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  • ken

    that is a very funny line.
    thank you

  • Greg

    I am looking at buying an air rifle and can’t decide between a GAMO Shadow 1000 and a BSA Comet. I’m looking for an affordable entry level item not shooting over 1000 fps. Any suggestions?


  • Greg, I have used a Gamo Shadow but not a BSA comet. The trigger was pretty awful, but it is a cheap airgun, and certainly better than the previous air gun I owned. Overall I really liked the Shadow.

  • Greg

    Thanks Steve. The trigger is consistently the only problem I have read with the Shadow 1000. Everyone seems to like it.

  • bob

    i shoot birds with my powerline 901.

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  • A good rifle models, such as firearms, ideal for pigeon hunting

  • Who could give a fuck about it’s look? unless you are willing to have sex with it 😀 idiot! this rifle has great characteristics.

  • ed

    that really is the most disgusting looking thing ive ever seen,i’d like to take it by the barrel and wrap it over a wall.
    i think its better to buy a rimfire,air rifles,apart from maybe f.a.c (firearms certificate)rated airguns may have their place but after years away from airguns i recently had a go with various springers and p.c.p’s(pre charged pneumatic) i must say they really do feel like toys they have absolutely appalling trajectories,even 177 @ 12 ft pounds feels like a pop gun,and a 12ft pound 22 air rifle to quote somebody famous it has the trajectory of a pig jumping over a fence and the range is just pathetic 35-40 yards seems to be the outer limit although there are some wild stories of people hunting out to 60-70 yards with a 12ft pound airguns i would say that is cruel and irresponsible to your quarry.if you live in the u.k check the internet for a local shooting club either write to them or email/phone them and join and 6 months later you”ll have yourself a license.our politicians want to make it hard for us to shoot,by discouraging isn’t as hard as you think to get a license just find a club near you and enquire about joining if they are full or dont seem receptive then sod them and try another.most clubs are reasonably friendly and happy to advise you

  • Turner

    it may not be such a looker but it does the job… it defended my plantations against damn crows…

    cheap, ugly but it get the job done and its affordable