The Weapons and Tactics keeping the Olympics safe


Snow Wolf Commando Unit (Beijing Special Police) are premier Chinese SWAT unit and will be the behind the scenes at the Olympics.

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The QBZ-95 rifle

Picture 19-6
Type 79 SMG (7.62x25mm)

If is interesting to see the Type 79.

Type 79 submachine gun is rather unusual for its class as it is very lightweight and uses locked breech, gas operated action instead of more traditional (for SMG) blowback action. This weapon was (and probably still is) widely used by PAP (Chinese police).


If the SAS can do it …

No doubt these guys will be quelling the protests against Chinese policy that could break out.

A lot more photos here.


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  • Dino

    First picture: That doesn’t seem all that stable to me. Maybe with practice?

    Third picture: See how the guys up front are holding their pistols? Kinda makes sense for the second guy back (His hand is somewhat covered by the riot shield #1 has) but the first guy has to stick his hand out away from the shield. That and the connotations the sideways grip has in the US.

    • David/Sharpie

      It’s to clear the shield and to get the sights in view from behind the shield

  • Bob Barker


    Didn’t you know? gangsta-style pistol wielding increases bullet velocity due increased gas expansion by reducing the burn temperature/increasing the rate of burn of the gunpowder. The Chinese have been aware of this for years and now use it as part of their standard training.