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  • Dan Schneider

    I am frustratingly familiar with the concept of “co-witness” but as a person who can neither afford an Eotech nor have need of one (I’ll never SCUBA onto a hostile beach) how do I equip my AR with a decent red dot that co-witnesses with my BUIS for under $150.00? I understand you get what you pay for but there must be a decent option for a workingman’s wages. I had a BSA that kept its zero for 5 years of riding on my Mossberg 590. Good, cheap sights can be had, I am confident of that, which combination of scope and rings should I buy?

    Thanks for any advice,


  • Hi Dan, I would ask the question on the ar-15 forums:

    My experience is that the more you spend on optics the better the quality, the trick is finding a compromise between cost and quality (quality being relative to its intended use).

  • Wiley-X

    Co-witness is a silly word. There, I’ve said it. Silly.

    As a verb, witness is defined as
    witnessed, witnessing, witnesses verb, transitive
    1. a. To be present at or have personal knowledge of. b. To take note of; observe.

    and a few more things that aren’t important. Okay, let’s go with “take note of; observe” Maybe your really don’t observe your sights but I’ll work with it here.

    Now for “co”. Co- means together, jointly. So “co-witness” means that you’re observing both sights together. Sorry but that’s a recipe for disaster.

    Who on Earth coined “co-witness”? It was either some semi-literate ex-cop/gun writer or some semi-literate ex-GI military trainer. You know the types, they’re often on TV making statements like “we observated the two perpetrators attempting to exgress the structure and we engaged them as they ambatoried toward the street by declarating ‘Halt!’ “

  • Tony

    You are too right, Wiley-x. I bout busted a gut on your, “not so over the top” example of some of the excessive “verbage” used by these law enforecement/military/self-personal defense/firearms trainer types. Ever catch Rob Pincus on SWAT magazine TV? This guy is a riot, if you have a sense of humor about these things.

  • Mark

    Here is another idea I found works. Mount you optics as usual. the have 2 45 degree angle mounts. Mount one on rear, the other on the gasblock rail or up front on the flat top. Mount your favorite iron sights on the angle mounts. Sounds crazy but tilt the rifle to the side (can be mounted on either, whatever makes your boat float) and you have the trusty irons at your disposal,