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  • Acad Ronin

    Could this Czech kludge be a the equivalent of a punt gun? I am guessing that all five barrels fire together, which would give a hell of a kick unless the weapon were braced against the bulwarks of a boat. The spread of shot would be extreme, but would be suitable for a flock of ducks on the water or just taking off, assuming one could drift the boat close enough to them.

  • Good point Acad. That sounds plausible.

  • Xsi9mm

    Or Hell Boy turns out to be real and that’s his actual gun 😀 haha but seriously that thing looks bad ass whatever it maybe used for.

  • Ii

    This homemade gun was recently confiscated in Russia. It’s a good thing what it was, because police reported what it was more dangerous to the shooter than to the target. – The blog of Russian police officer who examined the gun.

  • Ii, thanks for the link. I had seen a photo of that shotgun, but not a very detailed photo. Very interesting.

  • Intresting design!

    I wonder on the other direction, if you could shoot a cartridge at a time, could you use it as a “gattling” system? (ok, slower as you’d need to reload the barrel manually, but you could get away with at least 4 shots at the beggining).

    On the other hand, probably the guy took the idea from a quake2 mod I saw once, it had an almost identical gun (with 6 barrels)

  • Spork

    I doubt that would be dangerous to use if the person was sane enough to use bird shot, on the other hand it took someone with imagination to build that so who knows.

  • ashley

    could you please send me instructions on how to make one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fluffy

    I think I’m going to need a tetanus shot just looking at the thing.

  • Sam Suggs

    first rule of my gun saftey is stying away from stuff like this hwn its fireings