Interesting firearm from Pakistan

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These photos were taken in Pakistan. The rifle appears to be a custom job that probably came from the gun markets of Durra. It looks like a AKS-74U thats been modified.


It lacks the distinctive AKS-74U cone shaped flash hider. Instead it has a standard/”basket” style flash hider, yet the flash hider does not extend past the muzzle, so it must be there for decoration. The magazine looks like it is the standard 5.45x39mm magazine.

Picture 12-13
5.45x39mm magazine on AK-74M

Interesting what some people cook up!

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  • The fore grips and the carry handle are incredibly ugly.

    No rails and no barrel length.

    It looks like someone needs some basic gun smithing lessons.


  • tarkan

    Durra gunsmiths also produce AK47s wth PKM muzzle brakes,saw it at cnn mentioning about tribal areas,looks cool but I wonder if it effects the shots?I agree this clone looks ugly.

  • steve

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    • José Pulido

      It will seal, it just won’t seal “correctly” according to the manual. Most of the air you breathe will still come through the filter, and not from the faulty seal.

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