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  • Steve

    I would be holding it at arms length hoping it would not explode

  • Joe

    My father and I have the same derringer – he built his first and then I built mine shortly after. I was 19 years old when I purchased it in 1978. I still have it, but the blast cap hole is clogged. You’ve motivated me to take it apart and refurbish it. My dad’s derringer is still in perfect condition because he is very meticulous about his collections.

  • Steve

    Hi Joe,

    Are you able to take some photos of it? If you can email them to me and I will post them on the blog.

  • Joe

    Steve, I did take the time to rework it and will take a pic of it and send it to you.

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  • http://na Scott

    Steve – Do you still have this. Are you offering it up? I would be glad to build and fire. I received one as a gift around 1980 from my late father and after moving a dozen times with the Navy, I have lost it. So I am looking for one to build.

  • Steve

    Hi Scott, sorry, its not my pistol.

  • Leon Moten
  • Larry Nowicki

    If this is still offered I’d be interested

  • Dan Miller

    My mother has found a CVA, Philadelphia Derringer, about a 1976 (according to the box) in some garage sale hand me downs. She also has the “Deluxe Shooter’s Kit” with the boxed pistol. This is not a kit, it’s all together. Serial number is 008890. Anyone got an idea of the worth of this pistol and shooter’s kit?

    Dan Miller

  • Mitch

    I am looking for a value on a derringer kit handgun, 45 or 50 cal marked JUKAR SERIAL #152163 BLACK POWDER ONLY. Recently inherited when my father passed away. Please help!

  • Dave

    Seems you have a very nice looking gun. Mine is not so pretty,however I shoot it all the time .I use a .45 ball, 1/4 patch, and 60 grains smokeless powder. It’s very accurate out to around 75 foot. And can drive nails at 50 foot.

  • frankwzr

    i have a CVA Philadelphia Derringer 45 cal. kit, complete in orig. box
    have had since early 80s

    • Stephen

      If this kit is for sale I am interested. If you haven’t sold it yet please let me know what you want for it and your mailing address.

      • Ed W

        Do you still have the pistol kit and do you want to sell it..

  • charlie

    i am looking for hardware (SCREWS) for a cva philadelphia derringer or a descripton for them, i have the kit, but all the screws and instruction manual are missing. any help is apreciated

  • Jerred

    Best Cap and Ball Loaders for Black Powder revolvers on the market—EBAY

  • George

    I have a. 45 CVA Philadelphia derringer kit unassembled. If anyone is interested in it, please let me know.

  • Garrett

    I have one of these, that my Grandpa put together out of a kit in the 1970s. How do you go about cleaning one of these, and what all do you need to be able to fire it off. Also, is there such a thing as “Blanks” for an old-style gun such as this?