Tibetan monks “hording” arms says Chinese

The Chinese reported that Tibetan monks have been hoarding vast quantities of arms …

“In the past two days, local police found three rifles, 571 bullets, 10kg of dynamite, five detonators and 38 satellite receivers in 11 key monasteries in Jone and Xiahe counties, and Hezuo City in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,” Xinhua reported.

I would not call 571 rounds a “cache” and for all we know they could be .22LR or guns kept from any of the past centuries wars. Satellite receivers probably means GPS devices.

I think the majority of the readers of this blog have more arms in their safe than all monks in China.

Citizens are not allowed to own firearms in China. Foreigners will be allowed to bring in their firearms in for the Olympics.

More at BBC

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • I find it interesting, I have been importing for years from china. I always wondered why the Chinese government is trying to wipe out the Tibetans. Finally a couple weeks ago i was talking to a supplier of mine who is a small business man in china. I asked him why china is having so many problems with Tibet. He said “What would USA do if some part the country want leave?” I found this rather interesting.

    Believe me i am not defending the Chinese Government, many of there policies are ruthless to there own people. But with many things I find that in my trips to china as backwards as my pre conceptions of the country were before my travels there. I am continuously surprised at how in some ways we are less free and less capitalistic then they are. And in some ways react vary similarly in some situations.

  • I try and keep politics out of the blog, the post was not a political comment, it was a comment on the news.

    There are people in the union who wish to leave and their rights are respected:

    As far as freedom in China goes … none of us would be able to enjoy shooting or hunting if we lived in China.

  • I hear ya steve. I guess my post was just more of a perspective that I came across recently. I was just sharing my view of the situation in Tibet, Because I always found it interesting.

    “As far as freedom in China goes … none of us would be able to enjoy shooting or hunting if we lived in China.”

    Your absolutely right.

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  • kula

    1. For a buddhist monk, it is an incredible “sin” to have/hide any fire arm!
    2. No one in China, part from some LEO and army are allowed to have NAY fire arm!
    So of course it is a ‘considerable amount of fire power’ in a country with unarmed population. 😉

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