MP5K briefcase guns found in Iraq

Murdoc @ GunPundit found a photo of 3rd Infantry Division troops examining a pile of H&K MP5K briefcase guns presumably in Iraq.

 Shock Images Sa Image 060629 3M

I have always thought this type of gun would appeal to tin pot dictators like Saddam. Why not just conceal the MP5K under a coat and then have the advantage of sights, trigger control, quick magazine change etc.

More here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Because that isn’t what James Bond would do! LOL Seriously you are right though about under the coat. I guess art does indeed influence life.

  • emerson

    I agree that it does presnt an advantage to change a mag, and have sights. But there is another advantage to just having a full auto inside a suitcase, ready to use, while not wearing clothes that could draw attention to others. Less likly to have someone look at you if your just a businessman with a single suit, or t-shirt and pants, with a suitcase.

  • greg

    Mp5k are awesome though they are sort of of weak put bullets kill no matter what.
    i go airsofting alot and im planing on getting on for CQB and i dont see why the terrorists dont just hide out in a hole with that gun because its so compact and just peek out of the hole and shoot

  • ExoticSpotting

    Since they aren’t technically an NFA item by themselves, I wonder if theres any chance some of these could make it to the states?

    The ones already here go for $2,500+.