1911 Hoax

Over at HuntingNet.com a user claimed to have converted a mint condition original Remington Rand 1911A1 pistol, worth a fair amount, into an ugly 1911 with no historical value knocking at least $1000 off the price. This made a lot of people angry. It turns out the user is a known troll.

Picture 7-10
From this

Picture 8-16
To this. No one is that stupid… I hope.

The thread can be read here.

Hat Tip: Xavier

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  • Domingo Aguilar

    Recently purchased a Colt .38 Super and noticed that Colt cautions against the use of +P ammo. Where does one get standard spec ammuniton??? Thanks

  • @ Domingo Aguilar:

    From Wikipedia:

    “In 1974 the industry added the +P headstamp to the .38 Super to further distinguish it from the lower pressure .38 ACP. Most current ammunition manufacturers label ammunition for the Super as .38 Super +P.”