Kahr P380: New micro compact .380 carry pistol

Next month Kahr Arms will be shipping the P380, a new .380 pistol that is even smaller than the Kel-Tec P3AT.

Along with the fairly new Ruger LCP, competition in the .380 compact carry niche is really heating up.

The P380 features a DAO trigger, 6+1 capacity and is obviously chambered in .380 ACP. Much the same specs as the Ruger LCP and Kel-Tec P3AT.

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Kel-Tec P3At Vs Khar P380
Kel-Tec P3AT vs. Kahr P380

Some photos of the pistol:

Khar Arms P380 4

Khar Arms P380 5


Caliber .380
Capacity 6+1
Barrel 2.5″, polygonal rifling
Length O/A 4.9″
Height 3.9″
Slide Width .75″
Weight Pistol 9.97 ounces (w/o magazine)
Grips Textured polymer
Sights Drift adjustable, white bar-dot combat sights
Finish Black polymer frame, matte stainless steel slide
Magazines 2 – 6 rd, Stainless

More at Kahr Arms.

More pics from glocktalk:



Hat Tip: Suburban’s Domain

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  • Mguy

    You have a typo, it is Kahr, not Khar.

  • Thanks Mguy, it is now fixed.

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  • countertop

    Whats the cost on this?

    Kahr’s tend to be more expensive – and I think they are going to have a tough time competing with the success of Kel Tec (as well as Kel Tec’s industry leading customer service) unless they price their guns similarly.

    Ruger too – though Ruger probably has a name/brand recognition advantage over both.

  • Jake

    It’s also DAO, not DOA. Unless you mean the trigger is dead on arrival, which I doubt ‘cuz my PM9 has a wonderful trigger.

    Thanks for this info! I may move the PM9 to IWB & put one of these (full of Cor-Bons) in my pocket.

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  • doug in colorado

    Wonder how it compares to the North American Arms Guardian in .380? The NAA is heavy, but I find the recoil is enough that I’d want the weight…I can’t hit the broadside of a barn with my son’s Keltec in .32…too small, too light, too easy to slide off target while squeezing the last bit of trigger pull.

  • @ Jake:

    haha, thanks.

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  • BigE

    The only thing I don’t like about it is that big, fat slide release lever….

  • Hotpockets

    I own the Kel-Tec P3AT, the Ruger LCP and the Kahr PM9. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Kahr .380. My P3AT was unreliable at first, but appears to be on the mend, although not carry-ready. The Ruger – definitely.

    Love the Kahr PM9, but it’s too big for daily pocket carry. The .380 version should have the quality, reliability and size to make it my #1 gun…

  • Ranger

    Bout time khar did one in 380. Shold be a nice tool for a specific use. Khars usually need to be shot a few hundred to work them in.

    Real German/Manurhin made ppk or ppks are the 380 choice for me. The american made ppks are not quality using cast parts even the smith and wesson parts come from the same foundry as the interarms ones did years ago. some work others don’t. Wonder if the Khar 380 will be made in all Stainless like the MK9.

  • Mike

    The pictures are taken to make the Kel-tec look bigger. It is in front in one picture and tilted in the top view. Their dimensions are really similar. The Kahr is .3″ shorter and .02″ thinner but .4″ higher and 1.67 oz heavier. P3AT 5.2″ Long 3.5″ high .77″ wide 8.3 oz. Kahr P380 4.9″ long 3.9 high .75″ wide 9.97 oz. I have used Keltec’s lifetime warranty service and they treated me right, but I guess it all comes down to personal taste. I don’t consider the slide lock to be an issue. If you have room to carry a .380 spare mag just carry a 9mm instead.

  • Old Guy that’s full of it

    The Kahr may be heavy on the top, but a good idea. After owning some of the other Kahr’s, the trigger is great (like some of my old Smith’s), and “BigE” is correct about the slide release (my .40 chewed up my thumb before I called Kahr and asked if I could rounded off some of the edges, and their response was go to it, it will not bother the warr.), if your good with a file and maybe some sandpaper, you can do the same with your’s and I’m sure you will be much happier with it!

  • Dave

    I am in the market for one of these “sub” compact guns….Ruger, Kel Tec, and now the Kahr .380.
    My question is: For a gun this small, what is the optimum accuracy range? I don’t have the luxury of field testing all three for comparison and would like to impose on the kindness of one of the respondents to educate me as to what they feel is the best overall of these three. And, Pros and Cons related to the three.

  • olle

    “For a gun this small, what is the optimum accuracy range? … what they feel is the best overall of these three”

    when i do my part my p3at is just about as accurate as my other handguns – i can keep my shots on a paper plate @ 50 feet during slow fire. its short line of sight makes it harder to aim though, and the long trigger pull combined with flip & recoil makes it my most difficult handgun to control during rapid fire. i would not trust myself to be accurate with it past 15 feet in a life-or-death scenario.

    i never tried any of the other ones but my p3at has been 100% reliable since get-go, as are almost all of the new production ones. that combined with the lowest price makes it a good candidate imo. i do love the kahr look though 🙂

  • the raj

    The only one with usable sights is the Kahr. My curent carry gun is a P9 Covert, which I think has the best traits of both the P9 and the PM9. I am glad to see Kahr enter the micro category. Competition=superior products and pricing for the end user.

  • mitch

    Finally got to check one out at the range. Very cool. The range owner (dealer) got one for demo/review. Of course he isn’t selling it.

  • liljohn

    Ouch $659 MSRP, not sure it competes with the Keltec or Ruger on price.

  • E.

    While the kahr may be a fine weapon, it cannot compete with the Kel-tec or Ruger as far as value goes. In this class they all have their issues but nothing a little sanding and filing won’t fix. The problem is the Kahr costs twice as much. Not worth it IMHO. Then again, many people make way more money than me. If I were in their shoes I would consider it. Since I’m frugal, I went with the Kel-tec and love it.

  • joe

    I’ll stick with my P3AT–I bought two and torture tested them both for 600 rounds…both were 100%. Now I may look into that new Taurus 738 TCP–it’s lighter and isn’t as overpriced as the Kahrs (though I did love my P9, my PM9 gave me some trouble).

  • bobby b

    I have a P3AT, purchased new about a year ago for about $240. I’ve shot approximately 1200 rounds through it. At this stage, it’s reminding me of buying what we called “project cars” when I was younger.

    To start (through the first 300 rounds), lots of stovepiping and FTE’s – maybe one out of every 2 magazines. Took it home, cleaned it up, and did the buff ‘n stuff per the websites. Did a cautious job of it – polishing significant metal off of critical gun parts gives me heartburn. After the buffing and sanding and polishing and adjusting, it got better, but not enough better to use it as a carry-gun; stovepiping and FTE’ing maybe one shot out of every three or four magazines. Did more polishing, better cleaning – again, no appreciable improvement. Seeing smiley-faces on each cartridge that makes it into battery (i.e., take a shot, eject the next to inspect, take a shot, eject the next to inspect . . .) Smiley faces indicate the nose of the cartridges are impacting the foot of the ramp at some point in the process.

    So, did what the forum suggested – sent it back to KelTec and asked them if they could do anything for me. Got it back only about three weeks later (fast!), with a work order describing buffing and polishing and cleaning. (For free, of course.)

    Took it to the range with 100 MagTech 95gr FMC cartridges. Two magazines go through clean, and then a stovepipe, and two more mags and the a FTE, and during this I’m randomly ejecting to look for smiley’s and finding them every time, and then I went to pull the trigger for shot three out of a magazine, and it didn’t click. Looked at the slide, and I can see the new cartridge partially into the chamber – maybe a weak 1/4″ back.

    Dropped the magazine and tried to pull the cartridge out. Stuck solid. finally pried it out, and it had the biggest smiley I’d yet seen. Tried to slide it into the chamber with the gun field-stripped – won’t go in. Other cartridges would. Smiley was so big, it deformed the nose of the cartridge enough so it wouldn’t fit.

    When it works, I love the gun. Slips into any pocket, doesn’t drag the clothing down, long but smooth and predictable trigger pull, and decent accuracy given its length and weight.

    But I’d always be afraid that if I needed a second shot, I’d have to throw the gun at my attacker. So, I’ll keep fluffing and buffing (if you think about it, optimism and insanity are almost identical in their effects) in the hopes that it will work. I know many KelTec owners who have no such trouble, and love the little machines dearly. There’s just something skewed in the geometry of mine.

  • Bryo Sevens

    Jammin Junk Kel-Tec P32

    New Kel-Tec .32 jammed so often that became frustrated and sold it back to the store (at a loss of course).
    It seemed pointless to have a six round magazine when only the first round would fire, then jam. It might as well be a single shot.

    Now I wonder about the dependability of Kahr P380. If it doesn’t jam then it’s worth six times the price of a Kel-Tec.

  • RockinRollinReggie

    Has anyone actually seen the Karh 380 in a gun store yet. I have about ten places looking for one and nobody has them. What gives?

  • KY1911

    I must say, I’m intrigued…I’ll probably step up and get one when they become available. I have a Kahr CW9 and while it is a concealed carry piece, it is fairly large compared to the bigger power mouse guns (albeit, the gun is about the size a PPK as it is).

    I do have a Kel-Tec P32 and unlike one of the previous posters, mine has been 100% reliable from the start…no jams, good accuracy. I did perform a ‘fluff & buff’ as some of the websites prescribe…took about 45 minutes. Just a once over with some fine grit sandpaper and a small file…for $250 and a few minutes of attention, I feel like it is a great gun. Kel-Tec says they could make it more ‘refined’ from the factory, but that would add another $100 to the price and make it much less attractive, cost wise.

    While I own several full-size pistols, the are all ‘safe guns’, i.e. they live in the safe 99% of the time. For carry, you really have to have something that is small, light-weight and reliable. A .32 ACP will get you by and with some of the mre modern hollow-points, I feel confident in its ablility to resolve all, but the worst situations. Though, a .380, 9mm or .38 spl is preferable (they won’t let carry LAW rockets here yet); its all a compromise.

  • Ray

    I have a P3AT that I received brand new as a Xmas presnt. I have fired many rounds of Hydra-shok and have never encounterd any problems. I think the new P3AT’s being manufactured must have been improved. I also have heard some call it a generation 3 which i don’t think really exists. Mine is perfect in every way and is my everday carry. Thanks

  • Caleb Longstreet

    Kel-Tec? Don’t think so but, hey, if you want to follow the cult, go for it….any “new” gun I have to become a gunsmith on is pretty much NO value…..Fluff n’ Buff, file here, file there, polish this, polish that….so tell me, where’s the “value”?

    If you have to do that to any new gun you got hosed, period. Funny, I have never had to do that to any Smith, Colt, Glock, Ruger, or Springfield I ever owned….

    Personally, I “splurge” on the extra $80-$100. It’s only my life…what the heck, on the edge….what a rebel….

    Kel-Tec is some CNC junk out of Florida…enough lawsuits and they will go the way of Phoenix et al…..be a rebel, buy well….besides, why buy misery?

    I like the LCP but the recall still has me spooked….I’m looking at the new Taurus .380 slims….light (but this arguing about 1-2 oz is ridiculous)…no sense in arguing over 9 oz vs. 10oz….I think my finger, bones, and body can handle it…might just be me but if you debate it, I think you are splitting hairs…everyone has done an admirable job of getting near, or about, 10 oz……I can endure the rest….

    I like the Taurus for two reasons….you can get 8 rounds instead of 6 or 7 with their extended mag and perhaps more importantly, you have a 3.3 inch barrel in a gun a little over 5 inches OAL….the KAHR is 2.5 inches, the LCP is 2.75 or 3.0….I think….

    That 3/4 of an inch makes a little bit of difference on an already meek cartridge and the .380 can use all the help it can muster…

    But then again, the KAHR 3.0 inch 9mm is about .15 wider, .1 taller and ever so slightly longer so compared to all of the .380’s, I’ll just migrate to the KAHR PM9….

    Just the way I see it…..damn thing is about as small, can get a 7 round magazine, load it wtih the Hornady HP designed for low velocity barrels (read: short, short barrels such as those found in all compact pistols under 3.5 inches) or use frangibles….probably the only two cartridges that might work while maintaining a reasonably manageable recoil and flash…

    It appears the PM9 might make some of those newer .380’s obsolete? Yeah, it’s SLIGHTLY larger but, unless you are a midget, it’s a rounding error….go with the 9mm and live long and prosper…


  • Ray

    Hi, I never did any gunsmith work on my Kel-Tec. I do read how some have to do a Fluff and Buff, but I wouldn’t even know how to do it. Anyway I have never had any problems and I hope it stays that way. I also agree the LCP looks like better quality and then there was a recall. I’m not a Kel-Tec promoter, I just happened to buy one when I asked the gunshop owner what he would recommend to carry the was small and effective and he recommended the P3AT. So far so good for me and I have shot about 300 rounds without any problems. Oh yea, the price was right too. I am using Federal Law Enforcement JHP’s and they seem to work really well in the pistol. Take care.

  • kevin

    Kahr has manufactured the NAA .380 for years, it’s so small you can lose it. Trigger pull aside, it’s a fantastic CCW.

  • drdk78

    Have the Kahr P380. Put about 100 rounds thru it. 100%reliable. It shoots just low and left for me, but I think it may be my trigger control with the small pistol. Pocket carry in a pocket holster is nearly unnoticeable. Had a Keltec p3at that was also 100%reliable. Sold it and bought the Kahr just because of the nicer finishing, and in my mind I know the Kahr will fire every time. Not sure about the Keltec only because of reputation. Paid $560, and happy about it.

  • Casey

    This is interesting, and I’ll look at that Taurus mentioned, too.

    I am looking hard for the LCP right now, and the NAA 380. I can add Kahr to the list for pistols to look for. 600 dollars is a lot of money, yes, enough to make me feel a bit sick, but I promise I’ll feel a LOT worse if my pocket pistol “clicks” instead of “boom”s when I need it.

  • Joe

    I recently looking for a pocket 9mm and bought a Kel-Tec pf9. First two magazines had several feeding problems. I immediately returned it and lost $100 on the deal. Then I splurged and bought the Kahr mp9. It is almost the exact same size as the KelTec but is a much, much better gun. Absolutely no failures of any kind after 100 rounds at the range. Yes the Kahr’s are expensive but they are worth it. I don’t have time to fool with a build it yourself unreliable piece of junk.

  • Julio

    I saw one of these Kahr 380 pistols at the store a few days ago. It looks very nice and it really looks like a smaller version of the 9mm. Don’t know how it shoots, but it looks nice. I will say up front that the Kahr .380 is EXPENSIVE! The shop wanted $700 for this gun.

    At much less money, there is Glock and a host of other options in 9mm as well as the Sig option in .380 so I guess you have to really want one of these to fork over the super premium price over say a Ruger LCP or other such options.

  • rchafin

    OK bought one on 5-28-09 Ra1069 seems to handle hard ball Speer ammo ok bought some buffalo bore 100gr hard-cast f.n. 1150 fps/m.e. 294 ft. lbs. has trouble feeding and the mag while shooting the gun comes out what should i do. Worried and disappointed

  • rchafin

    kahr p380

  • I bought a Kahr .380 in February of 2009 at a gun show for $660 out the door. I couldn’t find any ammo until last month. Now just to point out, if you read the manual, it states that the kahr .380 requires approx. a 200 round break in period. So, with that being said, boy did it need it! The first hundred rounds were disgusting. Every few shots either jammed or failed to extract and failure to return to battery as well. Funny, even with all the problems the owner of the gun range (who I let fire a few rounds) wanted to take it off my hands. I said no thanks. Took it home, cleaned it, oiled it and took it back a few days later and put 100 more rounds through it. Same stuff happened just not as frequently, bit of an improvement. So now it’s cleaned and ready to go again. It better work or Kahr is getting it shipped back! I believe they will repair it for free. Now, I have owned a Kahr PM9 for over 2 years and it is my primary carry. I have never had a problem with it and trust my life with it. It is a remarkable gun! Put close to 1000 rounds through it. So, to sum it all up, I think Kahr is a great company and makes excellent guns. Hopefully it will be just what the manual stated…a couple hundred rounds to break in! Oh, and definitely a lot smaller than the PM9.


  • Roger

    I’ve been carrying my old OMC Backup in my hip pocket ever since they first came out. It’s all stainless and pretty heavy. I see that .380s are now being made with very lightweight frames. So I’ve been wondering if there are any pocket pistols these days that operate in a cocked and locked manner with a single action only trigger the way my OMC Backup does. It seems everything is either double action only or double action for the first shot. I cut my teeth on Colt 1911s that are carried cocked and locked so that’s what I’m comfy with. Recommendations would be appreciated.

  • Rob

    I bought one. I really like it. Pricey, yet zero failures in 500 rounds, trigger pull is smooth and predictable. My wife likes the trigger much better then the Kel-Tec. While recoil feels about the same the muzzle flip is reduced compared to the Kel-Tec. It really is smaller then the Kel-Tec. No trick photography.

    Slipped it into my front pocket in a pocket holster and it virtually disappeared. Now there is no reason not to be armed, no more excuses.

  • Jerry

    Finally got to shoot my P380. Great gun! First 50 rounds using Blazer Brass ammo went off without a single problem. If this thing gets better as I approach 200 rounds then I will be extremely happy.
    My Question….what pocket holster seems to work best for this little beauty? Thanks


  • Dan

    Got the first Kahr 380 in town after waiting months for it. The first 50 shells fired weren’t, as Luke mentioned above, exactly confidence inspiring: Many jams. To be fair I didn’t disassemble and lube it like I did my Kahr .45 when I bought it new (and I really like shooting it). So I can easily cycle a couple hundred through it in hopes it will be reliable as well as throwing some lube on it.

    But I couldn’t get along with it throwing the empties back in my face. This happened about 33% of the time: Unacceptable! So it got sent back to Kahr for some fine tuning.

    Hope its better the second time around!

  • Joe

    Hi All,

    I have owned a Kahr K9 since 1995 when the first came out on the market. It has been a very reliable gun. You do have to change the recoil spring every 2500 rounds. I am sad to say that my Kahr was stolen from my shop 2 weeks ago from some crackhead homeboy. I always safegard my guns and am very upset over it. Anyway, I miss my Kahr and in the market for a new one. I think I may go with the PM9. The Kahr guns are expensive but you do get a lot of gun for your money. You are only going to spend the money one time. I almost bought a Keltec Pf9. But I dont see why I should go with a cheaper gun because some piece of crap punk stole my Kahr. Kahr guns are definately worth the money. I know. I carried one for 13 years. Good Luck all.


  • adam

    I have owned a p3at,a lcp, and i must say that there is no comparison as far as quality goes. the kahr is a very well made pistol that kahr actually takes time to put together. they offer match grade barrels, very smooth trigger, and easy disassembly. some people have paid way too much for a kahr, if you pay over 550.00 that is too much. dont get fooled by a dealer that they cant sell it cheaper. if you dont want to pay 500.00, i would give the lcp a try. they are much better made than a kel-tec.

  • Rutgers Barclay

    I have the Kel-tec P-3AT and love, love, love it. I bought it one year ago for $275 and it has been a great addition to my collection. It is my primary carry pistol loaded with Hornady Critical Defense ammo. Have fired all kinds of ammo in both JHP and FMJ with zero problems. Questions about how accurate it is at 50 feet should not be asked as it is a defensive weapon and not one you should be shooting at that range if you are in a jam. At 50 ft you should be running your butt off in the other direction.

  • Army Barbie

    Which is better… the Kahr P380 or the Desert Eagle .380 by magnum research?

  • Terry

    IMO the Kahr P380 is the best pocket carry gun available at this time. I also own the Ruger LCP and the Keltec P3AT but never carry them after receiving my P380. This is my carry all the time gun with 90 gr Buffalo Bore hps in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster.

  • I just bought the Kahr P-380 and cannot say enough great things about it. Even though Kahr recommends a 200 round run-in, I took my “new in the box” gun to the concealed carry class.

    On a brand new gun I had never shot before, I scored a 99 out of 100 with a 6 inch group! The sights are superb! The gun is comfortable, and shoots straight and true!

    You get what you pay for and my security is worth WAY MORE than a discount gun!

  • Ted

    RE: P380 vs. Micro Desert Eagle

    I have both.

    I really like my MDE, but that was largely in comparison to a Keltec P3AT, which I did not like. The MDE is a beautifully made gun, all metal, solid, and nice looking too. From the moment I started using it I never had a single jam, failure to feed or eject or anything — it’s been flawless. However, it’s relatively heavy for pocket carry, firing it hurts my hand, I’m not in love with the trigger action, and I am not particularly accurate with it.

    The P380 shoots more smoothly and accurately… the trigger action is simply fantastic. I’m still in the break-in period though and in the first 50 rounds have had lots of feed issues, failures to eject etc. Kahr specifically says the gun needs a 200 round break-in and if it gets reliable after 200 rounds it will become my new carry piece. It doesn’t look as nice as the MDE but it is just so much more enjoyable to use that it will be more reliable once the break-in issues are solved.

    Bottom line: I’d go with the Kahr over the MDE.

  • bob

    The Kahr tops them all. I have owned Kahrs since they first came out in black 9mm….Best carry conceilable gun i have ever owned is the new P380. And talk about accuracy. I put all 6 in a coffee can at 50 yds….always reliable. Never had a jam firing several hundred rounds…this one’s a keeper….

  • CEC

    I have put 150 rounds through my P380 and the accuracy is off the hook. I traded in a Taurus TCP738 (jam city) after having one returned and exchanged; I put the full credit towards my P380. If anyone wants to see what they avioded by not buying a TCP738, just look at it’s blog on this website; half are negative.

    On my P380 I have had some issues with the slide not fully returning to battery without a slight thumb nudge. Also it seemed to happen after many rounds at the range without the benifit of a cleaning. I think this will work itself out after the slide and frame break in.

    I have the night sights. This seems to be a great firearm.

    If anyone else had this issue please post your experience.


  • Tom

    My P380 has been 100% reliable, out of the box. Before I fired it, the slide would not fully close into battery without a bump, but it has not happened since the first round out of the tube. I just ordered a CTC laser for it. Should be the perfect pocket piece. I’ve owned a P3AT, and a Ruger LCP. I no longer own either — enough said.
    I stepped up to the P380 largely due to my experience with a PM9 which was my full time carry, until the P380. If I’m wearing a jacket or such, I carry the PM9.
    Many talk about caliber and ballistics. I say they don’t matter; it’s all about how quickly and where it hits, not how hard it hits. Practice,Practice,Practice.

  • Reggie

    I have now purchased two of them. The first one for my son jammed in the partial battery position so many times we had to send it back to Kahr. they returned it still not feeding reliably. He has put a few hundred rounds through it and it seems to be improving to one jam per three magazines. The one I just bought for me has performed poorly as well. I have 200 rounds through it and it seems to be improving. I think Kahr should be strung up for selling a six hundred dollar handgun that requires another 300 dollars in ammo to get it shooting reliably.

  • Joedakota

    I just bought a Kel Tec P3at for my wife about a month ago. The price was right and so far no problems, only shot about 100 rounds, 380 ammo is not real easy to get. but each time she pulled the trigger it fired. The gun shoots where you point it. Her first two shots were practically in the same hole. The trick is to find an ammo the gun likes and stick with it. PMC FMJ is what we are presently using.
    This is not a long range target pistol and repetitive shooting is hard on the hand due to small size and location of molded in checkering. But I have complete confidence that if she needs it it will work.
    We are both retired and have carry permits, I carry a compact 9MM Taurus which also has never failed to feed.
    Kahr makes out standing guns, but they are out of my price range, apparently judging by some of the post they too sometimes have feed problems.
    Regardless of the brand the best defense gun is one that fires when you pull the trigger and shoots where you aim it.

  • Mr Presto

    Does the firearm blog have a site for the kahr pm9?

  • Mr Presto

    Well since there was no responce to my posting above I’ll comment here. I recently purchased a black PM9, after shooting at the range I cleaned the slide with Gun Scrubber. At my next trip to the range I noticed the line for the rear sight was gone, don’t think it was the Gun Scrubber since it did not affect the front sight or the sights on my other guns. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Reggie

    Follow up to previous post. Both guns seem to be feeding reliably now. I have chosen the Winchester rat ammo for self defense. Not plus + stuff. Works fine. Seems the P380 is a bit particular about ammo. seer and Belloit(sp?) and federal red box work fine. herters brass case will not feed worth beeans. Stay away from it if you have a Kahr P380. I am happy now but still feel kahr needs strung up for making me fire hundreds of rounds of ammo to get their gun working properely. other manufacturers have done this for years with no required round count for break in. Kahr could also with some factory fluff and buff.

    PS. To the poster with the PM9. I have a PM9 that has been through more than 2000 rounds and that is not an exageration. It works great and is my favorite for CHL carry. It also took 400 rounds of break in. Come on Kahr!!!!! Ammo cost way to much for this kind of thing!

  • kenny

    Th kahr 380 i just got it after waiting 9 months and it is great. I was shooting at 50 yards and never got out of the bulls eye. This is what you call a real American hand gun and it about dam time we take pride makeing something here in our own country that is a good product

  • Julio

    @Kenny – You put all rounds through a 1″ bullseye at 50 yds from a 2″ barrel out of a .380 auto pocket pistol? I’ll assume you were on a bench rest and loads were personal hand loaded target ammunition.

  • Reggie

    I’m sorry Kenny, I don’t believe you. There is no way on earth you fired the P380 at 50 yards and even hit the target. much less the bullseye. You may not have meant 50 yards…. HOLY COW!!!!! That is one hundred and fifty feet.

  • Mr Presto


    I remember your post on the TCP 738 blog. I see you’ve had the Kahr P380 and just wondering how it is working out. I still have my TCP and after a Miami vacation still works fine but a friend offered to buy it from me so I was thinking about stepping up to the P380. I have a PM9 and very happy with it. Just curious about the failure to return to battery, is that loading the first round? I had this problem with my PM9 until I read the instructions that said to have the slide locked back then insert the mag then release slide.

  • Mr Presto


    Since I see no answer to my question I guess maybe you are having problems with your P380 like I did.

  • Mr Presto

    Well not much talk on this website I guess that means everyone is happy with their P380, wish I was. Just put another 50 rounds thru mine that makes 450 all together, but still have issues with fail to feed with the slide locking back and the mag dropping down while firing. Not real happy with this so far and have been carrying my PM9 more than the 380. I’ll wait until I have another 100 rounds and see how it is doing then. Anyone else have this problem? I had a Taurus TCP 380 before this and never had this much trouble with over 1000 rounds.

  • JB

    Mr. Presto you’re not the only one.
    I was surprised to see almost 100% approval here for the P380, I had nothing but trouble with mine, Failure to feed,fire and Extract even well after the 200 rounds. Got it narrowed down to 1 problem now, probably the same as yours, fail to feed.
    The slide stop is contacted by the round coming up in the mag or by the dynamics of firing and engages the slide. Sent the gun back to Kahr and it came back the same way.

    They tried to claim I was contacting the slide stop while shooting but I took video of the failure as it happened and I was not touching the stop. They did send me new polished slide stop and spring but that was not enough, they even sent me the tiny torx tool and recoil repacement spring and guide at no extra charge, so I can’t say they didn’t try and make me happy.

    In the end I just filed the stop down to minimize the occurance, filed it where it contacts the follower and where it stops the slide. it still holds the slide after last round, but even if it fails to I figure that’s better than it getting hung up while firing.

    I do carry the gun now with a pretty good sense of reliability, but all the trouble did leave a bad taste. I chose the Kahr over the Ruger and Kel Tec cause they felt a little flimsy to me. I had no problem spending the extra money on the Kahr cause I thought I was getting a better product but in my case I just not sure I got my moneys worth. I do agree the gun does shoot nice for such a small package, but I think that is the root of the problem, they tried to squeze to much into to small a package. Some of the screws and springs in this gun are on scale with what you would find in a wrist watch.

    Sorry for the long winded reply but just wanted to say it, The kahr has not really been on my mind much since I got mine when it first came out awhile ago.
    Found this site cause I was researching the latest .380 out now, the S&W http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2010/02/05/sw-bodyguard-380-pistol-and-38-revolver/
    in the never ending quest for the perfect pocket pistol.

  • When will Kahr come out with some kind of safety for the P380? Decocker?
    Ordinary safety? How is the current version supposed to be carried in front pocket? Chambered and cocked? Seems like plan for blowing off some testes! Or worse, a femoral artery.

  • Reggie

    amygdala, one should never carry any weapon in ones pocket without it being in a pocket holster. One who does this would probably be doing humanity a favor by removing any chance one might reproduce. ;0)

    A decocker is not a safety, BTW. If a person pulls the trigger on a gun with a decocker, the gun will still fire.

    NEVER touch the trigger of ANY weapon until ready to fire! Regardless of the gun design.

    NEVER carry any weapon in your purse or on your person “mexican” style. Always have the weapon in a holster made for the preferred method of carry.

  • john

    Regarding carrying pistol in front pocket, I was gonna say with these long DA trigger pulls, it’s probably safe enough in most peoples minds. I don’t do it myself and I’m sure reggie’s reply is the standard safety rule.
    I got a desantis wallet type holster for the kahr and carry it in my back pocket, it’s great, keeps the gun from moving around, it’s more comfortable and leaves less of a print.
    BTW, in the concealed carry state I live in (CT) they are trying to pass a law that if someone complains about your guns “print” you could lose your permit.

    The new S&W pocket .380 has a safety and an acual little hammer (with DA second strike option I think) and a built in laser. I would be more comfortable carrying that loaded (because of the safety).


  • Reggie


    Being in Texas, we don’t have to worry about “printing” either. I am not sure most folks would notice the “print” around here anyway. Living in a larger city area,everyone walks around in a world of their own.

    I sure hope you folks don’t get a “printing” law passed as I see that as a way law enforcement that is anti carry could harass permit holders. Good luck to everyone out there on that issue.

    Sorry about the off topic I created. I’ll stop now. Back on topic, I have one for front pocket carry(purchased it direct from Kahr) and I also have the wallet style you have. The wallet style is used less in my case because I hate the way it feels when I sit on it…LOL. Both work well for keeping fingers off the trigger until ready to fire.

  • Reggie-
    Didn’t pose questions right. I understand the diff between a decocker and a safety. My CZ SP-01 has a decocker and I’m fine with that, given how the pistol is used (not in pants pocket). My PM9 has a safety, which I’d like for the Kahr 380. I have a DeSantis holster for the PM9, but it’s a bit big for front pocket. I’m not certain about the legal/social definition of “printing”, but looking in the mirror, it’s obvious that something larger than my wallet is in the pocket. Is it worth waiting for a Kahr 380 with a safety? Or can one be added to the current version? Another question. I keep hearing that 380 ammo is hard to come by. Is this a problem for online purchases or just thru stores? For example, 9 mm Corbon DPX is impossible to find in stores near me, but it’s always available online.

  • Reggie

    380 ammo is becoming more readily available as all calibers are. I have a PM9 and mine has no safety. I have had it for a couple years. This must be something new to PM9’s. I bet they work one into the P380 eventually too, if this is the case.

    I also carry Glocks. I have never had a weapon just go off on it’s own. Revolvers don’t have safeties either. Unless you count that locking mechanism on the new S&W revolvers. Which is worthless unless you can convince a bad guy to wait while you fumble around with the tiny key to unlock your weapon.

    Safety or not, I would not carry any weapon loose in a purse or pocket. there are just too many ways a foreign object can pull the trigger.

    I have talked to others who felt discomfort over the whole concept of the firing mechanism on Glocks or Kahrs.

    Safety is not putting your finger on the trigger until ready to fire.

  • HJi Reggie-
    The Kahr with the external safety is #PM9193 (I think it’s a newer model). It also has a loaded chamber indicator, which I like. I certainly do appreciate the need to keep it holstered, not loose.
    If holstered in front pocket, in what readiness “condition” should the gun be maintained? Unchambered and uncocked?
    If so, then the gun must first be w/drawn, then be racked, and then release the slide. The slide release (at least on the PM9) it terrible–takes too much force and chews up my thumb. Plus the release is on the left and I’m shooting lefty.
    My point is that it seems slow to bring the gun to condition 1. Or am I missing something fundamental? Would feel better if it could be carried chambered and cocked with a safety on. The safety on the PM9193 (also
    on the left side) is easy to operate.

  • Reggie

    I carry with one in the chamber and holstered. I carry in either a pocket holster or an inside the waist band holster. I always have one in the chamber. One must train themselves to never put ones finger on the trigger until ready to fire. I can draw any of my concealed carry weapons without touching the trigger. It would take too long to chamber a round if the gun were needed.

  • Mr Presto

    amygdala & others

    When I carry I’m always locked and loaded! My S&W 9MM and my Kahr PM9 are both hooked to my bed rail locked and loaded, my P380 sleeps in the basement locked and loaded. I don’t want to have the risk of jam or taking the time before getting off a shot if needed against a bad guy. It takes a little bit of a pull the get the first round off and I NEVER have my finger on the trigger till I’m ready to pull it, a good habit to get into. My pocket holster and most others I’ve seen are designed so when you pull it out your finger is behind the trigger. I have only been shooting and carrying for less than a year and can understand the concern, it took me a while before I would even leave a loaded gun around the house, but look at me now!

  • Reggie

    I suspect that the discomfort some feel in the type of action on weapons such as the PM9 or the Glocks has contributed to the creation of the “safety” on the new PM9. Both are double action only weapons, but some folks see them as single action and have a fear that the gun will go off by accident.

    I went to the Kahr web sight and I see they have added a “safety” to the PM9. The P380 may not be far behind it.

    If it makes folks feel safer about carrying with a round in the chamber, I say “go for it”. If I were to replace my PM9, I might just be tempted to buy the newer model myself.

  • John aka JB

    I’m just gonna throw this out here now, this was edited out of my 2 dec. post cause I thought it was not relevant at the time, but I saved it as I thought it may become on topic.

    (edited out of earlier post)
    “Back to the method of carry, I almost never carry my autos with a round in the chamber, I know this goes against what many feel is the whole idea of concealed carry but here’s my reasoning. My first autos where SA, I never liked the idea of “cocked and locked” with those hair triggers, 2 guys from my own town blew off chunks of their legs/butts, one was a cop and the other worked in a gun shop (not beginners).

    When Is started getting into DA’s and GA’s I started having kids, I did not want the possibility of them, if they should of ever found one to be able to just pull the trigger. I know kids should never be able to get their hands on a gun, but we all know it happens. Also I don’t feel that threatened where I can’t just rack a round if things started getting bad.

    That is a problem with the Kahr though since as someone mentioned your supposed to chamber a round by release of the slide stop not the typical sling shot motion. and it is true it will fail to chamber a round a good percentage of the time even with the most deliberate sling shot attempts.”

    My kids are getting older now, youngest is 12 and he handles and shoots hand guns at the range, so my attitude towards method of carry may be modified.

    As far as the printing goes, don’t know if there is a legal description, but pretty much if someone can tell for sure you have a gun on you I guess that would not constitute concealed carry.
    Slides and cylinders are a dead give-a-way, that’s where those wallets come in handy, masks the outline “print”, not always 100% but definitely helps.

  • Mr Presto

    On the safety issue, I am waiting on a new Ruger LCR hammerless revolver I just bought double action only so unless I leave an empty chamber it is the same as locked and loaded, right?

  • John

    “Mr Presto
    On the safety issue, I am waiting on a new Ruger LCR hammerless revolver I just bought double action only so unless I leave an empty chamber it is the same as locked and loaded, right?”

    The hammers are bobbed or removed so as not to catch on clothing, making them suitable for pocket carry.
    Don’t know the exact specs on the LCR, but hammerless revolvers are not new and should have the same heavy long travel trigger pull just like a regular DA revolver. So no I wouldn’t really call that locked and loaded (cocked and locked), that term is usually reserved for pistols, having a SA trigger pull, once the safety is disengaged it’s ready to fire with just a hair touch of the trigger.

    Any DA revolver should have a very deliberate long and firm trigger pull, which is their inherent safety factor, not idiot or child proof but pretty difficult to unintentionally fire.

    As far as putting safeties on guns that where sold earlier with out, like the Kahr p-380, I would think that the manufacturer would have to recall the earlier guns like a “safety” recall if you will. to make the earlier models as safe as the newer ones, like a liability issue???

  • John

    Just noticed this, all black Kahr .380

    When I bought mine it was not available at the time our I would have gotten it. I did inquire about other finishes but stainless slide was the only offered.

  • Reggie

    “As far as putting safeties on guns that where sold earlier with out, like the Kahr p-380, I would think that the manufacturer would have to recall the earlier guns like a “safety” recall if you will. to make the earlier models as safe as the newer ones, like a liability issue???”


    That is an interesting thought. You might be onto something here. Just to be clear, I have always carried my PM9 with round in chamber and have never feared it going off without my assistance… BUT…. I can sure imagine a scenario in court where a lawyer could use this change against Kahr. It could be seen as admission of a dangerous design. Again… I don’t feel the design is the least bit faulty or even dangerous, but if some nimrod where to accidently shoot his/her own foot off with the model produced before the safety, it could be a problem for Kahr.

    Glock has always had a safety…LOL… it is built into the trigger… ;0). I have tried to pull the trigger on Glocks without pulling the safety back and the trigger just flat out won’t pull.

    Good lord!!! This could lead to safeties being required on all handguns… even revolvers. Then we would need a safety to operate the safety for the really stupid people who might accidently disengage the primary safety.

  • Mr Presto

    Well made it to the range to run another 50 rounds bringing to a total of over 600 and still having problems with slide locking back with ammo still in the mag, double feeds, fail to eject and mag dropping down; I don’t think it is me. Still wonder if I should rely on this firearm, anyone else with similar problems? Lot of money for for a lot of problems!

  • Jerry

    I had the same problem with my Sig 238, it kept locking open after 2 or 3 shots. I tried 4 different mags and same problem. I finally sent it back and they changed the slide catch lever spring and now it works fantastic. A fabulous little gun.

  • Mr Presto


    Called Kahr today and they said send it back for repairs.
    Do you have the Kahr P380 also? Which do you prefer?

  • Reggie

    Mr. Presto…. I would definitely call Kahr and get them to pay for you to return that gun to them. My sons had to go back and they did not volunteer to pay shipping but I knew from a different source they will if you ask them to. Give them the old, “I have always been a fan and now this” story. I knew a feller who did the righteous indignation bit and acted rude. They said it was not policy to pay shipping and refused…LOL. I don’t blame them if a person is going to act like an a$$ about things.

    I am assuming you have tried different brands of ammo in it. Mine and my sons P380’s HATED a brand known as Herters Brass. There was something about the way the rim is designed on that ammo that causes problems for Kahr’s. The stuff shoots fine from the LCP…LOL.

    I sure would not trust my life to a gun that is not working right.

  • Jerry

    I looked at the Kahr and the Sig both and opted for the Sig. I have 9 pistols of which 3 are Sigs and I strongly feel they are the best and most reliable guns on the market. Have the Sig 250 40 cal, 229 9mm and the 238. Kahr makes an excellent product but I still love the Sigs. When you browse different sites you will notice that all the 380’s have had problems when they first came out-so little tolerance. Good Luck, I think when you get the bugs worked out you will have a fine weapon.

  • Mr Presto


    I have run WWB, Federal and Remington and seemed to do the same on all. I didn’t run many but the hollow points I ran worked good but can’t afford that for target practice. I called and they were going to send me a shipping label for FedEx so I guess they are paying for it. I didn’t get nasty with them but did tell them sternly I was not happy.


    I have a PM9 that has been great out of the box and have over 1000 rounds thru it. I have looked at Sig .380 and may be my next purchase. Spent all my “gun fund” money on a Ruger LCR .38 I just picked up off the internet, some one screwed up on the listing got it for $330! My best buy ever.

  • John

    Mr Presto,
    Like I mentioned before I had several problems but got it down to just the slide locking back, Sent it back to Kahr (they paid shipping) but it came back the same way.

    Take a look at the slide stop spring, it’s whisker thin and can not overcome the slightest contact of the stop with ammo coming up in the mag. Which does happen due to the stop extending to far into the well.

    Fixed mine with a little filing and fitting.

    With all the problems you’re haveing I would ask for a new gun, though they don’t like to exchange an entire gun unless they really have to. I tried to get them to replace mine cause I had a couple of other problems including fail to fire due to light primer strike and at least one fail to eject. but they were not willing to exchange without them working on it first. they did correct the light primer strike problem, but not the slide stop engagement problem.

    I gave up on sending it back again, but maybe if you send it back enough (if it needs it) then they will exchange.

  • Mr Presto


    Sent it in today, shipping paid by Kahr. As soon as I get it back I will be at the range and give a full report on repairs, good or bad. My fingers are crossed for a good report.

  • Mr Presto

    I made it out to the range to run about 75 rounds thru my P380. Only had 1 FTE while my wife was shooting and may have been due to limp wristing. They did not replace anything just cleaned and polished, hope it works but still not ready to trust it yet.

  • Reggie

    Mr. Presto, it sounds like some improvement. My son is going to have to send his back for the third time. The darned thing is just too picky about ammo. I purchased some seer and bellot(sp?) ammo. My p380 fired it just fine. His… failed to chamber completely, slide stop catching, fail to feed. It is getting silly! We also tried Winchester self defense rounds in his. I believe the number on it is something like RAT…. They are hollow points. My P380 just spits them out. His has nothing but trouble. His gun was purchased about one year before mine… roughly. Maybe the problems I am reading above and the problems he is having are mostly from the first production run??? I would love to hear when everyone who is having trouble purchased their P380’s. Mine does have a nasty habit of dropping the magazine. I think it might have to do with my thumb hitting it. Even still, I should not have to use a “special grip style” on a 600 dollar plus weapon.

    I purchased a 380 for my daughter a month or so back. Guess which one I didn’t buy??? yeah… I went with the LCP. Darn thing fires any and everything we put through it. Unbelievable!!! And for half the price of my amd my sons kahr!

  • Mr Presto


    I’m holding out on final judgment on repairs until I can run more rounds thru it but it was 100% better than it was. Before I would have at least one or more jams every mag and sometimes more. I bought it back in September off Gunbroker.com. I have a PM9 with well over 1000 rounds with no problems. I know what you mean about some 380’s for half the price working great. I had a Taurus TCP ($279) with well over 1200 rounds thru it, before something broke, but is a great gun that I sold to a friend to buy my Kahr 380.

  • Mr Presto

    I got the chance to run another 80 rounds today had a few FTF with slide locking back early but seemed to straighten out towards the end, beginning to wonder if my p380 is a picky ammo eater since I had a mixed bag of brands.

  • Reggie

    Mr Presto,

    Sorry to hear it acted up again. IMHO, we should not have any problems in a 380 we pay 650 dollars for. If I bought a 200 dollar gun I would expect issues. My son is busy but he told me yesterday he is planning to send it back this week. I hope he does it before they start acting like they don’t want to own their problems.

  • Emily

    to anyone who has fired the Kahr 380:
    this looks like a good gun, but i am concerned it might have too much recoil for me. i am small about 5’3″ 110lbs, i am fine with the little bit bigger 9mm. any comments on that that could help me? thanks

  • Mr Presto

    Well I finally made it to the range today for about 90 rounds, had a few FTF problems but still not sure if it is the ammo or the gun. When I can afford more ammo I may try a different brand to see if I have the same results.
    If anyone out there has a PM9 please leave a post, I have a question that perhaps someone could answer.

    I usually shoot about 100 rounds per session, I personally don’t think there is excessive recoil or get worn out.

  • Reggie

    Mr. Presto… it is the gun… not the ammo. Kahr has designed a gun that is way to picky about ammo. It is a design flaw in my humble opinion. I can shoot dirt through my daughters LCP. That is a sign of a well made weapon. Kahr needs to get this fixed! I have a Karh and my son has one. Both are garbage.

  • Jerry

    I would suggest strongly that people having all these problems with Kahr pick up a Sig 238. I have had a Kel-Tec P3AT which was a constant headache but I am extremely happy with the Sig. Never a problem with feed or extraction. Fabulous gun and shoots any 380 ammo. I have complete faith in it as a carry gun when mode of dress will not allow me to carry my Springfield XD sub compact 9mm. Love love love both those guns.

  • kahr mite be a nice wepon however concdering the owner of the companey is the son of the rev sun youn moon as in the mooniey,s those shave heading &^%$# of mind control and air port harrasment as well as mind control on teenager,s you think im going to buy one of thire gun,s you don,t suport those who would endanger your way of life you destroy em in what ever way you can rember that childern keep your kahr,s id reather carry my walther or my s&w or even a ruger work,s and no guilt on my mind suporting some fat bastard cult leader

  • Reggie

    Interesting post mica. Surely you are trying to be funny. Maybe I should say it this way. Shirly ur treyein ta bee funy.

  • Mr Presto

    I think he needs a spell checker!

    I made it to the range for another 50 rounds with my P380 and was not happy. Lots of fail to feeds had to hit slide to get it to chamber. Called Kahr on Monday they said they would send me a new recoil spring and that should fix the problem, but here it is Thursday and still waiting. Not real happy with Kahr’s service department right now! I just hope they read this blog site and get their act together since these are not cheap guns to buy! When the spring arrives I will try again and give a full report, I just hope it works so I can start carrying and trusting this gun.

    I told Kahr’s service department the only thing I could hope for with this problem is if I need to pull my P380 that the sight of a gun would be enough to scare off a threat or they are close enough I could hit them with it, not what I paid for.

  • Reggie

    Mr. Presto

    I was at the range with my P380 yesterday. It functioned flawlessly. I tried three different brands of ammo and it ate them all. It still hates the Herters brand. I have no idea why, but it is what it is. My son is in law school in Houston and said he has been too busy to send his back to Kahr. I think I will wait to see if the spring replacement makes yours more reliable and then pass the info on to him. I just keep going back to how much we paid for these handguns. 600+ dollars should buy more consistency than what we are getting.

    P.S. i don’t think a spell checker could fix that post. ;0)

  • Reggie

    One more comment. I am still not confident enough in this weapon to trust it as my CCW. I have PM9, which is my primary choice for CCW.

  • Mr Presto

    Just received my recoil spring and it is stiff! Had a hard time trying to get it in but if recoil was the problem this spring should cure it. Anxious to try later today or over the weekend and will give a full report, I don’t lie about any of my guns performances, good or bad.

    I have a PM9 too, not much bigger than the P380, which has been perfect out of the box and 1500+ rounds later but still a little big for summer carry.

  • Mr Presto


    Tell your son to contact Kahr, no need to send the gun they will mail the recoil spring.

    I made it to the range and I am happy to say my P380 worked great! I ran 100 perfect rounds (50 Blazer Brass & 50 Lawman) no fail to feed or fail to return to battery. I guess it was the recoil spring causing my problems since I couldn’t even get thru 50 rounds without numerous problems before. The new spring looks to be almost an inch longer and a lot stiffer than the old one, it was hard to get it in at first but after shooting it went in easier after cleaning. If anyone is having FTF problems I recommend contacting Kahr to get a new recoil spring!

    I am 99.9% confident in this gun performing if needed, same as any of my semi auto’s. This is what I paid for!

  • Reggie

    Well Hot Damn! Thanks for passing that on to me. I will tell my son. His problems are exactly the same as you you reported having!

  • Reggie

    I think I will just send him the link to this blog. For such a short string of posts, there is actually some good info here. And no trouble makers!!! That is the best part. :0)

  • Jerry

    I would suggest that anyone needing a new spring of any type go to Wolff gunsprings. They simply are the very best. If you do not want to do that I would suggest going with the Sig Sauer P 238. It is a little 1911 and is TERRIFIC. I have had one for 1 1/2 years and zero problems; any ammo, etc. Also, lots of fun to shoot and very accurate. It has become my favorite carry gun and I have 8 other pistols, but this is the one.

  • Mr Presto


    Do you still have your Kahr P380 you wrote about earlier in this blog? How is it working for you? You seem to write about you Sigs more than the Kahr. Just wondering.

  • Mr Presto


    ALL guns have complaints about one thing or the other no matter how much they cost, even your Sig P238. I do not recommend to friends or anyone which gun to purchase, even the P380, but they should research before their purchase and get what works for them. It sounds like we have both done that and are happy with what we have, but this is a site for Kahr P380.

    Just to be curious I went to the Firearm Blog for the Sig P238, seems there were a fair number of complaints there about Sig P238 but the one thing I did not see was any post from you, unless you use a different name there.

    American Rifleman did a review on your Sig and had some negative comments.


  • Jerry

    Presto, You are correct, they all have some bugs especially new ones and especially 380’s because of their small tolerances. I just get carried away sometime with my feelings toward Sig. Kahr makes an excellent gun too and should be given there just due. I own 6 different manfactures pistols and shoot 3 to 4 times a week. I have zero problems with the ones (9) that I have now and am very pleased with them. Reliability is why I got rid of my P3AT, I just could not depend on it as a carry piece. I think you will agree that that is a major reason why people are going with the little 9’s. Again, Kahr is a very good choice here.

  • Mr Presto


    All guns are mechanical and like anything else will have problems. I understand your getting carried away with a manufacturer. I had a Taurus TCP that I think was a great gun I sold to buy my P380, I have a lot of post on that site good and bad. I have other guns I own/enjoy Ruger LCR 38 special, Kahr and S & W 9MM’s but my newest and favorite S & W 1911 45ACP I could talk about and shoot all day! I shot a gun for the first time in my life (I’m 56) just over a year ago. When looking at different guns for CCW and home defense, I looked to the Kahr line on the advice of a relative with military background and extensive firearms experience. I do a lot of research at gun shows, gun shops and the internet before I purchase anything and I am very happy with all of my collection as I’m sure you are with yours.

    Do you still have the Kahr P380 you wrote about earlier? How is it working?

  • Mr Presto


    Did your son get a new recoil spring? If so did it help or work for him?

  • Reggie

    He has not called them yet. He is in his last month of law school and has been hitting the books pretty heavy. I may go ahead and call them myself and get them to send it my way. Has yours continued to function properly?

  • Mr Presto

    I’m getting ready to head to the range now, I will post results later.

  • Mr Presto


    Made it out to the range to run 50 rounds of inexpensive ammo (Russian made TuluAmmo) I hate to call it cheap since it works very well and much better than that cheap Blazer aluminum case. But anyway I shot 50 flawless rounds, P380 performed perfect no jams, FTF or FTE. I am happy with this gun now and hopefully from now on!

  • Reggie

    Thanks for the feedback Mr Presto. It is encouraging to hear of the results.

  • Mr Presto


    Did your son get his P380 working?

  • Tonopah

    I purchased a Kahr P380, last week, and put the necessary 200 rounds through the gun. The gun had mutiple fails to fire, and would not feed hollow point ammunition. I have looked at many of the dedicated Kahr P380 websites, and this seems to be a tipical problem for the gun, and their service department likes to throw parts at the problem, instead of fixing it. After paying 560.00 for a firearm, I would think that Kahr would at least pay shipping to send the gun in for repair.

    very dissatisifed

  • Mr Presto


    Please read some of my comments above, I had over 600 rounds and a trip to the factory but still had problems. Needless to say I was not happy either but the recoil spring did the trick for me now I’m a happy shooter! Hope that helps.

  • Tonopah

    You are happy having to repair a 560.00 gun.

  • Mr Presto


    A gun/firearm is a mechanical device and as with any mechanical device is going to have problems sometime and when they do I’m not happy, but S#@T happens! I know they test fire guns before they are shipped and this may not have been a problem during that short test but it was during my 600 rounds of real testing. I am happy they repaired the problem, I’m over it and I can get on with it.

  • Mr Presto

    Been checking this site, no comments I guess everyone is happy. I am!

  • Reggie

    Mr. Presto,

    My son recieved his new springs. It seems to be doing better but will not fully chamber a brand called Fiochi. There is a crimp in the rounds about half way up. Thing is, mine feeds it just fine.

    I told him he should send it back to Kahr again and let them work on it some more. The darned gun should feed anything a person wants to put through it for the price they get.

    Like I said in an earlier post, his P380 was one of the first released. Mine was about 18 months later. They may have changed something… I dunno.

    Quite frustrating. It does feed self defense Corbon and Winchester Rat self defense ammo so I suppose it is dependable for carry.

  • Mr Presto


    Sorry to hear he is still having problems. It could be since it was an early manufactured gun, maybe they are doing something different now. I think cars are the same way the first model year has problems or so I’ve been told.

  • Mr Presto

    Well not much chatter here so I’ll make a post. It has been a while since I’ve been to the range but shot off about 80 rounds today without any problems.

    • Billcamera

      I recently purchased both the P380 and the PM9 have about 400 rounds, either American Eagle, PNC or WWB. Not a single problem with either. Reading the posts, it seems very important to clean and lubricate both.

      • Mr Presto

        Any gun I purchase I breakdown and clean completely before shooting. If I fire 5 round or a 100 rounds I always field strip and clean my guns. I also have a PM9 not real happy with the accuracy but then again that could be me but very happy with both my Kahr’s.

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