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  • thebronze


    Ruger’s semi’s are pieces of sh*t! Man, did the BOP just get swindled!

  • David

    The Ruger P95 (and variants) is actually quite well made and very accurate. The ergonomics, however, are horrible. My trigger finger cramps up after shooting 5 rounds.

  • Are you kidding me, There is no perfect weapon. All have some problems. I wonder why someone says Ruger autos are pieces of sh#$? Could it be he had a lemon or? Maybe he isnt the sharpest tool in thebox to begin with. LOL

  • I own a KP95 and it’s a decent gun. It is a bit on the bulky side, but still manageable. It eats whatever ammo I give it, no FtEs either. Good move by the BOP, a reliable yet economic polymer pistol with lifetime servicing by Ruger.

  • Lori

    I own Ruger KP95 and I love it…I think if you handle and fire a gun first you will be able to tell if it’s going to work for you…People love to dicker like know-it-all’s…I’d like to see them back that up

  • I own a P95PR and it performs well every time I take it to the range. Accurate, dependable, light recoil, and at the best price in the world for the quality you get from a Ruger. I expect I will own this pistol for a very long time it is very safe and a lot of fun. I would trust my a$$ around prisoners with this piece, if you get my drift. Can’t wait to buy the SR-9!!!

  • Took my Ruger out again today and shot all of my targets well before I ran out of ammo. I have probably ran between 500 and 700 rounds of ammo through my pistol and have had zero malfunctions. Hard for me to imagine a more reliable, better shooting handgun, that is both safe and fun. Gonna try a PX4 9mm next, and the SR9, I will let you know what I think.

  • dave

    I don’t know how anyone can say Ruger auto are sh!t unless they never shot one. I had a kp89dc that I put several thousand round thru without, repeat without one failure of any kind what so ever. That includes the cheap crap ammo that jammed my buddy’s Glock so bad it ended our day at the range. And accuracy? How about 70% on a 5 gallon bucket at 50 yards rapid fire? Unfortunately it burned up in a house fire. Now I have a kp97dc and won’t trade it for the world. nearly a thousend rounds thru it and only 1 failure due to lack of lube. And again accuracy? How about center mass at 75 yards? Not bad for a 45acp with standard fmj round.
    So to anyone who says Rugers are junk, I say shoot one first. Oh, and I will be getting a SR9 asap for carry.

  • tony

    I have a p95 and have shot 5000+ rounds all brands of ammo and never had any problems with the gun

  • N

    Just bought this new toy. I have heard nothing but good things about Ruger. I chose Ruger over Smith and Wesson and Glock due to personal accuracy and feel.

    Granted I know this is not the top model but it will be a nice addition to fun times at the range.

  • DaveP.

    I owned a P90 for about two months. It could have been the textbook for bad ergonomic design. Not only was it actually painful to use, but every edge on the slide and other stainless-steel parts was chisel-sharp. You could have milled wood with the slide serrations and the front of the slide. The only full-size Ruger automatic that I’ve ever liked at all was the P345, which has such nice ergonomics and such a nice design that I actually wonder if it came from the same company.

  • Kivaari

    If you can find one they are a good pistol. I just bought one for $175 including 3 15 rd. magazines. At that price I got a dependable 9mm that I wouldn’t hesitate to use for defense. I normally use a Glock 17 but this gun at that price is a great “reserve” piece.