H&K end ties with Blackwater

UPI reports that after a German news report H&K have cut ties with Blackwater. The report said Blackwater and H&K have a “strategic partnership” and that BlackwaterPicture 6-12 employees have used H&K firearms. Blackwater offered some H&K training courses, still seen on their website, and it is hardly surprising that some blackwater employees were using H&K firearms.

Deutsche Welle said Tuesday that the revelations stirred criticism among some German politicians who said they were aghast at Blackwater’s controversial role in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“It is scandalous and unacceptable that a German arms company cooperates with such a lawless mercenary troop,” declared Green Party lawmaker Hans Christian Strobele.

Hat Tip: Danger Zone.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mark

    “…a lawless mercenary troop” is preferable to a know-it-all smug liberal carbon marytr. I hope this Greeny can prove his accusations. I’d take it as a personal insult if I were employed by Blackwater and a moron like this treats me worse than the 9/11 suspects German courts saw fit to release.

    You’d think Blackwater had recruited guys like the Waffen-SS did.
    Need we remind Germany that they provided lots and lots of nasty things (like chemical gas plants) to Iraq back in the 80s and rocket technology to Egypt when Israel wasn’t the most popular kid in the Middle East.

  • GoinFawr

    “…back in the 80s…when Israel wasn’t the most popular kid in the Middle East”

    Thank goodness that’s all cleared up now.