Suppressed 7mm/404

I spotted this rifle over at Is it anti-air artillery or a deer rifle? πŸ˜€

Built by a New Zealander … they sure know how to build a cool rifle.

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Beautiful scenery

The rifle has a custom suppressor with a muzzle break! Here is a close up:

Picture 26-2

I assume the “404” refers to the 404 Jeffries.

my suppressed 7mm/404 which weighs 20 pounds all up, and pushes a 180 grain Berger at 3350 fps.

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  • weird

    The muzzle break on the suppressor seems to contradict itself. Does a break not make an already loud rifle louder?

  • It is a bit odd. A muzzle break directs noise towards to the shooter, it does not make more noise (at least in theory). The muzzle break could be on the rifle to reduce muzzle rise and recoil in order to get back on target faster.

  • Caleb

    Well, when your shooting a 180 gr. berger at, what was it?, 3350 fps, you dont really need a follow up. Unless you shoot like me. πŸ˜‰