Benelli Nova 12 Gauge Shotgun Review

Sean @ Everything Hunting has reviewed the Benelli Nova 12 Gauge Shotgun

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The Benelli Nova 12 gauge shoots up to 3 1/2″ shells and cycles smoothly and with little effort. The pump handle is not loud and sloppy like most other shotguns priced just below this one.

The gun is very comfortable to handle and priced in a range that even poor folk like me can afford it with a little saving. Academy Sports has the black matte 20 gauge for $329.99… I believe that I paid about $350 for my 12 gauge, in Realtree APG, at Bass Pro Shop last year.

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  • Ron

    Benelli SuperBlack Eagle II

    Does anyone know the barrell accuracy of this gun?
    And if there truly is less recoil? They say there is a 47% less recoil, but want to find out if that is fact before I buy it.


    I have 6 of the Benelli Nova’s in different configurations, and 5 Remington 870’s and pretty much across the board, they (the Novas) seem to have less felt recoil than my Remingtons. Note, this assumes a shotgun you are trying fits you fairly well.
    I don’t think that the measure of the recoil in either brand of gun has so much to do with anything less than the fit considering that x weight of gun with x load will yield x recoil….period.

    That being said, the Nova does seem to soak up a bit more of the recoil than my Remington 870’s even though my 870’s are slightly heavier.

    Chrome lined bores and overall more resistance to rust, I prefer my Novas over all, PLUS, I like their bolt design and the slide release feature.


  • i recently purchased a Benelli nova 12 guage pump in a camo stock and it shoots so smooth and the pump action works so good.. my novs, kicks pretty hard but my gun is also light . i have no regrets buying this gun i took it out on thanks giving at shot two ducks with it…i love it??

  • Jordan

    i use my friends nova, for skeet shooting as well as duck hunting. I fire 3 1/2″ turkey loads and find it has hardly any recoil, plus it ejects and loads any shells. Some say that the forearm shakes, i personally have not experienced that problem, same with the hard trigger…. IDK, MAYBE IT’S ME.

  • Doug

    I Just bought a Super Nova last weekend.
    With OO Buck Police loads, (Low Recoil), It’s like shooting an M-4. Thats from 12 years in the Army infantry.

    Highly suggested weapon!
    I cleaned a lot of rooms with my semi-auto over in you know where, and never cleaned it,never had the chance sometimes.

    Benelli? The best…………..

  • Don

    I have a Benelli Nova that I have hunted with for 2 years. The action seems to drag when I near the end (1 – 1 1/2″) of the eject cycle. It seems as though the action is hanging on something.
    I can pull the slide back and through it, but it gives the slide an uneven rather than the smooth action I had expected. My first thought was the “new” factor and the gun needed to be fired and cycled, but that does not seem to have helped.

    Any thoughts?

  • Nathan

    I’m having the same issue with the same model after 5 years of use. Not cycling smoothly in the last part of the stroke. Please let me know if you find a solution. n8inthewildATcomcastDOTnet.

  • john rad

    Help me
    I am going to by a super nova pump. I also hunt deer with slug. Is this an accurate gun with the rifled barrel? I have heard from one person that it is not.

  • Don’t worry about the recoil its not like it hurts?

  • Hi,

    Does any one know benelli supernova rifled slug accuracy?

    Thank you.

  • I am considering buying the nova pump 12g for deer turkey and anything else I can get a clear shot at, i just wanted some opinions on this gun and to know if its a good all around gun.

  • Dkota

    I might be fixen to buy a benelli nova 12 gauge it looks like it is in close to perfect shape is 380 to much for it

  • cade