.45 cal homemade derringer.

Reader Joe kindly sent through photos of his .45 cal Philadelphia derringer made from a kit I blogged about some time ago.

It looks great!

Here are four pics of the derringer I built in 1978 at age 19. I colored the wood by staining with a Minwax walnut and then handrubbing linseed oil over it. I did not cold blue the barrel. For some reason I inlaid the side brass pieces where the pin comes through the barrel and stock.





Thanks Joe.

If anyone else has unique, custom, interesting or a firearm with a good story. Please send pictures through!

Steve Johnson

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  • Tag you’re it.

    I think you can dovetail this into a firearm 6-word theme…


  • Glockenspiel

    Aren’t concealed weapons illegal?

  • Griffin

    Only in Europe… Glockenspiel

  • mr s

    That is a nice looking philadelphia deringer. I like the way you finished the wood, it really bings out the beauty of it.

  • Hoop

    Does your derringer have Spain stamped on the barrel ?

  • William Vande

    Hoop on 31 Aug 2010 at 2:09 pm link comment

    Does your derringer have Spain stamped on the barrel ?

    Hoop, I too have the same Derringer and it does have “Spain” stamped on the barrel. Does anyone know the history and or the value?

    Bill V