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  • Eddy Alvarez

    ..i’m a car guy and a gun guy
    but i can’t stand these guys. They are the most anti-American individuals on tv. they test American cars like the Z06 and purposefuly under-report it, belittle it, and dont drive it to its potential so its statistics are reduced. Yet when anyone tries to recreate their results they can’t. the cars are too fast. Even when they do turn a good time with an American car, they’ll talk garbage about it for 10 minutes then give one sentence, ‘oh but it was one of the fastest cars we’ve tested’

  • Stephen S.

    I’m a car guy and a gun guy
    and I LOVE these guys. They are equally brutal in all their car reviews and best of all they do it in a hillarious manner. They’re also not anti-American in the least bit. If they’re so mean to your Z06 why did they say it was the car to buy when matched up against the 2009 Audi R8? And that the company that has consistently produced the best cars is Ford?