Double barrel phone zip gun

I was emailed this. It apparently was made in New Zealand but I do not have any other information. It uses a conventional zip gun design: a bolt in a tube with a threaded barrel.

What makes it interesting is that it looks like both barrels can be fired at once by pressing on or pulling down the rod (on the left side of the photo).

Click to expand the photo

Steve Johnson

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  • Rus

    So, from the photo the zip gun design is housed in the cell phone?

    Interesting that whomever built it used .22lr . Is that round more available under NZ firearm laws?

    Seem to recall that’s why the Chechen rebels used .22lr so extensively.

  • @ Rus:

    Yes, its housed in a cell phone.

    I don’t know of any New Zealand laws restricting ammo.

    Zip guns often use .22 because it is more readily available, cheaper and small but mainly because it operates at a very low pressure. There is much less chance of losing your hand 🙂

    Saying that .. I would never risk my trigger finger on something like that!

    • nismo_gtir

      Law governing ammo sale is as long as you have a firearm licence you can buy ammo. If no .22lr ammo available, ramset blanks can be used and homemade bullets made as alternative. Myself had sucess using steel ball bearings as bullet.