Beretta Px4 Storm Sub-Compact now available in USA

I thought the pistol was out in January, but they issued this press release yesterday. Either way, it is now available.

UPDATE: Tim, in the comments below, let us know that the pistol is due to be released in may-june 08.

From the press release:

Beretta USA is pleased to announce the introduction of the most advanced Sub-Compact sidearm of its kind – the Px4 Storm Sub-Compact pistol. Built around Beretta’s latest Px4 Storm modular technology, the Px4 Storm Sub-Compact delivers concealed carry handling with large frame firepower.

Available in two calibers, 9mm with 13 round magazine capacity and .40 S&W with 10 round magazine capacity, the Px4 Storm Sub-Compact will be available in all the traditional configurations (F, G, C, D actions) that have made its Px4 Storm full size counterpart a preferred choice of Law Enforcement agencies and civilians across the United States. This new pistol uses a very reliable locked breech, providing a more compact and lighter weight system. Additionally, the Px4 Storm Sub-Compact utilizes a stainless steel barrel which requires less maintenance and is corrosion resistant, making it perfectly suited for concealment close to active perspiring bodies.

“With the launch of our new Sub-Compact model, the Storm family of polymer pistols and carbines is now the ideal suite of firearm platforms available on the market” said Gabriele DePlano, Vice President of Product Development at Beretta USA. “Whether it is used for concealed or open carry, on or off duty, as a patrol rifle or for home protection, the Px4 Storm Sub-Compact family is poised to offer our operators the ultimate in Beretta’s reliability, durability and accuracy in its smallest package yet.”

Hailed by some as the most accurate Sub-Compact pistol on the market, the Px4 Storm Sub-Compact offers absolute reliability and consistent accuracy in a small package. Featuring a Picatinny rail to fit light and laser accessories, the Px4 Storm Sub-Compact also adapts to different hand sizes easily with interchangeable backstraps that are included with each firearm. The magazineÂ’s patented “Snap-Grip” allows for maximum concealability when the firearm is holstered, while providing a comfortable and secure grip when the pistol is being fired. An ambidextrous manual safety, ideally positioned on both sides of the slide for easy access by all shooters, and a low-profile slide catch complete this small yet powerful package. Additionally, a reversible magazine release button, in small or large size, can be mounted on either side for the convenience of the operator. The Px4 Storm Sub-Compact was designed by Beretta USA and will be manufactured in the United States at Beretta USAÂ’s Accokeek, MD facility.

Px4Storm Subcompact1
PX4 Storm Sub-Compact

More info here.

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  • Ricksco

    Yea, well just because the company issues a press release does not mean it’s available. As of 03/10/08, it is not. A search of gun shops from one coast to the other fails to find one. A call to Beretta has them saying late March or early April, which probably means summer.

  • Hi Ricksco, thanks for letting us know what Beretta said.

  • TIM

    I’m in agreement with Ricksco, I’ve been waiting since October, It is now March 18th and still not out. I’ve called several dealers and including the one I have a deposit with and still no actual release date.

  • Please let us know when they finally come in.

  • TIM

    today is 03/24/08, and i just found out that the px4 storm sub-compact is due to be released in may-june 08.

  • Thanks Tim. I have updated the blog post.

  • Ron Patton

    Beretta’s wholesaler, Lipseys, says late May 2008, but who knows…….

  • TIM

    thats where i got my info from, lipseys says may-june, but of course who knows anymore.

  • Kevin

    Maryland State Police just took delivery of their shipment 1000+ so maybe thats why there is a delay to the dealers.

  • Corey

    I went to gander mnt. today and they advised they have some on order and are expected to recieve them in 2 weeks.

  • Bud

    Corey, which Gander Mountain were you at? The one here in greensboro act like they don’t know anything about the gun.

  • Corey

    college station,TX

  • TIM

    release date may-june

  • How much will the subcompact Px4 Storm cost?

  • Corey


  • Bud

    where do we stand on the new arrivals??

  • TIM

    still no word

  • rickso

    I got a call from my firearms dealer Friday here in CO, he said he was tearing up the waiting list for these. He had called Beretta and told me they said they were not sure when they would be shipping them, and that they were not in production at this time with the gun. This guy is usually pretty reliable, but since one poster said that MD police had gotten 1000, I’m not sure what to think. Anyone know anybody at the MD PD to confirm that they actually bought 1000? Seems like a rather large number for backup weapons at one PD.

  • Kevin

    Sorry for the confusion. Maryland State Police just took delivery of the PX4 Storm full size. They are the new duty issue weapon. Some where around 1400 pistols.

  • TIM

    this is from the beretta web site

    After extensive testing of the new PX4 Sub-compact we believe this will be one of our best pistols to date. We anticipate releasing the first production run of PX4 Sub-compact pistols by mid summer. This first run is designated to cover the pre-orders we have for the pistol at this time. These pre-orders consist of distributor, dealer and law enforcement purchases so it is not possible to tell when a customer’s individual purchase will make actually arrive at your dealer. If you are considering a purchase of a PX4 sub compact pistol we suggest placing an order with your local dealer now.

  • TIM


    Deliveries on the new Beretta PX4 Storm Sub-Compact Pistol scheduled to begin June 1, 2008.


  • Christopher

    It is nearing the end of June. Nothing yet.

  • Adam

    Hey Beretta, it’s June 24 and still no PX4 Subcompacts. We (I) don’t mind a wait, but at least stop with the FALSE delivery dates. That does not inspire brand loyalty. At least not towards Beretta.

  • Lou

    Talk about a disappointment! Received a phone call from my local Gun Shop, my PX4 had arrived! Before I could head down there, got another phone call… Oooops! Sorry! The shipment came in mis-marked. What was in the box was actually the PX4 compact. Oh well. They told me that the real deal ‘should’ be arriving within the next week or two. Now, haven’t we heard THAT before! Still waiting. And still getting more ticked-off at Beretta for the totally incompetent way they have handled this product launch.

  • Jim

    Yep… same thing happened to me.. it was a PX Storm, not the subcompact. Dealers here are all saying, if lucky…. “next Spring” (of 2009)… and that’s been normal for Beretta in launching a new product.
    A year late, and $2 short from when they say they will start deliveries.

  • CES


    PX4 SUB

    Black Wing Shooting Center $622.00 OH
    blythesgriffith $559.00 IN
    Richland Shooters $559.00 PA
    NicholsStore $518.00 SC
    Luckys Guns and Tackle $518.00 AL
    Forest and Field Outdoor Speci $518.00 CT
    AAA GUNS $518.00 MA
    Grouse Perch $568.00 CT
    olathegunshop $603.00 No
    Kevin’s Guns and Sporting Goods $518.00 FL
    Kones Korner $564.00 SD
    Sodak Sports $518.00 SD
    Able’s $518.00 TX
    Fountain Firearms, Inc. $603.00 TX
    Sportsman Ski Haus $518.00 MT
    Boise Gun Company $549.00 ID
    Larry’s Sporting Goods $528.00 ID



  • D

    I have been in search of a PX4 Storm sub compact for almost a year now. I have talked to 5 of the dealers who are listed on the Beretta webpage as being able to get one and they all say they haven’t seen one. Poor product launch! If anybody has any new news please forward.

  • TIM


  • Lou

    Yeah right… Libspey’s doesnt seem to know any more about this than the rest of us. Beretta just does not care about its image when they advertise something for close to two years and don’t deliver, and that without so much as an “I’m sorry”.

  • LK

    I guess when you’ve been in business for 500+ consecutive years you just do stuff on your own timetable. We should all have such a track record of longevity. BTW, I’m anxiously waiting to find one, too.

  • ricksco

    Regarding CES’s post that his dealer got one July 1st, I am skeptical, since according to my dealer, Beretta says they have not shipped any yet. Frankly, I am tired of waiting and have decided to buy a Kahr MK40. (MADE IN THE GOOD OLD USA). Take that Beretta. Do a better job next time.

  • Adam

    I received an e-mail from Beretta that states “At this time Beretta is distributing the PX-4 subcompact to the Law Enforcement dept. contracts. Beretta expects with in the next two months to start sending out the commercial order.” We’ll see.

  • Rosco

    As of 8/1/08 Beretta has yet to begin production of any of the Px4’s. They continue to give the same old answer…we should be starting production in the next couple of months. Beretta is sill setting up and retooling the eastern regional plant and will NOT give a release date. I will post more information as I get it.

  • al



    AL IN VA.

  • Bill

    Also receaved my PX4 Subcompact in 9mm.Was on order through my dealer in Connecticut since last Xmas.In deed what a fine weapon it is.Can’t wait ot shoot it
    Bill in CT.

  • Adam

    I got mine too! Long Heavy double action pull and light crisp single action. Great fit & finish! Plastic guide rod!?? Adam In PA.

  • Jason

    I stopped by my local gun shop, and they got one in that day. I placed a deposit on it, and will be picking it up soon. 9mm, but paid full retail, it seems that they are starting to send them out.

  • Jeff Hopkins

    i got mine today in Michigan $619.00 well worth the wait!!

  • TIM

    I got mine today, but i had to do alot of investigation, first i went to the Lipseys website and started looking for Beretta dealers by state. i started will the letter “A” for Arizona, i started calling dealers and got lucky with the 2nd dealer and he had 2 just in. I bought it sight unseen and had it shipped to my dealer with whom i had a deposit with since october. i can’t wait to give her a go. Good luck finding one though, try what i did you might just get lucky. mine cost $600.00 plus $ 25.00 shipping. but screw it i got it and don’t have to keep wondering when it will arrive.

  • God bless ya’ll for buying sight unseen. The wait is killing me but I will have to put my hands on one before I buy it.

  • bob ky.

    I have had the 40 cal sub compact ordered and paid for since april 2007, I do wish they would release more of them

  • Whitecat

    Walked into my local dealer here in Oklahoma City and bought a 9mm off the shelf. They have sold a couple hundred but only have 1 left in stock. This one is for my wife. I am still waiting on my 40 cal. Hope they start putting them out soon! It’s been a loooooong wait but look like a great gun!

  • J.P. Miller

    JPM in AR

    If ya do the cut/paste/go thing on the above web address, it’ll take you to the orginal “Guns & Ammo” artical that most of us probably read back in July of 07… It was this artical which first got me feeling like the little kid that was waiting for the Christmas that seemed would never come.

    I stumbled on to this blog eariler this year back in May/June time frame. I saved it in my favorites and every two weeks or so I would bring it up to find out the latest scoop on when to expect release of these little babies. I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who made their remarks, for whether it was up or down, it made the wait easier.

    Well to wrap this up… today I celebrated Christmas. No dissapointment experienced during my play time with it and all hopes were fulfilled. Those of you who are about to get their’s I got one little piece of advise for ya. I did a field strip before firing it to do a prelimary inspection and found out that it was dry. So I put a light coat of Rem Oil on all parts and had no problems during the firing or clean-up afterwards.

  • Lou

    Has anyone seen one of the PX4 Subcompact .40SW yet,or have all
    the reported cases above where guys have taken delivery of their
    PX4 been the 9mm version?

  • Whitecat

    I have not heard of any .40 on the market yet – can’t wait. Got the 9mm and it is just great! – But, it’s just not the .40 I have been waiting for.

  • wonderwoman

    I just found this blog – I am so excited – just started shooting after many many years – I am waiting for the .40 too. I love hearing how happy those that have got their 9mm are…

  • Lou

    Does anyone know if the Fobus PX4 holster that is made for the full size and compact versions of the PX4 will also work with the sub-compact model?

  • Whitecat

    Sorry – Don’t know about the Fobus PX4 – But, for what it’s worth – I have the Galco Yaqui Slide (YAQ202) and it fits the 9mm and I like it.

  • Black Wing has 1 PX4 Storm sub in 9mm ($609).

  • From N. Ga.
    I have been looking on line for the 40 cal. on line for a long time. even have my brother (A Tenn. cop looking for it for me). thinking that he might get it faster. If anyone hear’s of them being out let me know.

  • Richard

    Picked up my gun this morning. I had waited 15 or 16 months. My local dealer in S W Michigan said he was talking to a supplier who was trying to sell something else when the PX 4 Sub came up and he said he had one. My guy said send it and he did.

  • David S.

    Okay, guys.

    I’ve been looking at the PX4 SC for over a year now, and NONE of my usual haunts have ever seen one for sale.

    Sure, they “say” it’s available, but just try “Gallery of Guns”, “Buds”, or any other reputable online source…and these weapons don’t exist for purchase.

    Is there something wrong with the weapon that caused Beretta to take it off the market?

    Did they only make two?

    What’s up, and where can I get my .40 SW version?


    David S.
    Tampa, FL

  • Lou

    Hi David,

    The PX4 SC is on the market, albeit for some strange reason, only in limited quantities. My local gun store finally got a few of them in. That only after people had been reporting buying them for the past two months here. As far as I know, the 40SW version has yet to make its appearance. I picked up the 9mm version of the PX4 SC, mainly to see if I wanted to continue waiting for the 40SW version (the last I heard, the 40SW will not be available until sometime in 2008).

    My thoughts? For a sub-compact the PX4 SC is what I would call “chunky”. If you are looking for a more easily concealable package, this may not be what you are looking for. It has a shorter barrel than do the compact and full-size variants of the weapon. It has the same grip thickness, but the grip is shorter than either of the other PX4s.

    The three back-strap system unique to this pistol line is excellent. I have a larger hand than most people, yet by putting on the appropriate back-strap the gun was made to be very comfortable to hold.

    The workmanship is all typical Beretta, meaning, if you like how Beratta designs and puts together a pistol you will love it. Trigger pull was smooth AND predictable right out of the box. I could see where you may want to have your local smithy tweak it a bit, but for a production weapon I certainly have no complaints with the trigger pull or action.

    The weapon would cycle any rounds I put through it without protest and I never had a mis-fire or a failure to eject/chamber a round with any of the production rounds I was cycling through it.

    Field-stripping and cleaning is typical Beretta… straight-forward and simple.

    There is a LOT of confusion in dealer circles about whether or not holsters and other accessories designed for the compact or full-size versions of this pistol will work with the Sub-compact variant or not. My experience has been, some do and some don’t (big help, eh?? ).

    My reason for being so patient for this pistol? I like sub-compacts and I prefer pistols with a safety lever. Sorry, call me old school but I never have gotten to like the “Glock style” safety that is built into the trigger. Just my preference, but if you are like me and prefer a safety lever, then this pistol is for you.

    Now, for concealment when you are wearing light or limited clothing, this pistol IS chunky and hence a bit harder to hide. I have a Keltek P3AT (I know, completely different weapon) that I use when deep concealment is a factor. I also have a Walther PPS in 40SW. It is significantly less chunky than the PX4 SC and thus easier to wear in a IWB type holster, but you give up four rounds over what you can carry with the PX4SC in 40 (when Beretta finally gets around to producing them).

    Anyway David, I too am clamoring for the 40SW version of the PX4SC when if finally hits the dealers. I do believe it will be worth the wait. I also have to admit that I have never seen a more incompetent product launch in recent memory than Beretta has managed to accomplish with this one. I know it has cost them many potential sales. People just got tired of waiting.

  • TIM

    I’ve been looking for a holster for the Beretta PX4 subcompact 9mm. I just got the Fobus PX4 roto paddle holster and it fits perfectly. But am having a problem finding a paddle holster for it with the insight tech x2 laser light mounted under rail, any suggestions ?

  • Delores

    After anxiously waiting about a year for this gun to finally hit the dealers, I received a call from the shooting range that I am an annual member of in MO stating that they had one in. Unfortunately by this time I had relocated to Florida. Thought I’d be able to find a dealer here that had them, but could not. Called the range back asked them to transfer it to Florida and the shipment arrive yesterday. It looks and feels great and I’m glad I decided to just wait it out for this one. Unfortunately we have a three day waiting period here in Florida. I can’t wait to try it out. It is a 9m and a model F. I also wanted to wait and get the feel of it in my hands prior to purchase, but realized that with the great demand for this gun that I’d better go ahead purchase it. I was sure that I wouldn’t be disappointed and If I was, there would be no problem transferring it to someone else. Good Luck to everyone still waiting. Don’t give up and purchase something else. Hang in there. It is well worth the wait.

  • I Bought my PX4 Storm SC 9mm @ Shoot Straight in Orlando and I believe they have the 40 cal too. I am also looking for a Holster that is specifically designed for it…no luck yet. It is such an outstanding piece of work that it is only a matter of time that there will be endless accessories for the PX4 SC!!!

  • Delores

    As of last Saturday, Shoot Straight in Orlando did have a Storm Subcompact in stock but it was the 9mm. They said that the 40 would not be released until late 09′, but I think based on the many release dates that were given for the 9mm, Who really know’s for sure. Also the 9mm that they had was way over priced at $700.00 which is well over what I paid for mine including shipping and the transfer fee from a Missouri to an Orlando dealer.

  • Diego

    Ok finally I got my hands on a px4sc 9mm.
    Unfortunately I have to wait the 5 day period therefore cannot comment on it’s performance. I saw this gun at the gun show and it was love at first site.

    I am looking for a perfect holster for it but I am having no luck.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks and appreciate feedback.

  • Whitecat

    I purchase a Galco Yaqui Slide Belt Holste YAQ202 and like it.

  • Diego

    Thank you whitecat but I was looking for something that covers the entire gun. Something like Galco F.L.E.T.C.H high ride belt holster.

    Also an IWB and a SOB.

    Thanks again!

  • Sean

    Just bought my dad his berreta sub-compact 9mm for christmas. Got it in Wiscounsin. What a hard find. I got very lucky. From reading all the blogs, I fourtunitly only paid $ 510.00 for his. I think they screwed up somehow, because after I picked it up and paid for it, I asked how they sell them so cheap. He replied after looking at some papers, “Just let me tell you, you got a great deal.” Wll anyway their still hard to find and happy hunting. Thanks for all the info here in.

  • Diego

    Picked up my px4sc yesterday and shot about 150 rounds. The gun is perfect. Only thing I didn’t like is that the 2nd mag doesn’t have the pinky extender which without it my finger has no grip. Very accurate for a subcompact… I got a kydex fobus elite conceal holster but I am not too satisfied with it because it is very bulky and requires wearing a big shirt.

    Doesn’t get as hot as some other guns. Very easy to take apart and clean..

    I saw a iwb holster made by Crossbreed.. Has anyone purchased this for your px4?

  • ces

    1st post at 12 Jul 2008

    this is my 2nd post ..

    order the px4 sub 40 about 6mo now , the dealer call me around end of aug-08 , a 9mm is ready .. but is not what i want .. so i keep waiting ..
    i call the delaer every 3-4week to see if thay have the 40 in .. but until now no luck .. i been search around only find 9mm is aval ..

    if you are looking for 9mm , you may try ( ) doing past 6mo
    it usually have 2-3 px4 sub 9mm listing at all time ( like today jan-11 it have 2 lisitng on ) .. and ask price from $550 to $620 .

    i will keep wait for my 40cal

  • Jason

    Picked up my px4sc in orlando about 2 weeks ago for $450. Love the gun, but having trouble finding a fitting holster.

  • Ralph

    Where can I find the laser light for PX4 in the Cincinnati area?

    A friend of mine have one of this babies and I am thinking in giving him this accessory as a gift…

    Thanks in advance!

  • I called beretta and the guy in customer service told me that the sub-compact will begin shipping around july or aug.2009 I also have one on order and currently I am waiting very impatiantly..beretta should hang their heads low on this one!!!! I have gone to many blogs and alot of people spent their money with other manufacturers because of this delay. I guess its just $$$$ and the chance at losing loyal customers…OH WELL!!! I guess its theirs to lose??????????

  • Scott

    ordered my .40 over a year ago…..Still waiting

  • TIM



    I am in Miami, Florida and have been unsuccessful in finding the 9mm px4sc…does anyone know where might have one in stock?

  • Jared

    I ordered one from a local gunshop who uses davidsons gun gallory as there distributor i placed order dec 2 2008 and just received it today. havent shot it yet but it seems like an outstanding weapon.

  • ces

    3th post ..

    after 1yr waiting for my px4 sc ( 40cal ) still no luck , so i just down grade
    to 9mm ( got it today ) but i still have deposit on the 40 cal .. hope to got it within 2009 , if not than will go for the ( HK 2000SK ) OR ( SIG 250 SC )

    to who are looking for the 9mm px4 sc , can try as today april-09 there are 4 listing but 2 had sold .. only 2 aval at around $600 – $675 ..

    i had saw a listing on march 09 sold for $775 .. just too crazy .. most sold at $620 to $680 doing past yr at this site ..

    i got my at local gun store at $589 + tax

    for holster i bought a BIANCHI 105 SIZE 13/15 it work great for my px4-sc …

  • Lou

    Ableammo has received a few of the PX4 Subcompacts in 9MM and
    is not taking advantage of the “shortage” by only charging 539 for their (plus shipping of course). A whole lot less expensive than most dealers are trying to get from theirs. I ordered one in 9 from them. Still waiting on the 40s though!

  • Trav

    Got mine yesterday. Ordered from The Exchange in Brookings, SD and transferred to my local FFL in Seattle which has been trying to find one for about 7 months now. They seem to be showing up now in dribs and drabs.

    Worth the wait. I got the 9mm after calling Beretta direct and being told that they expect late 2009 release for the 40 S&W model.

    Pistol is very well made and I like the look and feel. Quality is there.
    It is bulky so forget any idea of a “deep conceal” carry.
    My medium size paws are comfortable indexing and with “straight thumbs” gripping but the standard “thumb over thumb” is a tad crowded/awkward.
    The snap tang on the magazine is nice but you can feel sharp edges.

    All in all, this is a sweet little gun.

  • Denis

    Justin, they have it at ACE shooting range/store in Doral at 107 ave nw 21 st


    Thanks Denis….I got one from them.


  • Retro

    B&H gunrack in Merritt Island Fl has a bunch of them. The just came in. 585 with 3 clips.

  • Called Beretta again today and the latest “story” from the customer service rep. was they are in production on both the 9mm and the 40S&W….but…. they are waiting on clips from Italy before they can ship product. I know a lot of folks have been waiting a long time for the 40S&W version (like me) and are very frustrated at the “situation”. I just wanted the “latest” and firm story from them and that is what he told me today. He was talking now about September ship date (he told me July/August about a month ago). So, I think I’ll try and be patient a little longer and hold out for the 40….indefinately….

  • Charlie

    On Tuesday, May 19, 2009 (tomorrow), I will call my dealer for a good laugh. It will be precisely two years since I ordered my .40S&W sub-compact. The call is mostly just for chuckles, since my Cimarron 1872 Open Top original finish .44 took Aldo Urberti three years, one month, and 11 days. I guess those Italians are just not in any hurry. I sure am glad that I am not depending on them to deliver! But their quality is worth the wait.

  • Claude

    I picked up a Type C in .40 S&W last week. Sweet.

  • Diego

    Those of you who have the PX4 SC… any luck with finding a good concealable holster?

    If so, what brand model etc…


  • Charlie

    Did you order it, or just happen upon the .40?

    I was wondering about holtering, also. What concealable preference do you have in mind? I mostly do a small .357 Taurus IWB, now. So I want something comparable in feel when my PX4 SC does arrive.

    The Beretta rep should be at the range open house in 3 weeks; I’m anxious.

  • Charles


    Please confirm your 40S&W you got is a sub-compact and not the full size PX4 Storm. If it is the sub-compact, your’s is the first I have heard of.

    Please have a real good talk with that rep for us all and find out “what-in-the-world” is going on with the 40 cal. and WHEN? Hopefully, this person can and will give you the straight-up. I would almost be too ashamed to be walking around representing Beretta at this point! Let us all know what you find out and THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!

  • Richie

    I found these links in another forum and they do make leather holsters (finally) specifically for our (beloved) PX4 SC:

    The holster maker below lists several varieties of holsters specifically for the PX4 SC. I don’t know if his finished product is good or bad. Go to the site, click on “online store” then do a search for “PX4”. There are 20 hits, and about 10 of them are specifically for the sub compacts:

    Also, these guys make them:

  • Claude

    @Charles: I got the one with the 4″ barrel from Gallery of Guns.

    I plan to carry it in an IWB “Infidel Holster.”

  • Lou

    It it’s got a 4″ barrel then it is NOT the sub-compact. He probably got the Compact “C” model thinking it was a sub. Far as I know the SC version of the PX4 in .40 has not seen the light of day yet 🙁

  • Joe

    Can anyone tell me what is the make and model of the laser/light unit on the PX4 sub?

  • Delores

    The laser light on the PX4 Subcompact is the Insight X2L.

  • Charlie

    I spoke with the Beretta factory rep on Saturday (June 20). He knows it has been over two years since I ordered my .40 S&W sub-compact, but has no idea when the factory will be building the .40s (hint: they haven’t built any yet – just the prototypes). He told me that they have no immediate plans to do it yet since they can’t even keep up with the demand for the 9mm SC running at full capacity.
    On a lighter note, laughing about how Beretta announces guns that take forever to get into production, I asked if they ever got around to shipping any Cx4 Storm carbines in .45 ACP. He said he would show me one if I’d buy it. He did and I did – nice little gun. Now I am waiting for some .45 ACP FMJ cartridges that I have on backorder at Midway, USA.

  • R.H. White

    just picked up my Beretta PX4 Storm Sub-compact today and is really excited to get it out to the range, right off the back when i placed it n my hands, it was a great fit, light weight, i got the 9mm I guess from what everyone is saying the .40 cal will be hitting the stores hard July-Aug of 2009. I will get the .40 cal as soon as I find one. this is a must have gun.

  • Richie

    I finally got a Holster for my PX4 Storm Sub-Compact. I purchased it from D. M. Bullard Leather Mfg. ( At the site click on the search and enter “Beretta PX4 Storm Sub Compact”. I got an all leather IWB for the small of my back. It is an OUTSTANDING piece of work!! I paid $59.90 and that included shipping! A fantastic price for the quality, believe me. With the order I get 10% off for my next holster and I’m going to use it to get another IWB for a side carry.

  • Dom

    I have had my baretta sub compact px4 storm now for a little over a year. The dealer in my town got two out of the blue and knew I wanted one, so I went down that same day and paid $750.00. It sure does pack a punch and is really accurate…..worth the wait.

  • MikeA

    Anyone seen a sub in .40 yet? I cannot find one any where… even

  • Charlie

    I would speculate that it is still over a year away. I see their glossy catalog promotes it, but until Beretta saturates the market with 9mm sub-compacts, they have no reason whatsover to retool their production line.

    I ordered mine in May, 2007 and had spoken with the factory representative back in June, 2009 who had no optimism for any imminent production of the .40

  • Joe

    Just picked up the PX4SC 9mm today, a wedding gift from my new (and first) wife, paid 539.00 were happy with that. Now im looking for not only a holster but i would like to pick up another 2 mags with the pinky drop. I see the links to the holsters but any info on the mags would be awsome. Does anyone know if the safety/ decocking lever is offered slimmer<–sp? than stock for the SC?

  • Delores

    You can order the mags at

  • Joe

    Thank you Delores, as bad as it sounds i never went there to look. I thought it would be a auth. dealer only deal.

  • John

    What is the little plastic piece that comes with the gun? It seems to be something that fits on the magazines, but I cannot figure it out. Never bought a new gun…Am I stupid cause I can’t get it?


  • Diego

    John if its what I think your talking about that’s to help you load the ammo into the clip. You put a rpund in the magazine and you put that over it to push down with your thump and load the second one and so on.

    It is useful if you go to the range so you can load magazines quicker.

    My advice figure out how it works and keep it in ur range bag.

  • Joe


    Indeed, it sounds like a magazine loader.

  • Delores

    I believe that you may be refering to the magazine loader. You may use this device to place over the top of your magazine to press down with it so that the inner magazine spring is depressed enough to slide each bullet in place and then slightly bring the loader back up in order to slide your bullet toward the rear of the the mag. Then just keep holding the loader in place and repeating these steps until the mag is fully loaded. It’s designed to be used as an alternative to just pushing and holding the mag spring down with your finger while loading. It’s an individual thing. Some will use it, some won’t. I’ve found that it helps me with the PX4 Storm Sub-Compact but it’s easier for me to just use my finger when loading other guns or other caliber guns. I’m sure that Beretta must have recognized how difficult it is to load this particular mag without that piece so they added it to the package. This was my first Beretta gun purchase, so I don’t really know if they add this loader with all of their guns or not. I hope this has heped you John and no, you’re not stupid because you realize that they must have put it with the gun for some reason and you actually thought to come on line to try and find out what it’s for. I’m sure you’ve heard at some point in your life that the only dumb question , or stupid one in your case, is the one that’s never asked. Believe that. I think that’s what we are all here on this blog for. To help each other out.

  • Richie

    Yes, it took me a little while and (sore thumbs) to figure out what “that thing” was too. But it is a wonderful device! It definately speeds loading the mag.

  • Jobee

    I talked to one of the Beretta guys in sales, and he told me that he didn’t expect shipments of the .40 cal until early next year. What a crock, have been waiting forever. I really want the .40, but may settle for the 9MM if there are no real plans to produce. Way to go Beretta.

  • Dan

    Yea, a local gun dealer tried to convince me to put my non refundable deposit down on the Beretta px4 sc 40 cal insisting he could get one… obviously he didn’t do any research…after about 2 years of looking and sending e-mails, i finally got the unfortunate news everyone else has. The e-mail came in straight from Italy and in a nutshell said…sorry no date not producing them, thanks for your interest.I curretly own a beretta 92f 9mm and have no need for another 9mm, i want the .40cal for it’s stopping power for my carry weapon…unfortunately i will continue to wait.

  • Diego Santiesteban

    U guys that got 9’s already save up and look at the sub compact kimber 45’s with a laser system on the grip from factory
    But if u don’t have a 9 than let me tell u guys something I got
    The subcompact beretta 9 and its awesome. Its accurate I got
    More rounds in the magazine really easy to clean.
    Stop being cheap and buy the 9. When the 40 comes out sell it or trade it
    And pay the difference. Is the 40 gonna come out same price as the
    9s anyways?

  • Charlie

    I may go ahead and procure a 9mm while I’m waiting for the S&W .40. I have been looking at various Kimber .45s (nice firearms). I am personally no fan of lasers; if that bouncing bead annoys my target nearly as much as it does me, I won’t need ammunition. But the three calibers you mention are really quite different and certainly not interchangeable. Besides, I have incredible patience so the wait doesn’t bother me. As I said before, it isn’t as though I really need the .40 sub-compact, I just want it! Finally, I sold a gun once – I hope I never do that again, I was fortunate to buy another just like it later in life.

  • Diego Santiesteban

    A couple years back I had to buy a new engine for my car and wasn’t working
    And the first thing to go were the toys and one of them was a Bushmaster AR15
    I already had a lot done to it… The mountable rails, foregrip, rubber pistol grip, laser, flash suppressor.
    Had less than 500 rounds through it. Sold it and lost about $600 on it and still
    To this day I regret selling it. Specially because they have gone up in prices.

    I saw those Kimber 45’s at the gun show and loved them. They
    are really well made to perfection but also range at $1000.

    Does anyone have the X2 laser/flashlight for the px4?
    And can it be holstered with it or does it make it extremely bulky?

  • TIM


    Yes I have the insight x2 laser/light combo for the under-rail for my px4 storm sub 9mm.

    It will make it a little bulky,not in width so much as in height. I have a holster for it but it is a generic nylon holster. I like the add on but it really limits you holster choices. It is pretty nice to have though.

  • TIM

    just to add another note, I usually keep the Beretta in my night stand due to the light combo, and carry my Glock G30 compact 45 cal. with a Laser Max internal laser. If there is an intruder its nice to have the light combo when you need it.

  • Joe


    I just purchased a custom made leather holster for my PX4 sub and X2 laser/flashlight.
    I had one custom built for me. it took a lot of work and fine attention to detail, the final product came out absolutely beautiful in terms of functionality, practicality and workmanship as a concealed holster that accommodates all 3 components.
    As far as I know, it is the only custom made leather concealed holster out there.
    If you’d like I can email you a picture of the holster and the info of holster builder.

  • Diego Santiesteban

    Joe absolutely.. My email address is iateyourbird [at ] gmail [ dot ] com
    And thank you Sir!

  • Michael

    Hi Joe,

    Yes, I would really appreciate any info/Pics of the customer holster for your PX4 SC w/X2 setup!
    I like your taste! LOL

  • Joe

    Here are a few pics I took of the PX4 SC w/laser/light combo custom leather holster.
    For more info please contact:
    Randy Cooley
    Bulldog Custom Gun Leather
    (847) 508-6435

  • Jobee

    Okay I finally gave in and picked up the 9MM PX4 Sub yesterday. It really is a beautiful gun that has a solid feel and quality look to it. Took it to the range, shot off 250 rounds without a hitch. No misfires, good accuracy. The guy next to me with his 380 Kahr was jealous and wanted to try it out too. I think he will return his in favor of the PX4 Sub.

    I ordered the Crossbreed Supertuck holster, and will order Steve Bedair’s Stainless Guide Rod at guiderod dot com. $40 including shipping, ya just need to mail in your existing one. May consider doing the Robar custom finish to kick it up a notch.

  • Scott

    Put half down on my px4 sub .40 two years ago….They still have no Idea when it will be in. Good job beretta

  • Michael

    Beretta told me mid December 2009 on the .40 Px4 subcompact. Been looking at the Walther PPS .40 now but have a clip for the Px4…

  • Diego

    Saw the PPS and it is very nice and slim. The only disadvantage is only 5-6 round magazines that come with it and 7 round magazines available.

    Mid Dec/09??? First time I hear that!

  • Randy

    I have spoken to over 25 different gun dealers here in the southwest. No one has see or has been able to order the .40 cal SC version of the PX4 storm. Beretta will not even answer my e-mail requests.

  • Jobee

    Randy, same here. I logged a support case through their site and low and behold, no response. i logged 4 service requests and the last one said that i wasn’t going to email them again, and they never responded. Let’s think about it guys, we want to BUY their guns and they are not responsive. They only offer a 1 year warranty (extended to 3 years if you fil out their warranty registration card or do it online). Come on now., others like Glock offer lifetime warranties, but their guns look so boring and like crud. Anywho, if Beretta didn’t have such a sweet looking gun I would have never been a customer.

    In full disclosure i gave in. Bought the PX4 Subcompact 9mm at Academy Sports in Texas. Not sure if i mentoined this on this blog, but if you have a local Academy buy it there. Ya know how other beretta owners have spent $50 to send their warranty items back overnight shipping? well academy will do it for free. so get is there. price paid, $519 + tax. Hook it up. I also got my crossbreed concealed holster in the mail with a belt. i haven’t used it yet, but plan on doing so when i come back from vacation. Sort of weird that concealed inside the waistband holsters make your waist bigger. not that i needed that at all! shiat, maybe i will have to go on a diet.

    Anywho, good luck everyone and lets hope that they will finally release the 40 cal sometime in the next 3 years. as crappy as the responsiveness that beretta has offered, i think i will still give them the business for their px4 sub.

  • Charlie

    I’m still guessing December, 2010 through June, 2011 for first delivery on the .40 Px4 SubCompact. Four years from delivery of the prototype to market for this pistol seems about right for Beretta.

  • Randy

    Well people – here is another update –
    Back in early November, Atlantic Tactical showed the .40 cal on their web site. So I asked if it was in stock – and the reply was:

    We do not currently have this item in stock. Our last update from the manufacturer is Decemeber, although the eta has changed before. We do suggest that if you want this weapon that you order it now (all orders are prepaid) that way when it becomes available one will be sent to you and you won’t have to wait for the next shipment. Thank you.


    Again in Early December Atlantic was still showing the .40 cal available on the web site – so again I asked if it was in stock – check out the “New” answer – now it’s restricted?

    We do not currently have stock in this item. We have several on order and are waiting for the manufacturer to release the item. Our latest update is January, although we cannot confirm that is a firm time frame. Please note, the sale of this item is restricted to law enforcement only. Thank you.

    FAX 717-774-4463

  • Jobee

    Randy, keeping up the faith for a January release will cause you heartburn. As Charlie points out, I won’t expect this for a while. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Jobee

    From the Beretta Support Site: “Currently, Beretta intends to start shipping the .40 cal Px4 Sub-Compact pistols commencing in the middle of 2010. ”

    source: FAQ

    • Jobee, thanks for the info.

  • Mel

    This is a very sexy gun, & I will buy one soon. I have a Kel Tek P-11 it’s ok for the size of my condo. But this px4 sc 9mm is much better pistol.

  • Brad

    Has anyone field stripped their PX4 Storm subcompact to find the coating flaking off the ramp in the frame? I have only shot 50 rounds through it and not happy with the quality. Gun is nice overall but looks like corners are being cut to fill orders.

    I also have a buddy that has one and the mag does not want to stay seated while firing. It pops loose and will not pull in another round. He has only shot 400 rounds through his.

  • Lou

    Beretta “intends” to start shipping……. Why can’t they simply COMMIT to start shipping? It is fairly common knowledge in the industry that they COULD have started shipping them several years ago, the problem (for us, not them) is that they have all the military contracts they can handle and most of their efforts are concentrated there. Or am I mistaken?

  • Jobee

    Like Lou I was frustrated with Beretta lying about delivery dates. I just came to accept that they would never ship the 40 sub, and that I should just settle for a 9mm. If they didn’t make such a good gun, I would have been gone long ago. It’s hard to understand why they don’t want more business, but as he points out they are too busy with government contracts to worry about us lowly consumers. If you want good service, go with someone like Glock who gives a lifetime warranty. You won’t get that type of service with Beretta.

    Brad, I dont have this problem, but I regularly clean and lube my px4 sc.
    The support team comes back from a 2 week vacation tomorrow, 1/4 so give them a call and see what they can do.

  • Brad

    I take very good care of my firearms. However I figured that I did not need to clean and lube a brand new gun that was just shipped from the manufacturer before I shot it. I have the paperwork filled out and ready to ship back to the factory tomorrow for them to investigate the issues.

    I also own a new PX4 Storm compact in 40S&W that was built in Italy and the thing is fantastic. I took it from the dealer and right to the range and had no problems. I know the operating principle is different because the barrel rotates in the compact and not the sub but it appears that the Italian assembly plant has a different set of standards than the US plant.

    Safe shooting!!

  • Carl Muse

    Bought PX4 Storm subcompact and it was jaming for the first 100 rounds. Also the slide would not lock back after the last round. Using Blazer 115 gr. 9mm.
    Took it home and cleaned it. Had a lot of oil in it. Hope it works better when I shoot again.
    Any recommendations.

  • Delores

    Hey Carl. Sorry to hear about your bad experience with your new Storm Sub C. This is the first time that I’ve heard of anyone having this kind of problem with theirs. I do know that there is not a great deal of oil that is required for this pistol. I hope that you have a much better experience with your next 100 rounds since you’ve cleaned it. The only recommendation that I would have is to never use Blazer Brass ammo in your pistol. It is a little less expensive than some ammo, and while this may or may not be the cause of your jammimg, this brand of ammo is extremely dirty and you’ll end up paying the difference in the long run one way or the other. I learned this the hard way. I’ve never used it in my PX4 Storm Subcompact, and never will. If Blazer Brass is the only ammo available then I don’t purchase any. I use Winchester in mine and it’s only a little more expensive than the Blazer Brass and is much cleaner. If Winchester WinClean is available that’s even better, however any Winchester 9mm ammo seems to be very hard to come by these days. If you should continue to have problems with yours, and I hope that you don’t, return it to your local dealer. Good Luck!

  • Anthony

    just bought the px4 can’t wait to go to the range love the size of the gun easy to keep hidden good gun for anyone who carrys…

  • Anthony

    my cost for the storm sc was 581 thats with taxes

  • Michael

    The .40 was advertised for sale at anacortes (telescope/optics/firearms website) in Washington State. Placed the order only to get an email the next day that they sold me something that doesn’t exist yet. Many emails back and forth, & finally hear that their Beretta rep told them July ’10 for the .40. After reading this thread, I decided to fold and buy the 9mm to help me calmly wait out the .40.

    Just bought the 9mm from Buds and now waiting patiently for delivery. $550 shipped. Now I just need to stop drooling over the trijicons… Patience, Michael….patience.

  • Charlie

    Interesting, Michael. Of course I do not believe that date. However, if indeed I could receive the .40 sc during July of 2010, it would slightly eclipse the time it took to receive the last firearm I ordered from them ( 3 years, 1 month, 11 days ) by over a month. I will be shocked if Beretta delivers any during 2010 at all. I am guessing late 2012 to mid 2013.


    I wouldn’t go as far as 2011 or 2012 cause if they take longer than this year to release the .40 that would be a major marketing turn down for Beretta. Not that they would care cause I’m sure with military and law enforcement mass producement contracts they aren’t sweating civilian interest.

    I saw S&W is coming out with a .380 called “bodyguard” series. Pistol looks nice and very well made!!! I’m considering it, supposably its coming out May 2010.. Let’s see how well they do with their scheduled release date.I have the 9mm PX4SC and I’m happy with it but I can’t seem to find a holster that makes me feel like its really a concealment pistol.. It is small but very thick and a little uncomfortable to carry wearing a Tshirt. Button down no problem guns a beauty. However check out this S&W, the RUGER LCP 380 and the KAHR P380. Like them all 3! My girls about to start packing too so I’m trying to decide on one of the 3 based on reliability and comfort for female carry.

  • Charles

    Same “Charles” as back in May…..well, after all “this”………….and much more research…and a lot of frustration, I just purchased a Springfield XD40 Subcompact in bitone and love it. After Beretta finally got around to putting something formal on their less than poor website about “intending to”, that was it for me. Although I am a proud owner of a PX4 Storm in 45ACP, and have been badly wanting the 40S&W Sub for over 2 years as many more have, I came to realize that I really did not want to support this company any more. I hope I never have trouble out of my full size, because I hear customer service is the pits. Got the XD40 with a Stainless slide, lifetime warranty, full gear package, hi-cap mag., multiple line of accessories and excellent customer service. Reviews on this gun is “bang-on”, and although is has been out for several years, there is a reason it still exist. As I carry class 1, DA/SA is not that big of an issue, and I may even like the “Glock” style better as I grow accustom to it. I really like the stainless slide, and by-the-way, paid only about 430 off Gunbroker……..FRUSTRATION…….GONE.

  • Charles

    Where’s my comment. What was harsh about buying a competitive gun?

  • Brad

    There is no way I would purchase another SC from Beretta. I also own the PX4 full size but in 40S&W and love it. The SC is another story. If you look at the slide when the gun is stripped you will notice the poor quality of craftmanship. There will be grinding marks on the other side of the slide from when they ground the take down lock groove on the oposite side. My gun has been back to the factory twice after only 100 rounds and still not happy with it. Any one notice the coating flaking off the hammer recharging ramp? If not it will. I have sold three of these and all of them have had this problem. Take Charles advice and buy a Springfield. They have made the “Gun of the Year” for the past four years.

    Safe shooting!!

  • Charlie

    Did anyone notice that Cabela’s lists the .40 SC in their online catalog, but says that it is not available online. I guess that means that they want us to go to their stores to check it out. That gave me a good laugh. They provide a SKU = 02463202 and a price of $549.99

  • Charles

    Very sorry to hear of the quality issues that seem to be developing. Pretty much pat scenario, transferring or allowing a 2nd plant to build a new product creates a lot of inter-company strife and competition. This explains a lot as to delays on the 40 and subsequent quality issues on the 9. I have been in design and manufacturing of consumer product for over 25+ years and that was what created my big frustration with the 40 issue. Beretta’s Italian plant is slow as ….., and the US plant is suffering startup issues……thus delays and poor quality. I hope they can pull it together, but that depends largely on change, or correction, in operation. While extending delays is not good, it is better than putting out crappy product. If Beretta is not self-willing to make the internal changes they need to make, then probably the best thing the consumer market could do to help them out would be to step up and produce a bunch of cancelled orders. With all their fat-cat, government contracts, this may not even be enough to move them, but then the result will be never being able to get the product or buying garbage. Beretta’s heritage is at stake….hopefully, they will recover….quickly.

  • James

    I have the Px4 SC in 9mm. I bought this in January. I went to a local FFL dealer, and his wholesaler had one in stock. He ordered it for me. Two days later it arrived via UPS Ground. I went to pick it up, paid it off and took it home.

    I LOVE this pistol. Even though it has 1″ shorter barrel, it’s only slightly less accurate (due to shorter sight radius) than my GLOCK 17.

    I’m coming up on having put 1000 or so rounds through this and it performs flawlessly. I think I’ve had ONE FTF (failure to fire), and that was more due to the practice ammo than the gun (though I wasn’t able to collect the unfired round as it ejected across the firing line and this was at an indoor range). I’ve seen no flaking or other issues with this gun. Fit is solid and there are no serious slide-to-frame gaps like there are standard on GLOCKs and Springfield XDs (I’ve owned 2 XDs, XD40 and XD45, both in 4″, and I own a GLOCK 17 4th Gen). By far this is my favorite handgun. I love this thing and how it fires so much that I’m going to shell out the $$ for the full sized as well for carry when I’m not concerned about concealment, and save the SC for conceal carry only.

    I have several holsters for this pistol. I have a FOBUS roto-paddle holster that I bought for cheap simply to have a holster. I hate this holster but it works. I have a locally-made thermo-plactic IWB that works but isn’t very comfortable either. Then there is my FAVORITE holster for this, which is the Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe. Very good holster, very comfortable and makes this gun very concealable even on a very slim guy like myself. I have an Askins Concealment holster on order from Blackhawk, but they have yet to begin shipping it even though they added the Px4 model of the holster to their catalogue (online catalogue no less) in January and have made no mention THERE (it took an email to their very responsive customer service to find this out). At first it was “expect to ship early february”, then “end of February”, and now the story is “expect to ship somewhere around the end of march.” I just sent off another email asking if the holster is still on schedule for a ship date of “around the end of March” or whether it’s been bumped up again. I also gave them an earful about not making this public and stated on their website and also that I would very much like my holster rather than another email saying, “Sorry for the delay, but we are now expecting it to ship towards the end of May, thank you for your patience.” I’m starting to think that they’ll be as elusive on this as ammo dealers are on when they’ll be expecting to get Critical Defense FTX ammo in. Still, it’s blackhawk and it’s leather…. it’ll be worth the wait since it’ll be able to carry both the Px4 SC and the Px4 full size.

    Anyway, I love my SC, I’ve had no trouble with it and NO quality issues. The finish is solid, and doesn’t come off with dutiful cleaning (not just oiling, but we’re talking copper bristle brush, dental pick for scraping out carbon, liberal use of breakfree gun scrubber, etc. followed by oiling). The barrel finish is excellent, and I really appreciate that they hard-chrome finished the barrel. It cleans far more easilly than the rest of the gun, and I’m very happy with it.

    I’m thinking that I want to pick up 3 more Px4’s: Px4 9mm full size, Px4 45 full size, and Px4 45 SD. The only gun I like more than this are the 1911s.

  • Mike NC

    I bought my PX4 (sub) in 9mm. I’ve put over 1000 rounds through it. I had a couple FTF and once or twice the slide did not lock to the read. I didn’t know I should clean it before I shot for the first time. Since that first time at the range it has not failed once. My sights were a little off. I was hitting left and low on my tagets. Good groups, but not in the right spot. I ordered some meprolight sights and had the gunsmith push them a tad. With the meprolights it is balls on accurate at 10 yards. It has replaces my glock 27 as my primary carry weapon.

  • So, I’ve been wanting to pick up this subcompact now for quite some time, however I really would prefer the 40 as opposed to the currently available 9mm. I do see though that on brownells site, they have 40 cal barrels for sale for the sub. So here’s the question, instead of keeping my fingers crossed and hoping beretta releases this gun sometime before we land on the moon again, couldn’t I just pick up the 9 then re-barrel it with the 40 cal barrel from brownells?

  • Charlie

    I would be skeptical about trying this. You would also need a different magazine, which is doable. But more significantly, the additional power of the .40 S&W would overstress the recoil system (~500 ft-lb vs 350 ft-lb) and loading would probably become a problem (FTL = failure to load). So the springs would probably need to be replaced, at least. I don’t know whether Beretta uses a heavier slide on the .40 S&W; that would also help. Remember that subcompacts are much less tolerant of variances in cartridge energy. Summarizing, it may work, but I would be surprised.

  • Charlie

    Brendan, as a further clarification, the 9mm +P is about the same energy as the .40 S&W, so if one works, the other may also.

  • Diego

    I think if it were that simple to change a 9mm to a 40cal Beretta would have released it a long time ago cause they have all the parts they need to change it at hands reach. I think they have taken so long cause they are collecting issues and negative comments about the 9mm and ensure their 40cal comes out fixed from problems. That’s just what I think even though I have the 9mm and have no problems with it but the plastic does look a little sloppy on termination of the edges etc..

    I hate the plastic guide rod!!

  • Charlie

    For what it’s worth: I just received the 101st Ed. Shooter’s Bible. It lists the Px4 Subcompact (both calibers) as “Discontinued”. Hmmm…

  • Lou

    For the PX-4 Sub-compact 40 fans out there, I received an email this morning from Able Ammo stating they were “in stock”. Of course, by the time I got to the site they were already sold out. But numerous local outlets have also posted on their sites that the JXS4F20 would be available in “August 2010”. Maybe Beretta will actually deliver on their promise at long last!!


    I,m from mexico how can i do to buy a px4 sub-compact i need a phone plese

  • Lou

    Multiple sellers have stock of the PX4 Sub Compact 40. I just ordered mine from Buds online.

  • Lou

    It’s official. Took possession of my PX-4 Subcompact in .40SW this afternoon. Now to clean it and then off to the range. So far it appears to be of excellent Beretta build quality. Very comfortable in the hand. We’ll see if it was worth the near three year wait!!!

  • Charlie

    Well, after 3 years, 9 months, 21 days from my order, I finally purchased my .40 S&W Px4 Storm Subcompact, type F. That’s the good news (I really like this pistol)! The bad news – I wanted a DAO; but hey, they may never ship those. If they do. I will probably buy another. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely. I need a holster (IWB Appendix) and some range time to acclimate.
    Very happy am I.

  • CES

    PRE-ORDER my PX4-SUB 40s&w on July 21st 2008 — after year later no luck .. so go for the 9mm … Today just pick up my PX4-40sw bought from for $449 + 25 s/h…price is ok .. cheaper than the 9mm i paid 2 yrs ago ..