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  • Steve

    Eight of his m14s (or at least their receivers) are chinese m14 clones. I don’t know their current price, but they were a lot cheaper than new semi-auto American M14s when it was legal to import firearms from China.

    His Troy m14 stock costs over $1000! So regardless of the cost of the receiver, they are worth a lot.

  • H2O MAN

    Here in the states, old Chinese M14s sell for about $850.00 +/-.
    Heel stamped Poly Tech receivers command a premium price.
    SAGE M14 EBR and LAW483/TROY M14 MCS stocks sell for
    about $800.00 +/- depending on the variant and accessories

    New pictures and details are available on my web pages.

  • Michael Conway

    H2O MAN < you hit it right on the head the poly's are hardness tested to Rock Island Armory as one of the hardest they have seen. The Poly was hand made for officers and they demanded the best! I fired one out of the box and at 100 yds and could not miss. I highly recomend that people think out of the box and buy the best they can afford. Sorry but sometimes it's not American.

  • Erik Hall

    Michael Conway is right. I own 2 Polytech M1A’s and 2 Springfields (one of which is a SOCOM 2). From an operational stand point they function the same. All 4 take any 7.62 or 308 WIN you feed them. They also take the same Springfield, CMI, and any other aftermarket mags worth a crap. The finsh on a Poly will never be as good as a Springfield…. but do you really wanna pay 600 dollars more for a better finish when you can get a Poly Duracoated or Cerakoted for around 300. Take the difference and pocket it or use it for optics. One thing I have run across is that most gunsmiths shy away from working on them. They will trick out any domestic manufactured M1A, but have them try and order you a replacement part or put a different stock on a chinese clone and they turn their noses up at you. Well thats my 2 cents.

  • James

    The reason many smiths shy away from Chinese clones including Polytech is because the dimensions are not always compatible with USGI or USGI spec parts, so the work can be labor intensive in the bolt and barrel fitting (headspacing) process. Its hard for a smith to know what he has to do in terms of “fitting labor” before he can examine the receiver. In such cases its often just too much overhead to deal with. I think Fulton Armory or Smith Enterprises are your two best bets (I know there are others and Im not discounting them at all – I respect anyone who continues the tradition of keeping these workhorses alive and welll), but expect to pay and expect to wait in any and all cases….

  • H20 MAN

    A few points need to be cleared up:
    Bone stock Norinco and Poly Tech M14s are now selling for about $1K. The internal dimensions on the Chinese M14 receivers are closer to USGI than all others except SEI. USGI parts are perfectly compatible with Chinese receivers. Chinese M14 receivers drop in USGI stocks including the SAGE EBR without issue. The fit and finish on heel stamped Poly Tech M14s is as good as any Springfield M1A I’ve ever seen. Fulton Armory is not a company that I would ever use to work on a ChiCom M14. Smith Enterprise, Inc (SEI) is the #1 M14 armorer for Chinese M14 work. Ron Smith knows the ChiCom M14 better than the Chinese that made it. SEI has built four outstanding M14s for me, all are built on Chinese receivers and I am gathering parts to have SEI build another one for me. All of my builds have new barrels and USGI TRW bolts.

  • David

    I have 3 Chinese m14s, one in a Troy, one in a sage and one in a usgi stock I use with an scope mount for hunting. The last one is the lightest of them all and the most accurate and I only spent $80 on that one!