Neck Chain Holster

An interesting holster made by Stellar Rigs:


These were announced by the manufacturer on rec.guns recently:

Our Kel-Tec neck chain concealment rigs were developed originally for
LEOs to carry the back up gun under their vests. Over time a number of
“civilian requests” had us make a vertical version for better
concealment. Now comes the “Extreme Duty” evolution. The most popular
question by phone or email is “how well does it hold?” Our standard
answer is “fine for cruising around in you car or walking but not well
enough to jump out of helicopters or off fences – is that what you want
to do?” The answer is usually no – but just in case.
We are now making “Extreme Duty” versions in Black and the sexy carbon
fiber laminate and they hang on almost as well as the NAA mini-revolver
models. In fact, You nearly have to “force load” them. Yeah, they hang
on good !

Personally I think the chain looks too thin and I could not carry a gun pointed to my chin, holster or not.

You may say that is superstition, and maybe it is, but I know of many cases of people shooting themselves in the foot while practicing for IPSC when drawing from holsters. I just would not feel comfortable.

UPDATE: I posted this in a hurry. Links to the manufacturer and rec.guns discussion are added.

Steve Johnson

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  • This sounds like a REALLY bad idea to me.

  • Yeah, that chain looks like a dog-tag chain. Way too thin.

  • P.S> is there a link to the company website?

  • Ah, sorry … links have been added.

    Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Good post, Steve.

    I could have sworn that one of the safety rules was to never point a gun at something you didn’t want to shoot. I suppose the people who wear such a rig have never found a use for their head.


  • Tyouth

    For some reason I’m reminded of Gene Wilder or Richard Prior in a film (Silver Streak, I believe): The actor holds a gun to his head and threatens to shoot unless his adversaries back off.

  • Lysander

    Tyouth –

    You’ve never seen _Blazing Saddles_. Cleavon Little, man, Cleavon Little.

  • andy

    Oh, I thought a perfectly secure holster would render a gun inoperable. People wore shoulder holsters all the time that pointed at people behind them. Every time you sit across from a love one with your gun situated strong side, you are breaking one of the four rules. Better stop carry guns then. Or maybe the benefit out weights the perceived risk and their is no inherent danger with holstered muzzles sweeping humans, except you blind adherence to a rule that has exceptions. Like all rules.

  • Tony

    Andy, the problem isn’t the gun being kept in a holster that keeps the gun pointed at the wearers head. The problem is drawing a loaded weapon from said holster.

  • Griffin

    My grandfather has a neckholster for his Keltec but it is of a better design. it does not point at your head. the pistol is across your chest

  • Arron Johnson

    Griffin; Across his chest pointing at somebody else then, right? What’s the difference? It’s not OK to draw a weapon pointing at yourself but it is OK from a shoulder holster pointing at someone behind you or pointing at someone beside you with a SOB holster? How about this folks; IF you must use a concealment holster like this, (for whatever reason), don’t carry one in the chamber! Most of the time when a situation occurs where you have to draw a firearm, the sheer sight of it pointing at the perp will detur the situation. If you found that you really HAD to use it to protect your life, racking-in a round takes less than 1 second (if you’re fast) and maybe 2 seconds if you’re slow. Yah, it’s not as fast or as reliable as having one already IN the chamber, but it’s safer that way and it’s a hell of a lot faster than dialing 911.

  • Arron Johnson

    And I agree, the chain looks cheap and weak.

  • Bill

    I’ve been wearing one with a NA Pug cross ways for about 6 months and love it! Being more of a Santa clause build (fat man) it sits on my belly while sitting. I always wear my shirts tucked in so it couldn’t fall through if the chain were to break. My clothes are generally loose and holstered it does not print. I just grab the gun pull it out, thumb or second hand the hammer back when it is pointing at the intended target. The PUG rests the hammer between rounds when in safe, if a round goes off accidentally it would be disaster because the round isn’t aligned with the barrel. Anything in the belt wont work, shoe holsters and a fused back don’t mix, leaving pocket carry as the only other option. I often forget ti is with me it is so comfortable.