A-10 Close Call

30mm rounds from an A-10 land close to British troops in Afghanistan.

That cannon sure makes a cool sound, I can see how the whole “Show of Force” thing would work. The sound would be enough to make me run. I would not like to be on its receiving end!

The A-10 fires the 30x173mm round:

Compared to 7.62x51mm
(photo by

Bild Gau8 02

Hat Tip: MP.net

Steve Johnson

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  • mark

    i got a model of the A-10 when i was 11 when i lived on FT.Meade. man..im glad when have the power in the sky. the sound the gun makes gave me chills. ooooooorrrrrrrraaaaaahhhhhhh

  • Pete

    Video does not seem to be working in either IE or Firefox…

  • Lee

    Ok, so I have a new business venture idea… Since Helocopter Hog hunting is all the new rage, its like anywhere from $800 to 1800 or more for a 30 minute flight, and people are spending it. Lets start an A-10 Hog hunt. For $50,000, you get one pod of 30mm rounds and a 30 minute flight in the A-10 to shoot as many Hog on the ground as you can on a wonderfully secluded west Texas ranch, near the border of meHico. Now seeking venture capitalists… shares .5 million each.