Cost of big bore ammunition

Have you ever wondered how much big bore ammo cost? Here is a list of cartridges from a few manufacturers. It is not a scientific sample, I have not taken into account quality of the brass or bullets. I am sure by hunting around you could find cheaper prices (ha, no pun intended).

The reason many are very expensive is that they are not mass produced, unlike the .405 Winchester and .375 H&H.

Cartridge Bullet weight Cost/round
S&H 2 Bore Blackpowder Express 3500 grains $79*
.700 Nitro Express 1000 grains $50
.600 Nitro Express 900 grains $36
.500 Nitro Express 570 grains $14.0
.500 Jeffery 535 grains $17.00
.475 No. 2 Jeffery 500 grains $19.75
.500/.465 Nitro Express 480 grains $13.25
.450 Rigby 480 grains $11
.450 No. 2 Nitro Express 480 grains $17.50
.450 Nitro Express 480 grains $12.50
.404 Jeffery 400 grains $42.50
.416 Rigby 410 grains $3.32
.405 Winchester 300 grains $3.23
.357 H&H 300 grains $7.40

* Cost of bullet+brass unloaded, includes shipping cost.


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  • Josh J

    om@g that is insane I didn’t know any modern or semi modern loads where still available for these mammoths.
    black powder is fun to shoot but just how is the wallop from these things” on the shooter and the target?”
    I only ask because I shot a 52 caliber bp and it had less recoil than a 30,06, the 52 was less than 6 pounds by the by.

  • Glenn

    I’m trying to decide to purchase 10mm or a 45acp and need the cost of both