Analysis of Iran’s AA defenses

Planeman has done an analysis on Iran’s air defenses. I recently mentioned his NKorean analysis. The article includes many original drawings and lots of diagrams.

ZU-23-2 Light AAA

It is interesting how much reliance is still placed on manned guns. I was under the impression that most of the world had moved to surface to air missile systems. It is also interesting to note the ease at which the Israelis bypassed the new Syrian radar systems that were purchased from Russia.

Well worth a read.

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  • Didn’t know how I missed out the North Korean one but this stuff makes for pretty interesting reading. Plus the diagrams of the various weapon systems look great too.

  • me

    Oh, definitely. Outside the US, Japan, Russia, and Western Europe, air defense mostly means Russian 14.5mm HMGs on ZPU antiaircraft mounts with World War II type fire control (which is to say, a “spiderweb” sight and the Mark One Eyeball) and maybe a handful of forty-year-old Russian SA7 man-portable SAMs. Anything more sophisticated gets very expensive very quickly and is vastly beyond the capability of illiterate Third World conscripts to use effectively anyway.

  • Sam Suggs

    AA guns are cheaper and easier depeding on what kind of fuse tecknology their using in the projectile quite effective