Make your singleshot rifle TactiCool

ATI has some products to make your single shot Rossi or H&R rifle look more like an AR-15 patterned rifle.

H R223Mb
Rossi Rifle Before

Ros4100 01 Large

The above photo has the “Collapsible, six-position SHOTFORCE Buttstock with Pistol Grip and Forend Package is patterned after the Colt AR-15/M-4 style assault rifle.” installed as well as the Muzzle Mount, laser and heat shield. The Muzzle Mount is a fake muzzle break and does not extend past the end of the barrel.

Now I have no problem with people installing a pistol grip. If you prefer it ergonomically then go for it. But a head shield on a single shot rifle?

Steve Johnson

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  • Sean

    Will the ghost ring sight heat fit on a H&R with the standard wood or fiberglass for grip? I ask because i use a 20ga as a slug gun and the only sight i have on it is the front bead