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  • jed

    You got something against shaded pink tigerstripe?


  • How did you know! 😀

  • jps

    Yeah, ok, 20$. That’s reasonable.

    70$ for enough stencil to do a rifle from Lauer (for Duracoat)? Less so.

  • Is there really any value in camouflaging a rifle? It’s not like the black rifle is neon yellow.

  • not all rifles are black. Some are stainless. Many hunters go to great lengths to camouflage themselves and their rifles.

    In some terrain a black rifle may be conspicuous. Camo also breaks up the shape of the object. I have seem many photos of camo m16s in Iraq.

  • ralph

    if you dont know the value of camo then you probably have never spent more then half an hour in the bush

  • Camo is a pretty valuable thing if you are on a “HUNT”. Maybe not so much if you are just jump shooting a few ducks every once in a while. If you are looking to have one of your shotguns or rifles made camouflage check out the website of this company who does what is known as camo dipping. It is They do printing on all sorts of things.