Sig Sauer .22LR Rimfire Conversion Kit


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The .22LR Rimfire Conversion Kit is available for the SIG SAUER P220, P226, and P229 models and feature a black hard coat anodized slide, machined from solid aluminum billet. Offered as a complete replacement assembly, the Rimfire Conversion Kit installs as easily as field stripping the pistol. Simply remove the standard slide assembly, install the “new” .22 slide and barrel assembly, and add the included .22LR magazine and you’re ready for the range.


Steve Johnson

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  • J T Bolt

    I absolutely LOVE the conversion kit for my 1911, I imagine this will be just as fun. It feels so funny to pull the trigger on a big .45 to only get the ‘pop’ of a .22LR.

  • Steve

    Hi T Bolt, I don’t remember reading about a .22 conversion! Less see some photos on the blog!

  • matt

    After getting burnt by Sig on their mosquito fiasco I’ll let someone else field test their new .22

  • Jovian Thunder

    I did mention it and put pictures of the kit on my blog months ago. Thing was, I bought the conversion kit long before I bought the pistol.

    You know how these things go….

  • Steve

    Ah, I must have missed it!

    Matt, I thought the mosquito was ok, and it was the Walther that was to be looked upon with suspicion. What is wrong with the mosquito?

  • matt

    I can’t speak to the walther having never owned one. The mosquito when I bought it was over 400 bucks out the door brand new. After shooting several
    thousand rounds through it I’ve determined it worth about half that. Its very
    picky about ammo type. Not terribly accurate and the trigger kind of sucks. It is cheaply made and performs like it. Now if it had been 200 bucks new I would have expected some performance issues at 400 it should operate like
    a Sig should. I own a 229 ands its one of the best autos I have. I’ve notice now that mosquitoes are going for 250 or so. Thats about what they are worth IMHO.

  • Steve

    Thanks matt for letting us know.

    I have read many reports about problems with the Walther P22. The general consensus is that if you buy it you must be willing to fix many problems.

  • MemphisJim2

    I’ve owned a 229 for 2 years now and love it. I bought a Mosquito new last year (for about $250) and have put hundreds of rounds through it. The only FTF issues I’ve experienced have been with Remington brand ammo. I usually shoot CCI (preferred), Winchester and Federal; I absolutely love the pistol.

  • Alan

    Just picked up a .22 conversion for my P226 (9mm) and had issues with the fit. My P226 is in the serial number range U7XXXXX so it is not the issue with the earlier W. German guns. The slide fits tight and it takes excessive force to rotate the break down lever into the “assembled” position. The slide will not travel freely on the frame…the contact points are in the slide grooves about 1.5 inches from the front of the slide…will take some gunsmithing to correct. Disapointing!

  • Steve

    Alan, that is bad luck :( After you get it fixed, please let us know how well it works.

  • Heath

    Is the kit out yet for us P220 guys?

  • John in FL

    I saw the advert for the Sig S 22LR conversion kit at my local range. I also looked at the mosquito but was turned off by the MANY complaints aganst this pistol. I like the P226, however in the end I opted for a CZ75B 9mm and bought a 22LR conversion kit (kadet kit). The CZ75 is a beautiful weapon albeit a bit large. The 22LR kit has to-date perfromed FLAWLESSLY with no misfeeds, FTL, FTE etc. I can put pretty much any 22LR though it and it will work no problem Also shoots very accurately and is a very CLEAN firing weapon with no buildup of powder residue.

  • Charles

    I am a Sig fan, have a 239, had a trigger job done on it and it shoots “very well”. Also have a 229 Equinox in .40 S & W and .357 Sig. It is a better gun than I can shoot. I intend getting a .22 convervsion for it and have no doubt it will perform flawlessly. Had a Mosquito, fired less than 200 huindred rounds through it and knew it was not up to Sig;s standard, so sold it at quite loss and don’t miss it. Have a P22 Walther. It is fine, the early one’s had magazine hassle’s which Walther fixed. Also have a CZ75 which is one fine gun, as Jeff Cooper attested. It shoots very reliability and is also a great value. Any of these guns would make you happy, they do me.

  • Scott

    I have a both the Mosquito and the 22LR conversion kit for my P226. DON’T BUY THE MOSQUITO!!! I am a huge Sig Sauer fan and use them everyday. I have a P226, P228, P229, Mosquito and the conversion kit. The conversion kit absolutely rocks. It is reliable and fits great. The Mosquito is very ammo sensitive and is the WORST Sig Sauer Product I have ever come across.

  • David Walker

    I.E. Sig P229/.357 clip hanging up on release. Has any one experienced the clip hanging up when pushing the release button? When I slam the clip home with my palm, it fails to release when removing it and I have to mannually remove the clip. Is it a clip or gun problem? If the clip is inserted gently, the hang doesn’t occur. I have several sigs
    and have never had this problem. (P228/9mm, P229/357 and P228/229
    22 LR conversion kit). My suspicion is the clip spring clearance is insufficient and is binding on the frame. Any opinions ???? David

  • DirtCrashr

    I just got the .22 kit for a P220 – mine’s an old (1989) German one without the rail, and it fits great – but I had to pull on the polymer guide-rod to get the takedown lever to rotate into the closed position – just a tweak.
    Have not yet shot it.
    It came with a coupon for a $10 rebate on four boxtops (if you’re the right age you get it) of mini-mags, so I bought ‘em faithfully…

  • JOE

    extractor did not grip round. I modified extractor to grip round. No more Mosquito problems.

  • Charles

    I bought a 22 conversion kit for my Sig 229. I am having problems with misfires Several gunsmiths believed it was a firing pin issue.I am using the suggested mini mag ammo. I called Sig and they sent me a replacement firing pin kit. I had it installed and am having the same issue. I tried several different 229′s and experienced the same issue in all of the pistols. I have tried many different kinds of ammo,same problem. I average 3 to 4 missfires per 10 rounds. Any thoughts in resolving the issue? Sig stated to send the entire pistol to them. Cant do it as it is a issued service pistol. Lifetime warrenty? Has anybody experienced this issue?

    • Fred

      I also have a Sig 229 conversion kit. Had ongoing problems with it. Misfires, jams what not. It was to the point it was a hassle to shoot. Tried different ammo still problems. Tried a box of Federal auto-match by chance. Night and day difference. Fired several mags off with no problems. Will use this ammo in the kit fom now on.

  • Dave

    I have not had the opportunity to use my kit. The mags will not seat properly. All three of my .22 mags drop out of position and will not even lock in place. The mags are the main issue with this kit. SOMEBODY PLEASE DESIGN a DECENT MAG for this kit!!! Mec-Gar or Black Dog here’s your chance to lock in a faithful and happy client base. Other than the mags, the slide seems to be good quality. I’ve read that you need to oil it and run it wet to improve the reliability. Inspect for burrs before installing on your frame. Once a Quality mag comes out, I plan to buy several and plink for hours on end. I would have given another star or two but the mag issue rubbed me the wrong way. I expected better from Sig!

  • Dave

    Edit to add: This is the P220 conversion kit. I found one guy’s solution on Youtube… He cut a 10/32 washer in half and cut a slot in the mag to glue the washer half in place. I feel that we shouldn’t have to go to that extreme for a Sig product! If we forked out the big bucks, then Sig should dish out the quality products that we are paying for! I’ve owned several P220s over the years and I have been a faithful customer but this cheap plastic mag which costs as much as a .45 metal mag has left a bad taste in my mouth! After several years I see that Sig is still using the same crappy plastic mags. Come on Sig! Get with it! Build some nice (fully functional) metal mags!!!