare to the Glock 27. Thanks Kevin

  • Rich Beauregard

    I bought a P250 .40 S&W Compact last week. I have not had the chance to try it out yet. I will continue to read this list for more info on how they are. I had one dealer (Gander Mountain Johnstown, Pa) tell me that you could only buy the P250 Compact in a 9mm ($679) and then you would have to buy the ($335) conversion kit to change it to .40 S7W or .357 I knew better and left his place quickly. I then checked out Cove Creek Outfitters in Bedford, Pa. They had the P250 Compact in the .40 S&W right there NEW in the box for ($579) that was $100 cheaper and in the .40 S&W. They treated me right and now I plan to use them for a few other items. For some things, you can check and find lots of the items they offer along with the suggested price. But, Who pays suggested price? I’ll post after I try it.

  • Joe

    I picked-up a P250c .45 ACP last weekend. I’ve put about 100+ rounds through it since and I’m a bit mixed in terms of a review.

    Pros: The gun feels great in the hand; felt recoil is not bad at all; the DAO trigger pull is very easy to get used to; very accurate pistol

    Cons: My first attempt to chamber a round resulted in a jammed slide – I had to drop the magazine out and really work to move the slide back to extract the round. This same thing happened after my fourth reload.

    I’ve just gotten into pistols lately, so I don’t have much to compare the P250 to, other than my XD-40. It’s comparing apples-to-oranges a bit, but I have to say that I am leaning towards the XD in terms of a favourite.

    Anyone have any ideas as to why the first round chambered seems to be causing the jam? I want to give this gun a fair chance, but this problem is not helping.

  • Tim

    I just picked up my p250 in 40 cal. and it felt very good. My hand size is average. It is very easy to break down,I had some trouble getting the lever lock back in however. My first polymer pistol and on breakdown it feels like a toy, I guess this stuff holds up, I’m old school but am keeping an open mind. Shoots nice with little recoil, however the spent cartridge hit my head on two occassions,that was a little distracting. I like the safety of a DAO so I had no problem with it, like anything you get used to it.As a side note my neighbor did not like anything about it, too small for his hand(informed him there were other grips available ) and did not like the trigger.

  • Rich Beauregard

    Okay! Got to shoot my P250 .40S&W Compact on 5-20-09. This was the first time I have had the chance to shoot it. I went with a freind that had a Glock 17 (9mm) I will say that it takes much more to pull the trigger on my P250 than on his Glock. However, I liked that fact. I had more trigger control with the P250. I also noticed his slide came very close to my hand with each shot. The P250 has a grip that protect that from happening. Also like the double action of the P250. After the very first 6 shots from 50 Yards out (I only got 1 round into the 9″ paper plate) I moved up to 15 yards. This is when I saw the acurracy. I was shooting groups of about 2″-4″ apart. Remember, this was the first time I have shot this semi-auto. My last handgun was a .357 Mag. S&W Revolver, and I have not shot for a few years. I collected the spent cartridges and they did seem to go in every direction. I will try to get out and practice more with this each month to improve. Overall, I am very happy with my P250.

  • Thomas

    I bought a P250 compact today and have only put two magazines (32 rounds) through it. Am I correct in thinking that the slide is supposed to automatically lock open when the magazine is empty, because mine does not? Someone please let me know. Thanks.

  • Rich Beauregard

    Yes, the slide should remain open when your clip is empty, so when your new magazine goes in all you have to do to have it loaded is release the slide. I have the P250 Compact in .40 S&W. You can get help and info right from Sig at: Hope you get it fixed or figure out why it’s doing that to you, Rich

  • jonathan

    does the p250 have a slide cover plate like the glock ?

  • Rob

    Does anyone have a jamming problem with the P250 compact .40 cal.? I’ mine back to Sig Sauer for the third time.

  • Tim

    No problems with mine, maybe try different ammo or a new magazine.

  • Jason

    Sig P250. 1000 rounds. Back in shop due to failure to extract. The extractor is worn down. I sent it back to Sig. They are blaming me for the ammunition I used….Blazer. Funny thing is that Glocks shoot the same ammo for tens of thousands of rounds. We will see if it comes back fixed or not.

    My opinion? They are not taking responsibility for their mistakes on a new design. They are playing games. The legendary Sig “To Hell and Back Reliability” is now just a marketing ploy because the old sigs were actually good. Very disappointing. They should have said….we know what the problem is, and we will fix it sir.

    I am giving them one more chance. If the gun has any problems I will sell it for scrap and pick up a Glock.

    There is no way in hell that any P.D. would want a pistol fraught with so many problems.

    I wanted to like it. I do like it….when it works. But that isn’t 100% of the time and it damn well should be.

  • Mike 4

    Got my P250 .40 S&W last week. 500 rounds over two days, jammed (mis-feed) 4 times. Using 180 Grain FMJ Remington UMC 250. I will try different ammo and a mag before complaining.

    The DAO trigger takes some getting used to. I easily do 1-in groups with my SIG P226 SCT 9mm, and this one at first felt like I was starting over in terms of trigger control. Tried it today again, and it was much better, still nowhere near my SIG P226 accuracy (I know it’s me not the gun:)). I think it will take me a few more days.

    Overall, very happy with it, the mechanism seems reliable.

  • Jason

    Got it back in less than 2 weeks! New extractor, new extractor spring, and a new trigger spring. The new extractor looks different than the first one. Smooth, black, and not pitted and visibly worn after 1,000 rounds like the previous extractor. I noticed they changed a spring in the frame and maybe even a spring in the hammer but they didn’t say anything about it. They just did it. I read somewhere that this was a part that failed.

    I haven’t shot it yet but I think that it will work. I hope it stays that way.

    I still think that Sig should let people know what problems they found and replace them rather than play the blame game and replace them. Excellent customer service…..but a bad philosophy about responsibility. They know what problems there are and they are unwilling to admit them.

    THAT IS THE PROBLEM!! Besides the fact that people have problems with the gun.

    I believe they fear the market response to an admission that a few extractors and springs need to be replaced. I also heard a few had light primer strikes but haven’t experienced it. Personally, I would rather that Sig admit it and fix it than deny it and fix it. But…..they did fix it.

    I think the newer 250s will last longer because they have learned from their mistakes……whether they admit to it or not.

  • Mike 4

    I had a few misfeeds last week, suspected the ammo (see above).

    update: that’s no longer the case. I cleaned it, and shot 200 more rounds through it this week, both new ammo (Federal FMJ) and the old one (Remington 180 gr FMJ UMC). Not a single misfeed. I did get hit in the face by ejected shells a couple of times, but I suspect that will go away as well as my grip improves. My accuracy has improved dramatically, almost as good as with my P226 now.

    Very happy with it.

  • I bought a 9mm P250 last week and had it out to the range just yesterday for the first time. I shot 184 rounds with one failure to extract. (It would have been 185 rounds, but I lost one in the process of making sure everything worked after that.) I blame it on the ammo, because it was really stuck. It took some doing to rack the slide and get the case extracted. The only other complaint would be getting hit by ejected cases a couple of times. On the happy side, I’m really happy with the way it shoots. Yes, the trigger pull is really long, but it’s smooth. The recoil is easy to manage. Up to now, I’ve been shooting a .32 caliber PPK/S. The P250’s recoil is almost pleasant compared to the PPK, and it’s a lot easier to shoot accurately. The SIG is also a lot easier to take down and reassemble. I was going to make the PPK my carry gun and leave the SIG in the nightstand, but I may want to start carrying the SIG instead!

  • Dave

    I am interested in a new P250 Compact in 45 Cal. I own a S&W Model 60 357 Magnum Revolver and have no problem with recoil when shooting it, but being inexperienced with Pistols I wonder if the 45 Cal will be more difficult to handle (recoil) in the Compact Frame compared to the Standard Frame Size. Any comments will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • scousal

    bought a new sp2022 sig sauer, used remmington practice ammo shot 50 rounds and nearly 30 rounds jammed I am very upset, I thought sigs were supposed to be great guns, any suggestions out there? I have a glock 26 9mm have put 1k round thru it and not one jam or misfeed!

  • setski

    I had almost the same problem… not quite as bad, but about 3-4 misfeeds per 150 rounds. Unacceptable for me to rely on this weapon for home defense. I have had an H&K USP40 for over ten years, and shot many many times with only one misfeed that I can ever recall and I’ve had at least six misfeeds on the SP2022 in TWO outings? I suspected ammo at first, but now I think it is the magazines, I disassembled them and cleaned them thoroughly, but I’m almost ready to try and take it back at this point. Thoughts anyone?

  • MB44

    Bought mine p250 in August, and I have been back-and forth with it since the get go,… I have shoot 516 rounds with it ( all documented since day one), and I get a failure to extract every 3-10 rounds.
    I live in South America so getting it to SIG is not really an option. I am wondering if I should have stayed with GLOCK,…..

  • graham ebaugh

    an automatic weapon typically has less felt recoil than a revolver of a similar caliber. The most important reason being the recoil spring and the slide absorb a lot of the energy

  • I previously commented on my experience with my new P250 in October. I’m now up to 800 rounds with only the one jam that happened the first time I had it out. It no longer hits me with ejected cases.

    After the last cleaning, it wouldn’t lock the slide back with an empty magazine. I have the original magazine plus two of the “16 round” (if you can ever jam the 16th in there, you’re doing better than I am) magazines I bought more recently. The springs in those magazines seem a little weak. When I use the factory original, it pushes the slide lock all the way into the notch. When I use the others, it doesn’t engage the slide lock quite as well. Cleaning the offending magazine improved the operation, but it’s still not quite as good as it should be.

  • michael

    i just got this p250 45 cal it feels very good in my hand. i have shot about 120 rounds in it so far with no jams. but i dont think it shoots that good i have not shot alot of guns but my friends got a glock 9mm i shot that the onther day and it did pretty good is there away to ajust the back sight i think mine shoots a little low.

  • eddie

    I bought my Sig p250 compact one year ago. Ive shot about 200 rounds thru it and have had tons of jams. the slide would lock back after every round. I found a little spring inside that keeps coming out from the slide release. I am guessing the spring cant handle the power behind the .40 cal. Any suggestions as to what i should do? i know how to fix it but it keeps happening. i want a permanent fix. If anyone can please get back to me i would appreciate it. please email me @ thanks

  • Brad

    My agency is thinking of going to the P250 (.357). I was excited at first. We currently use the P229 (.357) and love this gun. I have had it for 11 years and have had no problems what so ever. Wait I take that back every so often the grip screw will back out a little. So it has been a great gun. We are looking at a new gun because the night sights are going dim and it will be more cost effective to buy a new gun then replace parts. I am worried after reading these reviews of the P250.

    • Dee

      hey brad… Whats your agency stance on the p250 now?

  • eddie

    Brad so a little insight for you. the p250 was a new model just over a year ago. I’ve spoken to sig and they said that they have worked out all the “kinks” from the p250. the new 2010 models shoul b good. hopefully. I just shipped mine to sig. hopefully they can fix my issue..

  • Aaron

    Well, after reading all of this, I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying a P250. I’ve put approximately 6000 rounds down the pipe on my Glock 22C and I’ve had 3 malfunctions in 6000+ rounds. All three of those were failures to fire and all three happened on the same day. I had bought a box of Zero ammunition from my range (it was cheap what can I say). Needless to say, I know now why it is named “Zero” ammunition (it has nothing to do with using it to zero your weapon, I can assure you of that). It was the worst performance accuracy wise I’ve ever seen from my Glock and also the only time my weapon has ever malfunctioned. All this being said, I was interested in the P250 because of it’s “all-in-one” function but if it doesn’t function, What’s the point? I was wanting a new subcompact but I guess I will go with a Glock 27. The only reason I’d considered the SIG is because I found them in OKC for $325 and I thought the price sounded great. I guess you get what you pay for.

  • Bill

    I’ve put 55 rounds through my P250 and had 5 jams. The round goes about half way into the chamber and is very difficult to extract. I talked to a customer “service” rep at Sig Sauer and she sent me a new magazine to try. Event though she had the serial number, she sent a 10-round clip instead of the original 13-round part.

  • Dee

    How about the fact that the guy who signed the deal for the new “P250” used to work for SIG and is now leaving the FAM service and going back to SIG! This is criminal! Not to mention its the worst gun ever and has not been tested and will be fielded to the FAM service to work out the kinks! Oh yes one more fact, the 2 previous working group’s from the FAM’s selected another firearm, where they held a third one b/c the instructors selected the wrong weapon!

  • Rich Beauregard

    Okay, My (OLD STYLE) P250 has been by my side throughout the winter and I just got to a range last week. When I shot this last year, I did not have any problems. So I went to the range last week and shot it from 15 yards out. Every 3rd or 4th round would jam. After about 30 rounds and the jamming, I decided it was time to go. I called Sig and they said send it to them with my clips. It shipped out Thursday by UPS. Well anyway, the Sig customer servive/repair guy was very quick to get out an email with all the info I needed to ship it out and seemed very nice. I hope he is able to figure out what happened to it and not just fix it. Need to know why it did this and not just that they can get it to work again. I drove home and I’m stopped by a neighbor who tell’s me about 2 people that stole stuff out of her car last night. (And me without my Sig?) Good thing I have the 870 loaded and ready or I’d be freaking out. She got back all but a trac phone after a small chase by another person visiting. They dropped everthing but the phone as they ran down the alley. I’ll let you know what happens with my P250 when I get it back and see what they say about it.

  • Michael

    I purchased a P250 in .45acp and after taking it to the range I had a failure to feed every other round. I send it back to Sig, great customer service but the problem was blamed on the ammo (Winchester). After I received back I headed back to the range only this time I had a FTF every time on the last round in the magazine. I spoke to Sig and again they tried to blame it on the ammo, even after I told them that I had used seven different brands of premium ammo. No problems with ball ammo or FMJ but with hollow points/ personal defense ammo I still have the problems. I just send it for the third time, will see how it comes back. By the way in the 27 years of combined military and law enforcement experience I never had such a problem with any firearm especially Glock.

  • I’ll just provide an update to my “love it” review of my 9mm Sig P250. I have around 1,000 rounds through it now and a total of two malfunctions: The first was the “seriously stuck” failure to extract that happened the first time I took it to the range, which I blame on the ammo, which was “remanufactured” using once-fired brass. The second was a stovepipe failure to eject two months ago during an IDPA match when I was shooting with my weak hand. That one is very easy to explain. So there you go – two malfunctions in 1,000 rounds, at least one of which was shooter-induced, and the other probably ammo-related. I’ll keep my P250, thank you very much!

  • Rich Beauregard

    Okay, I got the P250 Back from Sig. It was filthy dirty. The letter I received has basic info about my gun, serial # my name adress etc… But what it says drives me nuts. I will have to call them to find out more.

    “GUNSMITH COMMENTS: Inspected and test fired pistol. Lubed gun. Function checked and test fired with 50 rounds of Speer Lawman FMJ using all 3 magazines with no malfunctions. Reccomend using other brinds of SAAMI spec ammunition such as Winchester, PMC, Prvi Partizan, Sellier & Ballot, Speer Gold Dot, etc.”

    That is exact wording and spelling.

    I find this unacceptable! First, I spoke with them before I sent out the gun. I told them it jammed every couple rounds. They asked what ammo I used, I told them NEW Remmington FMJ. Now their answer to my problem is to USE other brands of ammo??? I bought a Sig .40 S&W, it should any new .40 S&W ammo. You can’t tell me that Remmington ammo is not a good ammo. I just do not believe it. I went to the range and shot Winchester .40 S&W JHP and althought it did not jam every couple rounds, it did jam about every 6th round. That is NO GOOD! I’m steaming mad about this. I paid good money for this gun and their moto is “To hell and back” I think it needs to go back! Can you believe this? I do not trust this thing to work when it may be needed. I do like Sig guns, but I may end up buying a Glock to have that “It’s going to work” feeling.

  • Chauncey

    Does anyone know if sig worked anything out for the new year models? (2010 p250) im looking at them right now and am curious. I’ll understand it being a new model that there are issues but they should be correcting them sooner than later.

    • Frank

      I believe they recent have worked the bugs out of recent production. I just bought mine (Jan. 2012). I got the .40 S&W with Nitron finish, Sig Sights, extra barrel in .357 Sig and three magazines. The first time out, I just ran a brush through the barrel (.40) and wiped down the frame rials with a light touch of oil. The gun ran ~two boxes of reloads w/o any problems. Most rounds hit left of POA, but I think that was me and the trigger. After cleaning the weapon, I applied a few drops of Tetra fluoropolymer lube to the trigger bar, hammer pin and spring. I have dry fired the gun ~2,000 times and this has definitely smoothed out the action.

      Out-the-door, the pistol ran me slightly less than $400.00 (A showcase model my dealer just got in; looked like it hadn’t been handled. A NIB unit would have run me ~$30.00 more. I put the difference towards brass & bullets).

      I have no complaints. I’ve owned a P226, P239 & P230. The P226 and P230 were phenomenally accurate & I kick myself for selling them. The P239 was a good gun but the grip felt awkward. When you don’t feel comfortable aiming the gun, you can toss accuracy out the window.

  • Michael

    After sending my P250 (.45 acp) back to the factory for a third time they did send me a brand new Sig at no additional cost. I just had to pay the FFL dealer for the paperwork since it was a new gun with a new serial number.

    I gave it a good cleaning and then headed to the range. I first used CCI Blazzers FMJ with no problems, then I used Gold Dot with no problems. I was told that they had worked the problems out with the new ones.

    For now I’m happy with my new gun!

  • Brian

    I don’t have much positive to say and I’ll start out by mentioning I ‘severely’ overpayed for my SIG P250, compact, 40 S&W at a local gunshop, the only thing I can add is that it did come with the tactical light/laser. I’ve had mine out shooting about 5 different times and approximately 900 rounds. After my first two shootings I actually sent it back to SIG thinking there had to be some sort of sight issue since all groups were about 10 inches low at 15 yards.

    SIG benchfired and returned the weapon with a good grouping. I went back to the range again with 300 rounds determined to work out the low groupings issue. Turns out on a benchrest it isn’t hard, free standing is another issue. I’ve talked with a few dealers and a couple have claimed the “firing point” is prior to trigger stop, which leads to many shooters complaining of low groupings.

    This is my first SIG, but it’s certainly not my first pistol. I’m extremely disappointed that this is the one gun I own that I have to dramatically alter my shooting style in order to be accurate. I would gladly trade this for a SIG P226/P229/…traditional style SIG before I swear off the brand.

  • Rich Beauregard

    Okay, Cleaned the gun and lubed it. (I had only been using the Beak Free oil before) Now I used a Greese type lube for guns. I went to the range and shot over 150 rounds of Winchester JHP .40 S&W Yeap! JHP’s! No jam’s. I am happy with that, but still a little steamed about the letter from Sig Sauer telling me not to use Remmington ammo. Hope to get back to the range again soon. If I have any further problems, I will post up.

  • “After my first two shootings I actually sent it back to SIG thinking there had to be some sort of sight issue since all groups were about 10 inches low at 15 yards.”

    When I first got my 250, I thought the sights must need adjustment, because I had great grouping, they were just all low and left. After a little more practice, they went from low and left to just low. What’s kind of interesting is that this only happens when I’m at the range. I’ve shot a couple of IDPA matches with the gun and if I put the front sight on the target and don’t try to go too fast, I can be very accurate with it. I don’t know if it’s being outside where the noise isn’t as much of a factor, or if it’s because I have something else to think about so that I’m not anticipating the shot.

    I’d love to have a 229 (it’s what I really wanted), but the 250 was in my price range – I could get the SIG for the price of the Glock.

  • Mike Bradford

    I’m getting a little scared. I just bought my P250 (.45 ACP) from Cabela’s in Dundee, MI (it came w/ the tactical light/laser combo for the same price as a used one w/out the combo). It seemed like a good deal. I am not liking myself for not doing my due-diligence and reading a forum like this. I went there wanting to buy a P226, but thought this was a better deal because of the price and the light combo. I haven’t shot it yet, but I’m wondering if I can take it back to them or are gun sales final if they haven’t been used. I’m kicking myself because I don’t know of anybody w/ P226 issues. I can’t believe how many people sent their guns back to Sig multiple times for repairs. How depressing is that nonesense?

    If anybody wants to buy a brand-new P250 that’s never been fired, let me know. mfbradford [at]


  • Michael

    Sorry, all sales of guns are final. I took my new Sig back to the range for a second test and sure enough I had two FTF after just 70 rounds. The gun was well cleaned and lubricated correctly. I’m done with it and planning to sell it back and take the loss.

  • Daria

    I am new to the sport of shooting. Purchased a Walter PK380 early August 2010 and after using it 3 times the gunsmith sent it back to S&W because 1 out of every 5 shots jammed – that is no way to to learn to shoot. So, in the meantime I purchased a Sig Sauer P250. I really enjoy the weapon, however, most of the ejected shells hit my face, chest, shoulder or head. I am starting to anticipate the burn and lose aim accuracy. Any suggestions for a new shooter?

  • Rich Beauregard

    Okay, I see they have 2 website pages for the P250. This one is called P250 Review, the other one is at this web address:

  • David Thurston

    Just bought a P250 .45 a few weeks ago and have put about 100 rounds through it with no problems at all. The biggest drawback for me (no pun intended) is the LONG trigger reset distance !!! I have a Glock 17 9mm and the trigger rest is literally about 1/4 of the distance. I like the SIG but if I had to do it over again I would have bought a Glock .45, it woould have been about $100 more but I think it would have been worth the extra amount !!!

  • Billy

    I recieved My P250 C in 4o cal. took it to the range and put around 200 rounds through it. It functioned flawlessly. It took about 20 rounds to get used to the triger pull. I think that is what contributed to it shooting low and to the left. That improved as I got used to the pull. I dont know if it is as good as My P229 but I like it.

  • mark buckles

    Purchased 2010 model P250 Compact in 9mm I have ran 500 rounds down the pipe with no malfunctions or jams.I have only used Lawman brand ammo so far.I am pleased so far, pistol is accurate as the shooter.

  • DocM

    Purchased a new SIG P-250sc (subcompact) in .40 S&W and the Nitron finish about a month ago for concealed carry. Paid $365.00 +taxes – $402.00 out the door.

    The balance is great, and the DA trigger is the smoothest I’ve ever used. Very little flit when fired, so staying on target is a cinch. Most of its mass being in the slide no doubt helps.

    I’ve mostly used Winchester 165g FMJ white box for paper and carry Federal 135g JHP. Well over 1,000 rounds of each and no jams or misfires. Accuracy was great out of the box with the 165’s, ~1.75″ left @15 yards, requiring only a very slight windage adjustment of the front sight by my dealer.

    I guess my only complaint is that the disassembly lever was a tad stiff, but it’s getting easier with use and a little of the bundled lube.

    I just ordered the full size kit.

  • art dannhaus

    my father in law passed away and i recieved from him what i thought was a 9mm as stamped on the barrel, wondering why all the 380 ammo. whent to gun range the other day to shoot it and found 9mm ammo would not fit clip had 380 ammo and that is what fit and fired in the pistol, sig saur, forgot to ck. modle# what the heck is up with that/

    • Jeremy

      In Italy their 9c is are 380

  • Rich Beauregard

    Been a while since I’ve been on here. I bought my P250 .40 S&W Compact few years back. It had the old Style grip / mags. I recently upgraded to the new style grip and mags. I do like the feel of it and stopped at the range last week to try it. It shot awesome and I enjoyed the feel of it. Not sure why they upgraded to the new style, but Sig Sauer gave me a good price. No complaints, just praise!

  • John

    I purchased my P250 today at a gun show in Ohio. It is the 250C-40. It came with the .357 barrel, three magazines and nite site out the door for $420.00. I did not do any research on this weapon. I purchased it because of the price and the Sig brand name. I ran 100 rounds down range, 50@25′ and 50@50′. I placed the first 30 rounds through the 10 ring. At 50′ I didn’t miss the target but had a good spread with 5 in the 10 ring. I had no jams and no mis-fires. I was using Blazer Brass ammo I got at the range. If this is the standard for this weapon, it is a keeper.

  • Justin

    I purchased a new compact Sig Sauer p250 9mm- DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. I took it home and broke it down to clean off the packing grease, broke the guide rod. So I called Sig, they sent me a new one in 1 week, but blamed it on me, I also ordered a spare 9mm mag. I got the guide rod in 9 days, magazine never came, called them, they said it was on back order – (received 2 months later). Took it to the range, it show 8 inches low and 2 to the right, retired sheriff shot it w/h me, same thing. Took it back to the dealer, they told me I was crazy. They called 1 week later and the dealer confirmed it was shooting low and to the right. Sent back to Sig, Since it was getting sent back, I asked for sig night sights installed and to remove the iron sights. Received it back 3 weeks later. They didnt give me my old iron sights, and the front tritium sight is burned out. They said would send out another one and I could have the dealer install it. Fine w/h me. Took it to the range. Same thing, shoots 8 inches low, but now its centered. Called sig , I explained that if I had all 3 sight posts line up perfectly and were aiming at the forehead of target, it was hitting in the upper chest, they told me the gun is setup for the preference of law enforcement that prefer their sights like that. I rebutted that and stated I own a glock 17, kimber pro carry and springfield xd and they all shoot the same. His response is 20% of LEO prefer this sighting and they catered to the “20%” – he claim is I put the front post at the top of the rear 2 posts to make a somewhat of a triangle – is this guy for real. Why is it that I have shot over 30 diff manufacturers of pistols and have never had this problem. Is this true or a line of bull

    • Dee


      Seems to be par for the course during the ATFs testing they had a 50% failure rate, failure to feed, fire or expect… Sigs response was “your looking at the negative!”

      We we supposed to get the P250 and thank the good lord we did not end up with this system! In the end we kept our P229s which while I’m no Sig fan runs pretty well especially chambered in the .357 Sig which runs about 1550 feet per sec “very hot”! In my humble opinion the P250 is a epic fail! The bore access is jacked up and takes alot to get used to. Sell that bad boy to someone who actually is likes this paper weight they call a P250 and purchase something….anything else! Keep your powder dry!


    • Justin

      I recently spoke w/h a manager from SIG, and after all the garbage I’ve been through, I finally got them to agree to letting me take the the gun to a gunsmith of my choice, and they agreed to send the gunsmith a new sight at no charge, and I am to send them the original. They said this should fix the sight to my preference. They sent me a larger size dovetail rear sight to raise it. They said that will give me what is called a “six oclock” , instead of the “Combat” sight. As far as reliablility issues, it shot fine, no jams, stovepipes, etc. I tried to limpwritst it , shoot upside down, it shoots well, except the sights. I will give a final update when the new sight is installed and I have 250 round through it.

      • Dee

        Correction eject and 1350 FPS

  • I bought my Sig p250 in September and so far I love the gun. It does not shoot accurately enough for me. Are the sight accually adjustable or do i have to buy the larger sights??? What do I have to do to have a straight shooting gun

  • Tim

    I can tell all of you folks shooting the full size and sub compact 40 cal that if you are having issues, you probably have a lemon. I bought the sub compact and full size as a set and have shot tons of various ammo through both off them with zero problems. The take-down lever is stiff when you first get the guns but after some shooting and field stripping, this goes away. accuracy is as good or better as my g22 and the ergonomics hands down beats my glock. The night sights are very bright and recoil is easily anticipated with the trigger having the same feel pull after pull. I’ve mastered swapping the firing assembly between both guns in approximately 30 seconds. Super easy. The sub has a grip that for my hand (slighted larger than average) allows me to just get my pinky on it. All the other subs I tried except for the XDm left my pinky dangling. I paid $499 for the complete set which in my opinion was a steal. I had started out looking for a good conceal and carry gun and was inches from buying the 3.8 XDm but when I tried out the p250, I couldn’t beat it. I got my sub I was looking for and got another full size pistol to boot! I am
    a huge Springfield fan and have the full sized XDm 9mm. After having used the Sigs for a while now, I am sold on their quality. The kit I bought is the newest action out with the metal guide rods.



    I had bought my P250 a month ago. I went to the rang and from 30 yard and it was low. I have a friend that is a swat capt. military sharp shooter and sniper instructor in the military. Him and I went to the shooting range to shoot it, he nailed the bulls eye every time (sights were never adjusted). Then i shoot it again and it was low. He told me I was expecting the recoil to much and was forcing the tip of the gun downward. I fixed the way I was holding the P250 and hitting the bulls eye every time. I believe this is a great carry gun has not jammed. For people who carry for self defense knows you might not have time to aim, so the reliable non jamming factor it is a great gun.


    • Dee


      Glad to hear that you’re happy with your firearm, I’ve had very different experiences with this system.
      Here’s some food for thought, the ATF, the FAM service and now the Dutch have all dumped these guns.

      All those who still elect to support this epic fail of a firearm I wish you good luck as for me I’m good with my 229! Love the new E2 grips though!

  • JACK