The media was just as ignorant 94 years ago

Recently the NY Times made their entire archive freely available online. JoeSpareBedroom @ rec.guns came across an article written in 1914 that shows just how clueless the media has always been with regards to firearms.

Many of the wholesale killings in the South may be cited as indicating that accuracy in shooting is not interfered with–is indeed, probably improved by cocaine.”

Indeed! According to Wikipedia, as I have no first hand experience:

The initial signs of stimulation are hyperactivity, restlessness, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and euphoria. The euphoria is sometimes followed by feelings of discomfort and depression and a craving to experience the drug again. Sexual interest and pleasure can be amplified. Side effects can include twitching, paranoia, and impotence, which usually increases with frequent usage.

I can only image what groups I would be shooting if I was experiencing the above!

A warning: the article, which as I mentioned before was written in 1914, contains many derogatory racial remarks, if this is likely to offend you then don’t read the article.

Steve Johnson

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